Information of public interest

Law 544/2001

InformÞie of public interest – any informationÞie regardingetactivityACROSSor resultscomplicated from activityACROSSof an authorityACROSSand public or institutedÞii public, regardless of the medium or the form or manner of expression of informationÞiei.

Solving requests for information of public interest is done with compliance with the requirements of Law 544/2001 , art. 6, paragraph 3:

3. The written request for information of public interest shall include the following:
a) authority or institutionthe public address to which the request is addressed ;
b) informţhe askedcomplicated, so tncâtscomplicated allowcomplicated authoritiesACROSSii or institutţtake public identification informationţof public interest;
c) name, surname
and the signature of the applicant, as well as the address at which the reply is requested .

Contact information Public Information:

  • The person responsible for Law 544/2001 Irina Pasvantu
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: (031) 107. 06.59
  • Address: str. Ilfov no. 3, sector 5, Bucharest

Requests that do not fall within the specifics provided by Law 544/2001 will be redirected .


  • Application form for law 544/2001
  • Administrative complaint model I – negative answer
  • Administrative complaint model II – not answered in time

Evaluation report Law 544 for the year 2021

Model AOSR request law 544-2001

Model AOSR administrative complaint I – negative answer

Model AOSR administrative complaint II – not answered in time


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