LEADERSHIP 2020-2024


AOSR President: Prof. Dr. Eng. Alexandru-Adrian Badea
VICE PRESIDENT: Prof. univ. Dr. Eng. Doina Banciu
VICE PRESIDENT: CS I, Dr. Doru-Sabin Delion
SCIENTIFIC SECRETARY: Prof. univ. Dr. Eng. Petru Andea


The Board
The presidents of the scientific departments
Branch presidents


Section I – Mathematical Sciences – Prof. univ. Dr. Mihail Megan
Section II – Physical Sciences –Prof. Univ. Dr. Mărgărit Pavelescu
Section III – Chemical Sciences –Prof. Univ. Dr. Eng. Ecaterina Andronescu
Section IV – Biological Sciences –Prof. Univ. Dr. Natalia Roşoiu
Section V – Geonomic Sciences – Prof. univ. Dr. Constantin Udriște

Section VI – Technical Sciences – Prof. univ. Dr. Eng. Anton Hadăr
Section VII – Agricultural, forestry and veterinary sciences – Prof. univ. Dr. Agatha-Mariana Popescu
Section VIII – Medical Sciences – Prof. univ. Dr. Vasile Sârbu.

Section IX – Economic, legal and sociological sciences –Prof. Univ. Dr. Nicolae Dănilă
Section X – Philosophy, Psychology, Theology and Journalism – Prof. univ. Dr. Aurel Papari
Section XI – Historical and Archaeological Sciences – Prof. univ. Dr. Ion Solcanu

Section XII – Information Science and Technology –
Section XIII – Military Sciences –General Prof. Univ. Dr. Teodor Frunzeti


Brasov- Prof. Univ. Dr. Ivan Cismaru
Cluj-Napoca – Prof. Univ. Dr. Marius Bojita
Constanta – Prof. Univ. Dr. Victor Ciupină
Iasi – Prof. Univ. Dr. Ing. Anghel Stanciu
Piatra Neamţ – Prof. univ. Dr. Gogu Ghiorghiţă
Targoviste – Prof. Univ. Dr. Cucui Ion
Timisoara – Prof. Univ. Dr. Eng. Mușuroi Sorin

Head of Personnel, Payroll and Secretariat Service-Dr. Ec. Baptize Mary

Head of Economic-Administrative Service – Dr. Ec. Valentina Vladutu

Head of Library Publishing Service – Eng. Mihail Căruțașu




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