VASILE SÂRBU – Full Member, President of the Section
PhD Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of “Ovidius” University. Constanta County Hospital – Surgery Clinic.
Areas of scientific expertise: general, cardiovascular, oncological, laparoscopic surgery. Abdominal and thoracic surgical pathology; Surgical emergencies; History of Romanian Surgery. Research undertaken in the areas of cellular and pancreatic islet transplantation in patients with diabetes; Intraperitoneal chemo-hyperthermia in abdominal cancers. As a manager, he contributed to the creation of a Kidney Transplant Program in Constanta and a laboratory for the production and differentiation of stem cells from hematogenous marrow with applications in diabetes; to the creation and management of the Center for Studies and Research in Experimental Surgery and Medical Biotechnologies. He patented the “Antimeta” device, used in chemohyperthermia.
References: CV ,

DAN-LIVIU MISCHIANU – Full Member, Vice-President of the Section
PhD Professor, Urology Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest (since 18.06.2009); Urology Clinic of the Central Military Emergency Hospital “Dr. Carol Davila”. Major General ** (r) and PhD supervisor since 2011.
Areas of scientific competence: elements of external genital pathology in men; urogenital cancers in men; current problems of surgical infections; renal lithiasis, superficial bladder tumours; urology; prostate adenoma; prostate cancer. More than 250 scientific papers, in specialized journals in the country and abroad. He introduced new techniques and procedures in urological surgery, conducted a number of scientific researches – clinical and experimental.
References: C V

PhD Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, “Ovidius” University of Constanta, Head of Department of Normal and Pathological Morphology. Head of Pathological Anatomy Service at Constanta County Clinical Hospital
Areas of scientific expertise: pathological anatomy; immunohistochemistry; health management; clinical morphopathology; histopathological diagnostic problems of border-line ovarian tumours. Mammary gland pathology; Upper aero-digestive tract pathology; Female genital pathology; Pathology of non-Hodgkin’s malignant lymphomas. Extensive publishing and management activity.
References: C V,

ILEANA BENGA – Full Member
PhD Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu” Cluj-Napoca, Head of the Department of Pediatric Neurology. Children’s Emergency Hospital in Cluj-Napoca.
Areas of scientific expertise: child neuropsychiatry and neuroscience. Paediatric neurology. Neurological examination in children. Recent advances in the diagnosis of seizures and epilepsy syndromes in children. Practical steps in the diagnosis of neurometabolic genetic diseases. Epilepsy and neepileptic seizures (Elementary treatise on pediatric neurology).
References: CV,

PhD University Professor, Primary Dentist, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Grigore T. Popa” Iasi.
Areas of scientific expertise: clinical, academic, research, publishing and managerial activity – dental prosthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, oral implantology, dento-stomato-facial aesthetics; dental gnathology; implantology, regenerative medicine, normal and pathological physiology of the dental system, gerontostomatology, ergonomics, complex oral rehabilitation.
References: C V

PhD Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, Bucharest, PhD supervisor; Specialty: pediatric, vascular and spinal neurosurgery [Spitalul Clinic de Urgenţă “Bagdasar-Arseni” Bucureşti].
Areas of scientific expertise: paediatric neurosurgical pathology, craniocerebral traumatology, petroclival tumours, etc. As President of the Romanian Society of Neurosurgery, he coordinated the establishment of the first Centre of Excellence in Neurosurgery and Neurology, equipped to the highest international standards. She has a rich clinical, academic, research, publishing and managerial activity.
References: CV,

ADRIAN COVIC – Full Member
PhD Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. Popa” Iasi, Dean of the Faculty of General Medicine. IV Medical Clinic – Nephrology and Dialysis Center Iasi, Clinical Hospital “Dr. C. I. Parhon”, Iasi,
Areas of scientific expertise: nephrology, hypertension, cardiovascular, dialysis, transplantation, urology. Presence, severity and implications of loss of arterial elasticity in patients with kidney disease; study of arterial hemodynamics; clarification of the link between vascular calcification and arterial resistance;
References: C V,,*articleID_2747-dArt.html

RADU DEAC – Vice-President of the Academy of Medical Sciences
Full Member

PhD Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Targu Mures. Clinic of Cardiovascular Surgery and Heart Transplantation, University Clinical Hospital – Târgu Mureș.
Areas of scientific expertise: cardiovascular surgery. He organized and initiated open heart surgery in Târgu Mureș; he founded and organized the Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic and the Cardiology Center, then the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases and Transplantation in Târgu Mureș, as general director. He performed the first experimental orthotopic heart transplantation operations and the first Ross and Batista operations in Romania; he invented and used the first biological heart valve and performed the first left ventricular aneurysm operation in Romania.
References: CV,

PhD University Professor – Orthopaedics-Traumatology Surgery – “Sfântul Ioan” Clinical Hospital Bucharest (currently retired – collaboration).
Areas of scientific expertise: sprains; practice of metal osteosynthesis; open fractures; bone tumours; orthopaedics and traumatology – small encyclopaedia; joint trauma of the clavicular region; genetics of the locomotor system; dominant genetic diseases of the limbs; malleolar fractures; general and special osteoarticular traumatology. Extensive studies in the field of congenital malformations, with statistical and clinical as well as experimental research. Discovered the world’s first case of “Madura foot” caused by Candida tropicalis etc.
References: CV

VIOREL JINGA – Full Member of AOSR
University professor, PhD, specialty: primary urologist, PhD in medical sciences, Urology Clinic – Clinical Hospital “Prof. Dr. Th. Burghele”, Bucuresti, Romania, Rector of UMF “Carol Davila” Bucharest.
Areas of scientific competence: Genetic determinism of adult renal tumours; Genetic biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic management in prostate cancer; Genetic epidemiology of cancer; Minimally invasive surgical treatment of urinary lithiasis; Molecular markers in epithelial malignancies; Using artificial intelligence to improve biomedical applications in healthcare. Coordinator in more than 20 national and European research projects and grants
References: CV

MIHAI LUCAN – Full Member
PhD Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu” Cluj Napoca, Head of the Department of Urology.
Areas of scientific expertise: renal transplantation; reconstructive urology after oncological operations; urological surgical techniques; he is the initiator of a modern clinical, surgical and theoretical training program, structured on 3 postgraduate courses in pediatric reconstructive urology. Prestigious clinical, academic, publishing and management activity.
References: CV,,,

DAN POENARU – Full Member
PhD Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes” in Timisoara. Specialty: Surgery, orthopaedics-traumatology. Timisoara University Hospital.
Areas of scientific competence: non-traumatic pathology of the foot; Pathology of the locomotor system; History of Orthopaedics; Hemophilic Arthropathies; Knee extensor apparatus – Anatomy, biomechanics, traumatic pathology. He has a rich political and managerial activity: Director of the Timis Health Directorate (1992-93), Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health (1993-95) and Prefect of Timis County (1995-96), Rector (2005-06) of UMF Timisoara.
References: C V ,

VIRGIL RĂZEȘU – Founder Member
Research Scientist grade. 1, doctor, primary surgeon and head of Surgery Department at Piatra Neamt County Hospital, 1993-2000.
Areas of scientific expertise: general surgery; anatomy; liver trauma; history of surgery; biographies of great personalities of universal medicine; intense research, publishing and managerial activity. In 1993, he founded the RĂZEȘU Publishing House, where he published 45 titles of medical, literature, music, dictionaries, educational and sports books.
References: CV

SORIN RIGA – Full Member
Research Scientist gr. 1, university professor, Doctor Honoris Causa in medical sciences (1976), primary psychiatrist (1990). Member of 3 American Academies and 12 International Scientific Societies
Areas of scientific competence: National priorities in neuroscience and bio-medicine: organisation of 2 Research Laboratories, 2 unique treaties: Anti-aging medicine and longevity sciences, 2007 and Stressology, Adaptability and Mental Health, 2008, 3 orthomolecular inventions/therapies and 25 advanced innovations/methodologies and modern apparatus; international firsts: strategy-therapeutics-class of Anti-stress, anti-impairment and anti-aging drugs (Dr. Dan Riga & Dr. Sorin Riga, Romania) – achieving the highest Romanian standards of excellence in world inventiveness – 27 patents (WIPO, PCT, EPO, all G8 states, 25 countries, 5 continents).
References: C V; Enciclopedia Medicală Românească (under the aegis of the Romanian Academy), Ch. 27, 28, 29, 30, Ed. Universitară “Carol Davila”, București, RO, 2009; G. M. Fahy (ed.), The Future of Aging, pp. 189, 190, 217, Springer Science, 2010,; Who’s Who in the World, 26-29th eds., Marquis Who’ Who, USA, 2009-2012,

