1. Intelligent renewable energy management system

2. Technical, economical and environmental optimization of the integration of pre- and post-combustion CO 2 capture processes using polymer membranes in energy and non-energy systems

3. Device for precise positioning of energy harvesting equipment using artificial intelligence with genetic algorithms

4. Artificial intelligence-based software package for optimal energy management to increase Romania’s energy independence

5. Integrated Solutions for Organic Waste Management in the Context of the Circular Economy and Protection of POPulations’ Health / SIMECPOP

6. Using the LCA study to achieve circular economy

7. Substituted hydroxyapatite-based coatings with improved functional properties to enhance fixation at the bone-implant interface

8. Nanostructured coatings with applications in tissue engineering

9. Assessment of dielectrophoretic electromanipulation capability and electrical characterization of biological cells using integrally printed interdigitated microelectrodes

10. Geospatial investigation of land degradation in Europe

11. Well-definition, existence results and characterization of solutions for certain variational problems

12. Description of the deformation and decay properties of atomic nuclei

13. Creating complex sparse codes with low correlation

14. Seismic risk analysis for heritage buildings in Timisoara European Capital of Culture 2023, at multidisciplinary level

15. Processing of medical CT images to identify and assess lung damage due to COVID19 using fractal analysis and artificial intelligence techniques

16. Assessment of microbiome and inflammatory profile in patients post acute SARS-CoV-2 infection

17. Clinical characterization, pathogenesis, risk factors and predictive molecular biomarkers in chronic sequelae syndrome, post acute SARS-CoV-2 infection (Long COVID)

18. Phytotherapy and the synchronous effect of Graminex, SerenoaRepens, BoswelliaSerrata extract and CurcumaLonga in the prevention of recurrence of chronic pelvic pain syndrome of urological cause in the male population

19. Cyber Diplomacy as a Governance Tool in the Digital Society

20. Digitisation of electricity metrics through the development of a monitoring device for household consumers to analyse and improve electricity consumption

21. Techniques and concepts for authenticating Romanian wines

22. Developing arithmetic skills in students with cognitive disabilities through digital strategies. Integration of new educational paradigms, as well as developmental psychology outcomes in the education of children with special educational needs

23. The evolution of educational models in the context of the digital transformation of learning

24. Using Artificial Intelligence to achieve cognitive superiority in military action

25. Economic competitor or systemic rival? The great strategy of the United States and the European Union towards China

Qualitative and Inclusive ECEC for SDG4 – a Neural Network behavioral modeling approach

27. Romania’s relations with the Holy See in the first interwar decade: a historical and historiographical approach to the signing of the Concordat (source of solutions for contemporary problems?)