List of documents for the candidates’ file


on the application of the methodology for the reception of new members and promotions

to the Romanian Academy of Scientists in 2024

Since in 2024 elections will take place at the level of the leadership of the sections, branches and leadership of the A.O.S.R., the calendar dates corresponding to the submission, analysis and approval of the files for honorary member, corresponding member and full member are modified as follows:

  • Applications for the reception/promotion of A.O.S.R. members must be submitted by 22 February 2024, according to the instructions on the website, under “Members”.
  • Applicants submit the documents to the Secretariat General of the AOSR, where they are registered and the existence of all the necessary documents is verified. A file that has not been approved in one of the previous years can be updated and resubmitted if participation in the new intake/promotion session is desired.
  • By 1 March, the Presidium of the AOSR examines the files submitted and, depending on the number of vacancies, forwards the files and the number of places allocated to them to the Presidents of the sections.
  • In the following 30 days, General Assemblies of the sections are held, where the candidates for each allocated seat are discussed, endorsed and approved by secret ballot. General Assemblies of the Sections are held physically at the AOSR headquarters and those of the Branches at their headquarters. The quorum required is 2/3 of the total number of full, corresponding and honorary members. If at the first convocation a quorum is not reached, the General Assembly shall be reconvened and shall be held according to the statutes with the number of members present. For full members, only full members vote, for corresponding and honorary members, full, corresponding and honorary members vote, and for associate members, all members of the section vote: full, corresponding, honorary, associate and honorary. The minutes of the General Assembly of the Section shall be communicated to the Secretariat of the AOSR within 24 hours of the date of the General Assembly of the Section.
  • In order to be admissible, candidates’ applications for full membership must obtain a simple majority of the votes of the full members present.
  • In order to be admitted, the application of candidates for honorary and corresponding membership must be approved by a simple majority vote of the full, honorary and corresponding members. This rule is also used when approving honorary members from abroad.
  • Applications for associate and honorary membership are approved by the Scientific Sections and the Scientific Council of the AOSR.

    Details p

    on the methodology and timetable for the elections of the leadership of the branches, sections and Presidium of the Romanian Academy of Scientists

    The meetings for the election of Presidents of Precincts will take place from 1-31 March 2024 and the meetings for the election of Presidents of Branches will take place from 1-15 April 2024. The results will be communicated to the Honorary Council of the AOSR.

    Candidates for the position of Section or Branch President shall submit a management programme, including briefly the priority objectives of the activity and a CV, 7 days before the date of the meeting. The functions of section and branch chairpersons cannot be combined.

    The Honorary Council nominally endorses the persons elected as Branch and Section Presidents. On the basis of this opinion the President of the AOSR appoints them for a 4-year term.

    Members elected as Section and Branch Presidents respectively may not stand for election to the Presidium of the AOSR.

    Candidates for the position of President of the AOSR shall submit to the AOSR General Secretariat by 17 April 2024, 16:00 a management plan, the AOSR Presidium team (2 Vice-Presidents and the Scientific Secretary) and their CVs.

    Voting for full, corresponding and honorary members, as well as for the new AOSR Presidium, is secret and direct and is conducted according to the AOSR Rules of Procedure.

    The General Assembly is held in physical format. The first convocation is for 17 May 2024. If a quorum of 2/3 is not reached, the meeting will be reconvened for 24 May 2024.


Candidates’ files contain the following documents:

  1. Europas CV, as per the model in Annex 1
  2. Curriculum Vitae type AOSR, according to the model in Annex 2
  3. Short form, according to the model in Annex 3
  4. Activity memo
  5. Copies of diplomas of graduation from a higher education institute, of doctorate, of certification as university professor, of certification as research scientist I;
  6. Recent photo
  7. Complete lists of papers, books, patents and citations as per Annex 4 and in electronic .doc format.
  8. Recommendations from nationally and internationally recognised personalities in the field, as well as a full member of the AOȘR
  9. Branch recommendation (where applicable)
  10. All printed documents related to the file must also be submitted in electronic format, saved on a memory stick to be handed in with the file.

is made taking into account:

Full and corresponding members must hold the title of qualified university professor or qualified CS1.
– Associate members must have the title of professor or university lecturer, or CS1 or CS2 respectively, usually qualified.
– Honorary or honorary members must be specialists with long-standing research experience and be recognised nationally and internationally.

B. SCIENTIFIC VISIBILITY as evidenced by the number of citations of papers, published books or patents, print runs and translations of books into foreign languages, international awards, outstanding achievements recognised by the scientific community.

C. THE CONTRIBUTION OF MEMBERS PROPOSED FOR PROMOTION, to the activity of the Academy by mentioning the affiliation to the AOȘR on published works, works or books published by the AOȘR Publishing House, scientific events organized under the auspices of the AOȘR and research projects accessed with the involvement of the AOȘR.


To become a full member of the AOSR, the candidate must be a corresponding member of the AOSR.
For corresponding membership, the candidate must be an associate member.
Honorary members cannot become full or corresponding members.
Honorary members cannot become full or corresponding members.

All AOSR members must have a public Google Scholar account.


Please send the form in Annex 1 completed in Word format.


PERSONAL DATA (Will not be displayed on the AOSR website, as per GDPR)

Please send the form in Annex 2 completed in Word format.


Annex 3
Please send the form in Annex 3 completed in Word format.

Specialization: ……………………………………………….
Areas of scientific competence: …………………
Outstanding scientific achievements:………………………..
Important publications: .……. …………………………..

  • Books published in national and foreign publishing houses (no.);
  • Articles in ISI-listed journals (no.);
  • International conferences published in volumes (no.);
  • National patents (no. if applicable);
  • International awards: (no.).

    Annex 4

Lists of works

A. Top 100 papers on Google Scholar, in descending order of citations.

B. Top 50 papers published in ISI-listed journals, in descending order of citations.

C. Papers published in Proceedings of ISI listed conferences.

D. Papers published in Proceedings of national and international conferences.

E. Books and chapters from books published by foreign publishers.

F. Books and chapters from books published by national publishers.

G. International patents, indicating all official identification data.

H. National patents, indicating all official identification data.

I. Director of international research projects (title, project number, contractor, amount).

J. Director of national research projects (title, project number, contractor, amount).

K. Activities within AOSR (conferences, seminars, projects involving AOSR, etc.).

For articles, indicate all authors (with underlining of the one evaluated), the name of the work, the full name of the journal, the number, the start and end page, the year.

Specify the papers in which the AOSR affiliation was mentioned.

For books, indicate the authors or editors (with underlining of the one evaluated), the publisher, the year, the number of pages or the beginning and end pages of contributions in chapters.

Not included: papers presented in abstract volumes, posters, reports, lithographed books.