SORIN RUGINĂ – Full Member, Scientific Secretary of the Section
University Professor (since 2008), Doctor of Medicine with PhD thesis: Contributions to the surveillance and control of intra-hospital infections in some wards with high epidemiological risk in a county clinical hospital, UMF “Carol Davila”, Bucharest (1998). Rector of Ovidius University of Constanta; Primary Physician Infectious Diseases. President of the Regional HIV/AIDS Centre Constanta.
Areas of scientific expertise: infectious diseases, vaccinology and internal medicine, parasitology, HIV/AIDS, general ultrasound, travel medicine, tourism medicine, health management. Developed 14 clinical trials (principal investigator) on efficacy of Tigecycline in skin infections, pulmonary infections; study on efficacy of Gemifloxacin in severe infections; study on efficacy of carbapenems in severe pneumonia; studies in multi-experienced HIV/AIDS infected patients; efficacy of Pegasys treatment in HCV patients; study on efficacy of varicella vaccine vaccination etc.
References: C V
Photo credit:

Primary Cardiovascular Surgery Physician, Manager at the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases “Prof. Dr. George I.M. Georgescu”, Iasi. Since 2006, professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa” in Iasi, head of the Cardiovascular Surgery Discipline. After three years of vascular surgery internship at the Unional Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery “A. Vishnevsky” in Moscow, in 1991 he was admitted to the PhD program under the supervision of Academ. Ioan Pop D. Popa. Dr Grigore Tinică is President of the Euro-Asian Bridge Society for Cardiac Surgery and of the Foundation for Clinical and Experimental Cardiovascular Research.
Areas of scientific expertise: founding and building of a clinical department of cardiovascular surgery in Iasi; first open heart surgery in Iasi (May 2000); major cardiovascular surgery for the first time in Iasi and/or Romania;
First transmyocardial revascularizations with laser in Romania; renal transplantation – first in a cardiovascular surgery department, more than 60 renal transplants with very good immediate and late results; introduction for the first time in Romania of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation – 9 patients (ECMO); First experience in the country with the use of BioGlue in cardiovascular surgery and especially in aortic dissections published in The Romanian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery, Bucharest.
References: C V
Photo credit:

MARIUS – TRAIAN BOJIȚĂ – President of AOSR Cluj-Napoca Branch,
Member of Honor

University professor, PhD in pharmaceutical technology and health management at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu” Cluj-Napoca.
Speciality: pharmacy
Areas of scientific competence: pharmaceutics – Analysis and control of medicinal products; Biological medicinal products. Management: Dean, Pro-rector, Rector and President of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca.
References: CV,

PhD Professor – General, Osteoarticular, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic at Colțea Hospital (currently retired, with collaborative activities). Specialty: orthopaedics-traumatology.
Areas of scientific expertise: clinical anatomy and surgical techniques; general surgery, orthopaedics-traumatology, oncology, osteo-articular surgery, vascular, urological, endocrine, plastic and reconstructive surgery. “Demonstration of angiogenic capacity of adult red marrow stem cells”; “Myocardial adaptation to ischemia”; Biological value of autogenous bone transplantation. Strategy and food security.
References: C Vști/București-_-Mi-as_fi_dorit_sa_operez_cu_patru_maini_0_175782557.html,

DAN, GHEORGHE-ANDREI – Honorary Member
Emeritus Doctor University Professor – EC, FESC, FAHA, FACC, FEHRA
Specialty: Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Electrophysiology & Implantable Devices.
Areas of scientific expertise: Arrhythmias (international expertise: Atrial Fibrillation), Syncope, Antiarrhythmic pharmacological therapy (international expertise), Heart Failure, Atherosclerosis. Distinguished scientific achievements: author/author of > 14 international guidelines in the field of Cardiology, editor/author of an international volume on pharmacological antiarrhythmic therapy. Participant in 30 international studies as principal investigator and director of 3 European grants; Founder of the Interventional Cardiology laboratories and of the “Syncope and Falls” Laboratory (European competence centre) at Colentina Clinical Hospital Important publications: books published in national and international publishing houses (24); articles in ISI listed journals (237); international conferences (> 400); International awards: (7).
References: CV

Academician LEON DĂNĂILĂ – Honorary Member
PhD Professor at the Department of Neurosurgery of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest and Professor of Psychoneurology at the University “Titu Maiorescu”. Head of Clinic II Neurosurgery at the Hospital “Dr. Gh. Marinescu” Bucharest. Specialty: Neurosurgery, psychoneurology.
Areas of scientific competence: The degree of difficulty of his surgeries (intracranial aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, acoustic neuromas, pituitary tumours, meningiomas, brainstem tumours, medullary tumours, intraorbital tumours, basal skull tumours, intraventricular tumours, pineal gland tumours, etc.) and the large number of them as well as the excellent post-operative results obtained place him among the leading neurosurgeons in the world. He holds 18 inventor and 10 innovator patents.
References: CVănăilă,

PhD Professor, Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics, UMF “Carol Davila”, and Head of the Pediatric Surgery Department at the Emergency Children’s Clinical Hospital “M.S. Curie” / Professor “Carol Davila” University of Medicine, Head of Pediatric Surgery Department, Children Hospital “Marie Curie”, Bucharest Romania, President of the Romanian Society of Pediatric Surgery, National Coordinator of the Pediatric Laparoscopy Program
Areas of scientific expertise: – paediatric urology – treatment of pyelo-ureteral junction stenosis, one-stage treatment of penile hypospadias, continent urinary diversions – paediatric surgery: use of the umbilical stoma for the treatment of abdominal wall defects and in the treatment of large defect diaphragmatic hernia. – Principles of Diagnosis and Treatment in Pediatric Surgery and Orthopedics
Clinical and urodynamic study of bladder continence disorders in children – etiological and therapeutic evaluation; Clinico-anatomopathological study of nephritic syndrome in children etc.
References: CV

DEZIDERIU LAKY – Honorary Member
Research Scientist grade. 1 PhD in morphopathology, pathological anatomy, genetics, immunology and electron microscopy at the Institute “Dr. Victor Babes” (retired). Specialty: pathological anatomy, genetics, immunology and electron microscopy.
Areas of scientific expertise: ischemic myocardial biopathology and myocardial protection in cardiac surgery. Extracorporeal circulation and circulatory support; medicine and experimental biology; Advances in biomedical optics. In parallel with his fundamental research in the field of morphopathology, he was also involved in the fields of oncology, forensic medicine, cell biology, anaesthesiology and resuscitation, adult and child cardiovascular surgery. He has performed pathological, electron-microscopic, immunohistochemical and enzymological studies.
References: CV

ION ȚINTOIU – Honorary Member
PhD, Cardiology.
Areas of scientific competence: Electrophysiology and implantation of pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators; Special echocardiography ● Coronary Stent Restenosis ● Cardiac Arrhythmias from Basic Mechanism to State of Art Management ● Coronary graft failure ● Electrocardiography in medical practice ● Management of Cardiovascular Disease ● Cardiopulmonary bypass and circulatory support ● Cardiovascular emergencies ● Certainty in modern cardiology ● Cardiopulmonary bypass (cardiopulmonary bypass) ● Chapters in 3 monographs and 3 treatises under editorship. ● 40 articles/studies published in peer-reviewed journals (with ISSN) ● 87 articles/studies published in international scientific event volumes ● 43 articles/studies published in abstract in national scientific event volumes ● 21 ISI and Pub-Med papers ● 3 contract/grant based research/development projects (grant/team leader: international clinical trials (scientific leader).
References: C V

OVIDIU GABRIEL BRATU – Corresponding Member
PhD, Primary Urologist, UMF Carol Davila Bucharest, Department of Urology, University Hospital of Emergency Military Central “Dr. Carol Davila”
Areas of scientific expertise: urological oncological surgery, urological reconstructive surgery, laparoscopic urological surgery, endourological surgery, urogynaecology, general ultrasonography, immunology and tumour genetics, extracorporeal lithotripsy, healthcare management
Distinguished achievements: reviewer for the Romanian Journal of Laboratory Medicine, ISI listed; Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Mind and Medical Sciences, ISI indexed; Assistant Editor for Modern Medicine, BDI, journal of the College of Physicians of Bucharest. 4 prize-winning papers in national scientific events.
References: CV

Lecturer. Dr., UMF “Carol Davila” Bucharest, Floreasca Emergency Hospital, Internal Medicine Clinic, PhD supervisor
Areas of scientific expertise: diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases in the Internal Medicine Clinic, interdisciplinary consultations internal medicine and cardiology, ultrasound diagnosis (abdominal, breast, thyroid, cardiac and vascular Doppler); EKG with interpretation, Holter EKG, automated ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.
He has published 13 books as an author, 84 book chapters, 200 articles in international scientific journals. He has given 20 invited plenary presentations at international congresses and over 200 presentations at national congresses. She has won 20 international and 30 national awards.
References: CV , %20Cristina%

IOAN IEȚCU – Corresponding Member
Associate professor at the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sport in Suceava, CS 1 doctor, specialization: balneology-physio-climatology and kinetotherapy. Suceava County Hospital (Pensioner, collaboration)
Areas of scientific competence: anatomy and sports hygiene, rheumatology and medical rehabilitation; physiotherapy; modern ecology in medicine and society; environment and industry; history of medicine. Prestigious research, publishing, managerial and political activity
References: CV

FLORIN MITU – Corresponding Member
Associate professor, internal medicine, cardiology, medical rehabilitation. PhD supervisor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Grigore T. Popa” Iasi.
Areas of scientific expertise: cardiology, internal medicine, cardiovascular rehabilitation, exercise testing, echocardiography, preventive cardiology, medical semiology. Books/monographs: Recovery of patients with ischaemic heart disease (2002), Recovery in heart failure (2005), Practitioner’s short guide – dyslipidaemia (2011), Nutrition and cardiovascular disease (2017), Practitioner’s short guide – smoking (2011), Practitioner’s short guide – hypertension (2011), Metabolic syndrome – a paradox of civilisation (2009), Peculiarities of Cardiovascular Diseases in Women (2012), Cardiovascular Diseases in the Elderly (2015), General Medical Semiology (2009), Medical Semiology – Respiratory and Cardiovascular System (2005 and reprinted 2011), Medical Semiology – Renal, Digestive and Blood System (2009, reprinted 2013). Contributions: development of a computerized program for monitoring and follow-up of patients with myocardial infarction, medical education program for patients with cardiovascular diseases – the first in Romania; concepts and contributions in areas of excellence in scientific research in the fields of concern; CV

TIBERIUS-VIOREL MOGOȘ – Corresponding Member
Primary physician in diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases (since 1997), specialist in internal medicine (1988), Doctor of Medical Sciences (1998), Head of Intensive Care and Metabolic Emergencies Department INDNBM “Prof. Dr. N. C. Paulescu” (since 1999); Coordinator of the Dietetics Department within the INDNBM “Prof. Dr. N. C. Paulescu” (2007).
Areas of scientific expertise: diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases; metabolic emergencies (Small Encyclopedia of Metabolic Emergencies); contributions to changes in therapy in the typology of ketoacidosis; health services management; nutrition and food therapy of the sick man. “The chromatographic technique has allowed us to detect metabolic diseases as early as birth, long-term assessment of metabolic diseases by hair analysis alone and the risk of progression to lung cancer. […] Clinical research into metabolic emergencies has revealed biochemical and clinical aspects that have reduced many of the diagnostic and therapeutic misinterpretations, particularly of diabetic ketoacidosis.”
References: CV

HORAȚIU MOLDOVAN – Corresponding Member
Conf. Univ. Dr., Univ. “Titu Maiorescu” University of Bucharest; Associate Professor, Polytechnic University of Bucharest – Primary Cardiovascular Surgery – Head of Department, Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic, SANADOR Clinical Hospital – Secretary of State, Ministry of Health.
Areas of scientific expertise: cardiovascular surgery (over 5000 major cardiac surgeries under extracorporeal circulation and 2500 peripheral vascular surgeries); major vascular surgery (aortic surgery) as well as the development of minimally invasive video-assisted cardiac surgery techniques. Contributions in the field of prosthetic valves, surgical adhesives, and synthesis of vascular substitutes by electrospinning technology. Molecular markers of tissue inflammation involved in the genesis and progression of coronary ischemic disease. Setting up an integrated network for the study of microbial biofilms.
Patent: “Method and Equipment for cryopreservation of cardiovascular homografts” Patent No. 119338 B. 1 OSIM Bucharest, published in the Official Gazette of 30 August 2004; – “Digital videocapillaroscope” Medaille d’or at the Geneva Salon of Inventions, 12 April 2019;

IOAN ROMOȘAN – Corresponding Member
PhD Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes” in Timisoara. Timisoara University Hospital – Internal Medicine Clinic.
Specialisations: internal diseases, gastroenterology, nephrology, clinical immunology.
Areas of scientific expertise: general ultrasound, renal morphopathology, medical informatics, medical management. Psychonephrology; Interdisciplinarity of Internal Medicine; Kidney in Liver Diseases, Gerontonephrology; Glomerular Nephropathies; Kidney and Pregnancy; Kidney in Diabetes Mellitus; Renal Amyloidosis; Nephrotic Syndrome; Tubulo-intestinal Nephropathies etc. State Secretary at the Ministry of Health from 1996-1998.
References: CV

MARGIT ȘERBAN – Corresponding Member
PhD Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babes” in Timisoara. Children’s Emergency Clinical Hospital “Louis Țurcanu” – Timișoara. Specialisation: paediatrics; haematology; paediatric onco-haematology, clinical immunology; bone marrow transplantation.
Areas of scientific expertise: diagnosis and therapy of non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas; management of myelodysplastic syndromes; diabetology; child and adolescent diabetes mellitus; general oncology and paediatric oncology; paediatrics for the family doctor; clinical haematology; haemophilic arthropathies; acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in paediatric practice; paediatric risk factors for atherosclerosis; rare genetic diseases.
References: CV,

GHEORGHE TOMOAIA – Corresponding Member
Orthopaedics and Traumatology II Clinic of the County Emergency Hospital
Areas of scientific expertise: expertise in arthroscopic surgery – expertise in public health management – IOF International Certification in DEXA Osteodensitometry for Osteoporosis. Main original contributions: – Introduction and extension of intramedullary flexible rod osteosynthesis in humeral shaft fractures – Design of a special instrumentation for introducing intramedullary rods in humeral shaft fractures – Promotion of shoulder arthroplasty and fabrication of a shoulder prosthesis used in proximal humerus fractures at risk of necrosis Study of nanostructures with multifunctional properties obtained by molecular and colloidal self-assembly methods of biomedical interest in the surgery and treatment of bone cancer and bone metastases (research grant) – Therapeutic implications in the treatment of tumours by bone replacement methods – Patent: ″Hydroxyapatite nanopowders and its substituted derivatives used for medical purposes and process for their manufacture″ – Modelling of the shoulder joint using the finite element. References:CV

VLADIMIR BELIȘ – Honorary Member of AOSR, Honorary Member Acad. Ro
Primary Pathology and Forensic Medicine Physician, Director of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, Bucharest (now retired). Currently president of the Disciplinary Commission of the College of Physicians Bucharest (CMB).
Professor in the Department of Forensic Medicine at several faculties: UMF Carol Davila, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, Al. I. Cuza
Areas of scientific expertise: forensic medicine, bioethics, microscopic investigation in forensic medicine, forensic medicine course for legal science faculties, guide to forensic emergencies, forensic genetics,
References: C V

ADRIAN COTÂRLEȚ – Honorary Member of AOSR
University Professor, Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau
Specialization: Surgery.
Areas of scientific competence: medicine – Orthotic devices and techniques, Elements of imaging; Physiopathology; Patient management techniques; Semiology / Kinesiology and Occupational Therapy
Distinguished scientific achievements: 1998 PhD in Medical Sciences, 2007 Scientific Researcher GR III, 2014 University Professor. ORGANIZER of 17 editions of the scientific event “Medical Days” of SMU Moinesti
President of national professional scientific events – 17, Invited lecturer at national scientific events – 12, Member of editorial board of publications – 2, Papers presented at international scientific events – 89, Papers presented at national scientific events – 121. Important publications: Books published in national and international publishing houses (no.) – 4; Articles in ISI listed journals (no.) – 12; International conferences published in volumes (no.) – 14;
References: CV

CORNELIU ZEANĂ – Honorary Member of AOSR
Conf. univ. Doctor of Medical Sciences, UMF Carol Davila Bucharest, Department of Cardiology; Primary Cardiologist, Primary Internal Medicine Physician, Primary Rheumatology Physician, Primary Haematology Physician
Areas of scientific expertise: over 40 years experience in hospitals and private clinics. Cardiology, internal medicine, haematology, Doppler echocardiography, clinical immunology, toxicology. References:

PhD Professor, UMF “Iuliu Hatieganu” Cluj-Napoca.
Areas of scientific expertise: vascular surgery and microsurgery, laparoscopic surgery – carotid and visceral vascular surgery, lymphatic surgery expertise. Original contributions: clinical and enzymological research related to gastric ulcer and gastric cancer; experimental surgical research in dom. Surgical treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers by vagotomy; experimental research in gastric cancer by creating neogastric from the intestine; preparation and application of deantigenized biological heterografts in vascular surgery; experimental and clinical research on the use of tissue adhesives in vascular surgery and microsurgery; epidemiology studies of chronic venous insufficiency; optimisation of surgical treatment means in obliterated limb arteriopathies, application of thoracoscopic cervicothoracic sympathectomy and carotid thrombendarterectomy based on scientific evidence. Co-author “Textbook of Angiology” Ed. Springer, New York, 2006; creator of the School of Vascular Surgery at the Surgical Clinic II, Cluj-Napoca; mb. founder of Soc. Române de Angiologie et Chirurgie Vasculaire since 1990 and its president since 1997; References : CV

IOAN-RADU BADEA – Associate Member of AOSR
PhD Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu” Cluj-Napoca, speciality Med. Gastroenterology
Areas of scientific competence: Evaluation of liver tumours using three-dimensional ultrasound combined with vascularisation studies; Development of non-invasive diagnostic procedures for liver steatosis and fibrosis; Integrated telesonography system for screening of malignant tumours; Protocol for examination of malignant melanoma and lymph node stations involved in metastasis; Optimised ultrasound image processing procedures for early diagnosis of prostate cancer.
References: CV

FLORIAN BALTĂ – Associate Member of AOSR

PhD Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest, Clinical Hospital for Ophthalmological Emergencies Bucharest
Specialization: ophthalmology
Areas of scientific expertise: vitreoretinal surgery
PhD thesis: Use of minimal surgical techniques in retinal detachment; anatomical and functional results; Distinguished scientific achievements: suggestive article: Surgical technique for repositioning subluxated previously scleral-fixed intraocular lenses. Patent of Invention: “Needle for macular hole drainage” Balta Florian, Dinu Mihai Huzum, Patent No. 126920/2011. Important publications: – Books published in national and international publishing houses (8); – Articles in ISI listed journals (30); – International conferences published in volumes (6); – National patents (1);
References: CV

GRIGORE BĂCIUT – Associate Member of AOSR
Professor, Department of Cranio- Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu
Hațieganu” Cluj-Napoca (from 2
Professor, Department of Cranio- Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu
Hațieganu” Cluj-Napoca (from 2
Professor and pro-rector at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu” Cluj-Napoca, Department of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery and Emergencies in Dental Medicine
Areas of scientific expertise: cranio-maxillo-facial surgery, oral implantology, oral and maxillofacial ultrasonography, maxillofacial ultrasonography;
tumour assessment, medical management.
References: CV

Professor univ. Dr., U.M.F. Tg. Mureș, Head of Radiology and Medical Imaging, Primary Care Physician
Areas of scientific competence: – cerebrovascular diseases – imaging diagnosis of brain tumours, – storage, processing and remote transmission of images using the Internet. – Positive and differential diagnosis by imaging methods in polytrauma patients, – Positive and differential diagnosis in multiple sclerosis by imaging means, – Three-dimensional reconstruction and virtual reality in imaging.
Producer of documentary and documentary-artistic films

PhD Professor and Head of the Immunology and Transplant Immunology Discipline at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest,
Specialization: Immunology and Transplant Immunology
Areas of scientific expertise: tumour immunogenetics. Molecular biology as a performance modality in transplant immunology. Rejection in solid organ and peripheral hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Immunotolerance and posttransplant immunosuppressive therapy issues.
Distinguished scientific achievements: formation of the discipline of transplant immunology and immunology, department III, UMF Carol Davila Bucharest (2006); elaboration of the curriculum for the European diploma in transplant immunology, requirement of EFI and fulfilled (2012); national curriculum in transplant immunology; SIPOCA 696 project “Improvement of the regulatory process in the field of transplantation” , Initiator of 3 ERASMUS programs for UMF Carol Davila. Within the AOSR I participated in the sessions “Valentele of femininity” and in the scientific congresses with scientific papers carried out in the Centre for Immunology and Virology, Fundeni.
Important Publications: Books published in national and international publishing houses – 23; Articles in ISI listed journals – 103; International conferences published in volumes – 77; International awards: 3.
References: CV

University Professor Dr. Surgeon, Center of Excellence in Esophageal Surgery, Discipline: General and Esophageal Surgery, Clinical Hospital “Sf. Maria”, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, Bucharest, Romania
Areas of scientific competence: the whole range of surgical procedures in oesophageal pathology: oesophageal reconstruction after oesophagectomy for cancer, oesophageal by-pass with anisoperistaltic left colon brought into the cervical region by pre- but mostly retrosternal route and oesocolic or pharyngo-colic anastomosis, high anastomosis of the colonic graft with the pharynx, latero-lateral, either in the bed of the hyoid bone after its ablation, by transhioglottic route, with menervation of the hypoglossal nerve; original transverse pharyngotomy techniques for anastomoses with the colonic graft, as well as high cervical anastomoses with slow resorption monostratum wires, which do not produce stenoses, fistulas and thread granulomas; Endoscopy of cervical anastomoses, both pharyngo-gastric or colonic and cervical esophago-gastric or esocolic; surgery of Zencker-type cervical esophago-gastric diverticula, introduction of laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgery in esophagectomy. Other areas: gastric surgery, resectional surgery of the small bowel and colon; surgery: CBEH, pancreas, spleen, colon, rectum, breast. Patent for the invention “Process for obtaining a thread used in surgical sutures”, patented at the OSIM under no. 116.165/ 2000 and modified radical mamectomy method known as the “Grivița” technique (patent no. 116.943/2001 registered at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks – OSIM).
Achievements: Creation of its own laboratory for imaging and functional explorations focused on esophageal pathology (EDS, chromoendoscopy, manometry, pH-metry/24 hours – telemetry test, and establishment of this national surgical center for esophageal surgery.
References: CV

Associate Professor, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, Bucharest, Romania, March 2021 Head of the Laboratory of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Digestive Endoscopy – Dr. Carol Davila Central Military Emergency University Hospital
Specialization: medicine
Areas of scientific expertise: internal medicine, gastroenterology, digestive endoscopy, chronic liver disease – celiac disease, autoimmune diseases, bullous diseases, skin neoplasia, vasculitis and various other systemic diseases, early diagnosis, evaluation and especially curative treatment of neoplastic diseases.
Important Publications – Books published in national and foreign publishing houses (no.) = 14, – Articles in ISI-listed journals (no.) = 72 – International conferences published in volumes (no.) = 99 – National patents (no. if applicable) 0 – International awards (no.) 3
References: CV

University Professor PhD, Primary Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology, Prorector at UMF Iuliu Hatieganu; Cluj County Hospital; Medical Clinic II, Cluj-Napoca. Full member of ASMR.
Areas of scientific expertise: digestive diseases, psychosomatics, therapy. Outstanding achievements: Vice President European Society of Clinical Investigations 2013/2014; President Romanian Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2015-2017; Humboldt and DAAD Fellow. Scientific activity: over 250 publications, over 150 in Pubmed; IH 15; over 20 books, dozens of book chapters, 2 patents. Important publications: First manual of digestive manometry in Eastern Europe; First manual of medical communication. Over 2000 citations
References: CV, Viata medicala, Faclia, Adevarul;

EUGEN DUMITRU – Associate Member of AOSR
PhD Professor, Primary Gastroenterology, Faculty of Medicine – University ˝Ovidius˝, Constanta
Areas of scientific expertise: oesophageal variceal banding
Colonoscopy, Upper endoscopy, Paracentesis, Polypectomy, Rectosigmoidoscopy etc.

References: CV ,%C4%

PhD, Director of Research and Innovation Department at Ovidius University of Constanta, Faculty of Medicine, Primary Physician of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology
Areas of scientific competence: Nosocomial infections, parasitology – parasitic diseases (hydatid cyst, toxocariasis, toxoplasmosis, tropical parasitosis), general ultrasonography, travel medicine, multidisciplinary collaboration in the discipline of Palliative Care (oncologist, infectious diseases specialist, neurologist), Algorithm of diagnosis and treatment in acute meningitis, Multicenter monitoring of germ resistance to antibiotics implications on improving antibiotic use, management and implementation of European projects in the areas of scientific competence.

LORENA ANGELA FILIP – Associate Member of AOSR
PhD Professor, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu”
Specialization: pharmacy – primary pharmacist
Areas of scientific competence: Bromatology – Hygiene – Nutrition – Food safety management systems
Outstanding scientific achievements: – Establishment and development of the first Nutrition and Dietetics study program in Romania, a project taken over by 7 other universities in the country; – Contribution to the development of the Nutrition and Quality of Life master’s degree program; – Constant activity to update the curricula of the bachelor’s degree programs: Pharmacy (Romanian and French), Nutrition and Dietetics, or master’s degree: Nutrition and Quality of Life; – Founding member of the Nutrition and Health Association through which I organized a series of scientific events, and through which I supported the membership of students and graduates of Nutrition and Dietetics in Romania, EFAD (The European Federation of the Association of Dietitians); – Active involvement in the re-recognition and legalization of the profession of dietitian in Romania; – Member of 13 grants, one of which I was project director; – Contribution to the development of the journal Heath, Sport&Rehabilitation Medicine In collaboration with the Romanian Academy of Scientists, Cluj branch, we organize annual nutrition education campaigns in schools and high schools in Cluj county with the title “Grow harmoniously eating healthy”;
Important Publications: 42 books and chapters in top Romanian publishers and 3 chapters in books published by recognized foreign publishers; – 45 ISI articles of which 20 are in quartiles 1 and 2, – 21 BDI articles, – 24 articles in other scientific journals in the field; References: CV

CRISTIAN GHEORGHE – Associate Member of AOSR
PhD Professor, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest, Romania
Head of Department, Section I Gastroenterology, Center for Digestive Diseases and Liver Transplantation Fundeni Clinical Institute
Digestive Endoscopy Diagnostic and Therapeutic Laboratory Coordinator
Center for Digestive Diseases and Liver Transplantation Fundeni Clinical Institute
Specialization: Internal Medicine; Gastroenterology
Scientific fields of expertise: clinical gastroenterology, clinical hepatology, endoscopic, diagnostic and therapeutic techniques: polypectomies, endoscopic mucosal resections, endoscopic haemostasis, endoscopic dilatation of stenosis, endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography, echoendoscopy
Outstanding scientific achievements: Over 200 original articles published in ISI journals, including: first epidemiological studies of FAP, celiac disease, IBD and pouchitis; Priorities in digestive endoscopy published in indexed journals, 100 book chapters – detailed in CV, 21 contracts obtained through competitions including as director in national and international research programmes/projects (last programme ending in December 2023: National Coordinator of the European Colorectal Cancer Screening Pilot Project in Romania) – details in CV, over 5000 citations, H-index 34 Google Scholar, Hirsch index Web of Science Core Collection: 21
References: CV,

PhD University Professor, Primary Surgeon, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “GRIGORE T. POPA” Iasi.
Areas of scientific competence: Hepato-gastroenterology, esophageal neoplasm – malignancies of the digestive tract; liver surgery – major liver resections, anatomic for large, primary or metastatic malignancies; use in liver resection surgery of a 4-electrode device based on radiofrequency thermoablation; Duodeno-pancreatic and pancreatic resection surgery – early posterior approach in duodeno-pancreatectomies, with initial highlighting and dissection of the origin of the superior mesenteric artery.
References: CV

GHEORGHE MANOLE – Associate Member of AOSR
Associate Professor, PhD in medicine since 1982 (UMF “Carol Davila”, Bucharest), thesis title: “Contributions to the study of hemolytic anemia in cirrhosis of the liver” – specialist in internal diseases. Teaching pro-dean and head of subjects: General Pathology and General Physiology at “Titu Maiorescu” University of Bucharest – Faculty of Dental Medicine; Colentina Clinical Hospital Bucharest.
Areas of scientific expertise: general pathology, physiology, treatment of ulcerative disease, carbonic anhydrase-synthesis inhibitors, therapeutic reactions and applications, drug toxicology, laboratory analysis, neuronal distress in severe internal carotid artery obstruction syndrome, etc.
References: CV

GABRIELA MARIAN – Associate Member of AOSR
University Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine – Titu Maiorescu University; Primary Psychiatry Physician, Clinical Hospital of Psychiatry “Prof. Dr. Al. Obregia”
Areas of scientific expertise: behavioural sciences; psychiatry and mental health, occupational therapies in child and adolescent services, depression, senile Alzheimer’s dementia, treatment of schizophrenia – optimisation of therapeutic intervention, attention and memory disorders of vascular and degenerative aetiology, neuropsychopharmacology.
References: CV

MIRCEA, PETRU-ADRIAN – Associate Member of AOSR
Emeritus University Professor, PhD supervisor, retired – University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu” Cluj-Napoca, Badea Medical Clinic – Medlife
Specialisation: Internal medicine – primary physician; Gastroenterology – primary physician; General ultrasonography (certificate of complementary studies) – expert level (SRUMB)
Areas of scientific expertise: internal medicine / cardiology; gastroenterology – hepatology; ultrasonography, general and interventional ultrasonography in gastroenterology. Outstanding scientific achievements: the use of ultrasonography in the most important pathological fields, materialized by the introduction in the current clinical practice in Romania of diagnostic and treatment methods belonging to interventional ultrasonography (ultrasound biopsy with thick needle, percutaneous therapy of cystic formations, percutaneous nephrostomy, variants of percutaneous ultrasound drainage). Contribution to the establishment, organization and development of the activities of the Doctoral School of UMF “Iuliu Hatieganu” since 2005. Important Publications: Books published in national and international publishing houses (34 + 1); Articles in ISI listed journals (50); International conferences published in volumes (8);

ȘTEFAN ILIE NEAGU – Associate Member of AOSR
2009: University Professor by competition at UMF “Carol Davila” Bucharest, general surgery.
Areas of scientific competence: In the Clinical Department of General Surgery and Emergencies of the University Emergency Hospital Bucharest, which he has been heading since 1997, he performs over 500 major surgeries annually, mainly in the field of colorectal surgery, abdominal emergency surgery, oncological surgery (stomach, pancreas, breast, ovary, kidney), biliary surgery, abdominal wall surgery, thyroid surgery, etc. ● 1984: Doctor in Medical Sciences with the thesis: “Renal preservation by simple hypothermia”. Professional activity, postgraduate courses, specializations: ● 1979: Specialist in general surgery ● 1983: Postgraduate course “Gynaecological Oncology” at the Oncological Institute of Bucharest ● 1987: Specialist in urology ● 1988: Postgraduate course “Actualități in Oncology” at the Oncological Institute of Bucharest ● 1990: Primary doctor in general surgery ● 1991: Specialization course in laparoscopic surgery at the Hautepierre Hospital in Strasboug (Prof. Meyer) ● 1991-1992: French government fellowship (9 months) in organ transplant surgery in the Clinic of General Surgery and Transplantation of the University Hospital of Strasbourg (prof. Dr. Wolf) ● 1994: Specialization in visceral surgery (12 months) in the Clinic of General and Digestive Surgery (prof.Dr. Meyer) Hautepierre Hospital Strasbourg ● 1998: Head of Surgery II S.U.U.B. by competitive examination ● 2002: Competence in pre-hospital emergencies ● 2003: Competence in Health Service Management. ●
References: CV

MARIUS NICULESCU – Associate Member of AOSR
PhD Professor, Titu Maiorescu University, Faculty of Medicine, Primary Orthopaedics-Traumatology Physician, Head of Orthopaedics-Traumatology Clinic I, Colentina Clinical Hospital, Bucharest, President of the Orthopaedics and Traumatology Commission of the Ministry of Health
Scientific fields of expertise: orthopaedics and traumatology, arthroscopic knee surgery, hip and knee arthroplastic surgery
Special achievements: together with the team at Colentina Clinical Hospital, we have performed numerous first-time operations in the field of hip and knee arthroplasty, including: unicompartmental knee arthroplasty with Oxford mobile plate, total knee arthroplasty with Oxinium femoral component, total hip arthroplasty with BHR hybrid resurfacing.
References: CV

GHEORGHE PELTECU – Associate Member of AOSR
Romanian gynaecologist specialising in laparoscopic surgery (laparoscopy), oncological surgery and colposcopy. He is Head of Clinic and Director of the Filantropia Hospital in Bucharest, University Professor at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the “Carol Davila” University of Bucharest. He became a specialist in 1984 and a primary care physician in 1990 in the same clinic. Specialisation in gynaecological oncology, Lausanne [1990-1991]. She began to practice breast-conserving surgery in breast cancer, which she then continued in Bucharest, and which resulted in 1995 in her PhD thesis, “Conservative treatment of breast cancer. Since 2006 he has been a professor at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at UMF Bucharest, and currently holds the position of president of the Ministry of Health’s Obstetrics and Gynaecology Advisory Commission. He has published 11 books under his editorship or as co-author, 9 papers in prestigious foreign journals, 41 articles in national journals. Professor Gh. Peltecu coordinated the first 20 guidelines published by the Ministry of Health, the College of Physicians and the Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
References: C V

PRADA, GABRIEL-IOAN – Associate Member of AOSR
Qualified University Professor – Head of Discipline Geriatrics and Gerontology, INGG “Ana Aslan”, UMF “Carol Davila”
Scientific fields of expertise: medicine, geriatrics and gerontology, internal medicine
Distinguished scientific achievements: – obtaining a Master of Science degree from the University of Manchester, UK; – participating in the international HYVET – Hypertension in the Very Elderly study, – participating in the PREDICT study which established a number of factors that prevent the enrolment of the elderly in clinical trials and ways to counteract this phenomenon, suggestions that have been taken up in European Community documents.
Important publications: – Books published in national and international publishing houses – 23 monographs; – Articles in ISI listed journals – 31 articles; – International conferences published in volumes – 8;
References: CV

SÎRBU, CARMEN-ADELLA – Associate Member of AOSR
Associate Professor, Titu Maiorescu University, Faculty of Medicine; Head of Neurology Clinic 2018-present, Central Military Emergency Hospital, Bucharest;
Areas of scientific expertise: clinical contributions to the diagnosis and publication of rare disorders such as dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumours, sudden death in epilepsy, multinodular neuronal tumours, vacuolar; cerebral parasitosis; cerebral hydatidosis; diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, demyelinating diseases, McDonald diagnostic criteria in Multiple Sclerosis. Management of immunomodulatory treatment in multiple sclerosis-Interferon beta -1b.
Outstanding scientific achievements: contributions to the updating of MSBase – international, longitudinal, observational registry open to all neurologists, providing a unique database necessary for MS research.
Important publications: – Books published in national and international publishing houses: 14; – Articles in ISI listed journals: 50; – International conferences published in volumes: 1; – National patents: 1; – International awards: 2.
References: CV

ANCA STREINU-CERCEL – Associate Member of AOSR
Prof. Univ. Dr., Infectious Diseases Discipline 1, National Institute of Infectious Diseases Prof. Dr. Matei Bals, Clinical Department 2, Faculty of Medicine UMF Carol Davila, since 2023, Coordinator of Clinical Research Department Pavilion 1, National Institute of Infectious Diseases Prof. Dr. Matei Bals, since 2020
Specialization: Infectious Diseases Medicine
Areas of scientific competence: Medicine: pathology of infectious diseases: bacterial, viral, fungal; HIV infection: diagnosis, management, viroimmunological evaluation, comorbidities; viral hepatitis: HBV hepatitis, HBV delta hepatitis: innovative treatments SIRNA, MAB, hepatitis HEV from acute zoonotic to chronic hepatitis; infections in immunosuppressed patients, microbial resistance, antimicrobial stewardship programs, vaccination/immunology/allergology.
Outstanding scientific achievements: Academic, obtaining by competition the position of professor at the Department of Infectious Diseases of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Prof. Dr. Matei Bals, coordinating ERASMUS students and series of foreign students taught in English, was an important challenge in the academic career, as well as obtaining in 2023 the certificate of habilitation in the field of medicine at the same University Carol Davila, Bucharest. Professionally, principal investigator in multiple clinical trials from phase 1 to observational studies with implementation of innovative therapies in infectious diseases and beyond.
Publications: Articles in ISI listed journals = 45, ISI total/ independent citations = 473, Articles in CNCSIS recognized journals = 30, Google Scholar citations = 1134, ISI/ Google Scholar Hirsch factor = 18, International conferences published in Proceedings = 98, Books published in foreign publishers = 2, Books published in national publishers = 7, International project leader = 11, National project leader = 11
References: CV

VLAD IUSTIN TICĂ – Associate Member of AOSR

PhD University Professor, Primary Obstetrics-Gynecology, Director of the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Medicine – University ˝Ovidius˝, Constanta
Areas of scientific expertise: National Medical Expert in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Trainer in the Prevention and Management of Malpractice and ISGE (International Society of Gynecological Endoscopy)-Recognized Surgeon. Other skills Psychotherapy (psychodrama) – certified by the Romanian College of Psychologists, Licensed NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, NLP Master, Integrative NLP Counsellor. In addition to psychotherapy and coaching, she runs self-discovery and personal development groups. Other competences: Management – responsible for 19 national health programmes, President – National Commission of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the CMR (Romanian College of Physicians) and Vice-President with prob. professional at CMR
References: CV

CRISTIAN VLĂDESCU – Associate Member of AOSR
PhD Professor, specialization: Public Health and Management, Head of Public Health Discipline, UMF “Victor Babeș”, Timisoara, Associate Professor, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work.
Areas of scientific expertise: Health Services Management, Sociology, Public Health and Management, Health Policies and Services, Health Systems Analysis. President: MS Public Health Commission (2005 – 2006), National Health Insurance House (2005-2007) ■ Director General, National School of Public Health and Health Management (2009 – present) ■ Council of Europe expert on health policy issues.
References: C V,
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Athens, GREECE
Field of scientific competence: Morphopathology
MD, PhD, FRCPath, Director of Pathology of the University Hospital at Ioannina Medical School. Expert in Immunohistochemistry, Immunoenzyme Techniques
Chemicals & Drugs: Tumor Suppressor Protein p53, Ki-67 Antigen, Biological Tumor Markers, Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen, Neoplasm Proteins, Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-bcl-2, Retinoblastoma Protein, erbB-2 Receptors, Apoptosis, Cathepsin D. Disorders: Breast Neoplasms, Squamous Cell Carcinoma; Urinary Bladder Neoplasms. Concepts & Ideas: Neoplasm Staging, Precancerous Conditions, Retrospective Studies, Neoplasm Invasiveness. Physiology: Cell Divisions. Top 3 publications: Prostate cancer epidemiology in a rural area of North Western Greece; Altered expression of cell cycle and apoptotic proteins in human liver pathologies; Osteonecrosis of the tibial plateau: magnetic resonance imaging appearances with quantitation of lesion size and evidence of a pathogenesis of meniscal injury.
References: CV ,

Istanbul, TURKEY

PhD, Hepato-pancreatico-biliary surgery, Histology and embryology; oncology.
Field of scientific competence: Le role de la lymphographie dans les cancers de rectum. The effect of islet transplantation in diabetes mellitus. Regenerated hepatectomies, experimental work in cancerology.


Field of scientific competence: paediatric cardiovascular surgery [Pediatric Cardiac Surgery]
Interests: GUCH; Congenital Cardiac Surgery; Rheumatic disease
In the course of his career he had performed more than 6 thousand operations, many of them on infants with particularly complicated heart conditions; he is a member of the leading Italian and European Heart Surgeons Societies. Dr. Vittorio Vanini has always given special attention to poor or developing countries, beginning in the 1980s with Poland when it was a ‘closed’ country at the time of Solidarnosc, where he succeeded in making repeated “expeditions” to operate on children with heart afflictions at the Warsaw Children’s Hospital. Next, he’s been involved for years in the treatment of African children with heart problems visiting them periodically at a Medical Centre in Nairobi. In the 1990s, as Head Consultant at Massa during the war in ex-Yugoslavia he received and operated on something like a hundred little heart patients in his department, all sent to him from the war zones by the U. S. Rotary Club humanitarian association “Gift of Life”. Similarly, many others reached him from Algeria, Albania, Tunisia, and even from as far afield as Mexico and Russia.
References: CV


University Professor PhD, Cardiac and Cardiovascular Surgery, Primary Physician and Professor of the Cardiac Surgery Clinic of the Großhadern Clinical Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Head of the Section for Minimally-Invasive Cardiac Surgery and New Technologies.
Field of scientific competence: operations under extracorporeal circulation, operations for. Mechanical complications of myocardial infarction, Valve surgery, Coronary artery bypass + valve prostheses, Aortic aneurysm surgery, Heart transplant + bridge-to-transplantation, Lung transplantation, Pulmonary artery embolectomy, Heart tumor removal, Operations for. congenital defects, beating heart operations, operations for. Congenital anomalies, Thoracic surgery, Heart rhythm disorder surgery, Vascular surgery, etc. Publication activity: more than 70 ISI articles, author and co-author of 10 books/treaties. Participation in scientific activities outside the borders of the Großhadern Clinical Hospital is represented by 2 national studies and 1 international study. The study to evaluate the results of surgery for the treatment of atrial fibrillation was initiated and conducted by Călin Vicol in 5 cardiac surgery clinics in Germany.
References: CV


Field of scientific competence: PhD, specialist in ATI and cardiac surgery
Born December 20, 1944.
Prof. Dr. Venko Alexandrov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, is a Bulgarian anesthetist and NDSV politician. Graduate in Medicine in France, specialized in anesthesiology in cardiac surgeries. Former head of the Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Clinic at “St. Ekaterina” hospital. Director of the Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Clinic at Military Medical Academy. Active member of the European Academy for Anesthesiology. NDSV deputy to the 39th National Assembly. Author of the book “Anesthesiology in Cardio-Vascular Surgery”.
Bulgaria: Prof. Venko Alexandrov, President of Balkan Medical Union, Bulgarian Branch, Sofia.
Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Foreign Policy and President of the Bulgarian branch of UMB
References: CV


Perpetual Secretary of the French Academy of Medicine
Area of scientific expertise: nephrology, renal and vascular physiology, hypertension, water balance, cell biology.
Nephrologist and physiologist, studied at the Villeneuve-sur-Lot high school, then in Paris, former intern at the Paris hospitals (1953), former head of clinic in Prof. Hamburger’s department, pupil of Prof. Richet, research associate at the National Institute of Hygiene, research master at Inserm, associate professor of physiology, head of the functional explorations department at the Tenon hospital (1973), director of the CNRS coordinated research group (GRECO) in renal physiology (1983-1987). Director of Unit 64 “Nephrology and pathology Member of the scientific council of the UFR Saint Antoine (1971-1974 and 1979-1987), member of the CNRS “Physiology” commission (1978-1982), of the Inserm specialist commission “Cardiovascular, respiratory and urinary systems, coagulation and thrombosis, kidney” (1983-1986) and president of the specialist commission “Epithelial systems and membrane transport: renal digestive cutaneous and sense organs” (1991-1994), member of the scientific board of the Health-Radiofrequency Foundation since 2005. His work has contributed to a better understanding of glomerular filtration and renal failure and has focused on hydro-electrolyte and acid-base balance in chronic renal failure, on the role of different polypeptide hormones including calcitonin and angiotensin II, endothelin, the role of salt in the genesis of arterial hypertension, the role of variations in left atrial pressure and atrial wall lesions in the secretion of natriuretic atrial peptide, the measurement of which has become very useful in medical practice. He became perpetual secretary of the Academy of Medicine (2010)
References: CV

Ben Yehuda, ISRAEL

PhD University Professor, neurologist and researcher.
Scientific expertise: neurology; neuropsychiatry; neuroscience, neuro-biology; research studies on sleep disorders in patients with Parkinson’s disease (with Professors Melvin Yahr & Eliot Witzman); appointed Director of the Center for Sleep Medicine at Sheba Medical Center. In this capacity he organizes courses in “sleep medicine” at Tel-Aviv University. Author of: 8 books, 16 book chapters, 96 original articles and case reports in the fields of neurology, sleep and genetics. Author of two patents related to circadian rhythm.
References: CV


Field of scientific expertise: haematology, oncology, genetics and genealogy, biochemistry
Born on 1 May 1932 in Paris, was a French haematologist who developed a classification of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia that bears his name. Elected member of the National Academy of Medicine on 21 May 1996 (Medicine section), he was Deputy Secretary (1999-2002) and then Perpetual Secretary (2003-2010). Jacques-Louis Binet, Professor of Medicine specialising in immunology, haematology and cancerology at Pierre & Marie Curie University, was Head of the Haematology Department at the Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital from 1980 to 1997; he was Chairman of its Ethics Committee (1989-1991). Together with Maurice Tubiana, he is the editor of the “Ouverture médicale” collection for the publisher Hermann, which makes specialist knowledge and advice available to the general public. He was also co-producer of scientific programmes at France Culture (from 1981) and a member of the editorial board, responsible for medicine, of the television channel Sept (1988-1991).
References: CV


Field of scientific competence: cardiothoracic surgery. Professor of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Paris; Cardiac Surgeon at the American Hospital in Paris; Surgeon at the Ambroise Paré Medical and Surgical Centre. Paris-Neuilly; Responsible for surgical missions in Algiers in two public and military hospitals and in private foundations.
SPECIALTIES: Coronary Surgery, Valvular Surgery, Mitral and Aortic Surgery, Homografts and Stentless, Surgery of the ascending aorta; Congenital Surgery. His research focused on three main themes: 1. Myocardial protection and the different modes of cold and warm cardioplegia studied on an isolated-perfused rat heart model in Laboratory U127 with Professor MENASCHE ; 2. Embryonic myocyte transplantation after ischemia and necrosis in the rat heart in Laboratory U127 with Dr Marcio SCORSIN and Professor MENASCHE ; 3. The viability of valve homografts under different conditions of origin, retrieval and preservation with Dr Alain BEL and Professor John Kennedy at the St Louis Multi Tissue Bank of Dr Gerota, and the Babraham Institute in Cambridge.
References: CV


Department of Surgery I and Cardiology, General Hospital Linz, Austria.

Areas of scientific expertise: cardiovascular surgery, anatomy.
Comparison of progression of macrovascular diseases after kidney or pancreas and kidney transplantation in diabetic patients with end-stage renal disease; Aortic valve replacement: is the stentless xenograft an alternative to the homograft? midterm results; Midterm results after aortic valve replacement with the autologous tissue cardiac valve; Cardiac valve endothelial cells: Relevance in the long-term function of biologic valve prostheses; Aortic homografts versus mechanical valves in aortic valve replacement in young patients: a retrospective study: CV


Areas of scientific expertise: stomatology-facial surgery, plastic surgery, reconstruction, oral medicine, cosmetic surgery, cancerology. Prof. PhD, PhD supervisor.
Surgeon specialising in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery practising in Nancy. He performs reconstructive surgery to help patients who have been victims of an accident or who have gone through an illness that has damaged or transformed their face and/or body. Dr. Jean François Chassagne masters the latest technologies and innovations in cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.
Aesthetic Surgery, Breast Augmentation, Breast Enhancement, Maxillofacial Surgery, Breast Reduction, Pectoral Implants, Breast Implants, Reconstructive Surgery, Buttock Surgery, Buttock Implants, Hand Surgery, Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, Lifting, Rhinoplasty, Eyelid Surgery, Ear Surgery, Chin Surgery, Genital Surgery, Lipofilling, Laser Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Hair Implants, Lip Augmentation, Peeling, Dermatology, Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, Anti-Acne Treatment, Hair Treatment, Laser Hair Removal, Photo Hair Removal, Post Liposuction Treatment, Burn Treatment, Scar Treatment, Varicose Veins, Anti-Cellulite Treatment, Photo Rejuvenation, Botox, Hyaluronic Acid, Tattoo Removal, Dark Circles, Laser Treatment.
References: CV


Prof. Dr. at the University of Basel, specialties: medicine, pathology, cytology, cell biology, oncology.
Areas of scientific expertise: Dysplastic cells in cytological cervical samples show a high incidence of chromosomal abnormalities; Analysis of CD20 alone could be misleading in lineage determination of B-cell lymphomas: A case of CD20 negative diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in abdominal effusion; HER2 gene status in primary breast cancers and matched distant metastases; EGFR-gene analysis on cytological specimens of non-small-cell lung cancers; An International Telecytologic Quiz on Urinary Cytology Reveals Educational Deficits and Absence of a Commonly Used Classification System. CV

Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau

PhD University Professor, Head of Department of Surgery No. 1 ,,Nicolae Anestiade”. Founds modern surgical pancreatology and the Basarabian school of pancreatological surgery. Areas of scientific expertise: acute pancreatitis, digestive haemorrhages, biliary surgery and laparoscopic surgery. 400 scientific papers communicated and published, 35 monographs, 2 textbooks, 15 patents. He is an active participant in numerous international congresses and exhibitions [bronze 2006, silver 2007 and 2008 – Geneva International Exhibition]. Editor-in-chief of the journal “Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova (Medical Sciences)”, member of the editorial board of the journals “Chirurgia” in Bucharest, “Jurnal de Chirurgie” in Iasi, “Arta Medica” and “Curierul Medical” in the Republic of Moldova. Gheorghe Ghidirim is elected full member of the Academy of Sciences and president of the newly formed Medical Section.
References: CV

Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

Areas of scientific expertise: biochemistry, molecular biology, liver transplantation, oncology. PhD Professor at Hadassah Hebrew University Medical School. PhD supervisor in microbiology and molecular biology. In 1996, he established an international teaching program, offering advanced courses from various disciplines, in Molecular Biology at the Biopharmaceutical Center Institute (BTCI) in Madison Wisconsin USA, where he teaches an intensive course in Genetic Engineering – “Current Techniques in Protein and Genetic Engineering”. Collaborates with the GBF Institute in Braunschweig Germany. Research focuses on the molecular genetics of human retroviruses. Designed a bioluminescence-based diagnostic bioassay for HIV.
References: CV


Areas of scientific expertise: digestive surgery. Clinical research in digestive oncology.
References: CV

Monte Carlo, MONACO

Romanian and British professor of medicine and cardiac surgeon working in the UK. He is an inventor of surgical equipment, particularly artificial heart valves. Passionate about literature and philosophy and an amateur climber.
Areas of scientific expertise: cardiac surgery, medical devices specific to cardiovascular and cardiac surgery [valves, bioprostheses, etc.] In order to assess in real time the condition of patients who have undergone valve surgery, Marian Ionescu created the concept of performing “multiple post-operative hemodynamic investigations”. In the field of congenital heart disease, Ionescu was the first surgeon to reconstruct a single ventricle heart and continued to use various original techniques to eliminate such abnormalities. For those suffering from cyanotic congenital heart disease, he designed and built two original devices: the ‘mono-cusp patch’ for the correct widening of the occluded pulmonary artery and a valvular conduit (a tube containing a tri-cuspid valve) in cases of discontinuities between the right ventricle and the pulmonary artery. He currently lives in Monte Carlo, Monaco.
References: CV


Professor of Surgery & Head, Department of Thoracic Surgery, University Hospital Gasthuisberg, Leuven – Belgium.
Areas of scientific expertise: oesophageal, thoracic, endoscopic surgery; oncology; pulmonary pathologies – adults and children; oesophageal pathologies, including gastro-oesophageal reflux. Deviations from the chest wall, diaphragm, mediastinum, hyperhidrosis of the lung. Lung transplantation, volume reduction surgery. Thoracoscopic surgery, etc.
References: CV ,

Genoa, ITALY

Areas of scientific expertise: cardiovascular surgery
His scientific and operational activity has focused on all vascular surgery pathologies, but especially on carotid surgery (more than 2600 procedures) and thoracic and abdominal aorta surgery with more than 3000 operations performed. Although his major experiences until the mid 90′ were in open surgery, thanks to his clear-sightedness and curiosity, he also developed an endovascular surgery unit, learning not only the mechanical means of endovascular procedures, but also the pathophysiology and mechanisms involved. He is now Professor of Vascular Surgery at the Department of Surgical Sciences at the University of Genoa, where he has developed research projects, especially in biological and cellular research in vascular pathologies. As a result of this particular interest in vascular research, he created and is Director of a “Vascular Biobank for Research” of the Tissue Bank of Genoa; he also developed and is Director of the Laboratory of Vascular Biology of the University Department and Director of the PhDs in Vascular Biology and Experimental and Clinical Vascular Surgery of the University of Genoa.
References: CV

Chicago, USA

Field of scientific competence: cardio-thoracic surgery
Gosta Pettersson, MD, PhD, is Vice Chairman of the Cleveland Clinic Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery and Surgical Director of Lung Transplantation. A native of Sweden, Dr. Pettersson received his medical training at the University of Gothenburg, where he also undertook his PhD studies and defended his thesis. After completing a clinical and research fellowship in the Department of Surgery at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago, Dr. Pettersson served as a Staff Surgeon in the Department of Thoracic Surgery of Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden. Subsequently, Dr. Pettersson became a Professor of Thoracic Surgery at the University of Copenhagen and Chief Surgeon in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the State University Hospital Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. He was appointed “expert” in matters concerning cardiothoracic surgery, including heart and lung transplantation, by medical authorities in Sweden and Denmark. He is licensed to practice medicine in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom and the United States.
Dr. Pettersson is an extensively published expert on the Ross procedure, surgical treatment of endocarditis and lung transplantation. Among his more than 200 published works are book chapters, journal articles, abstracts and scientific papers on a variety of topics related to his specialty interests. He serves as Chairman of the Endocarditis Working Group of the International Society for Chemotherapy, a group of leading surgeons formulating recommendations for the surgical treatment of endocarditis.
References: CV ,


Areas of scientific competence: Molecular genetics
Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM) U.129, Institut Cochin de Génétique Moléculaire (ICGM), Hôpital Cochin, Université René Descartes, Paris.
Laboratory of Genetics and Metabolic Pathology, René Descartes University, Paris.

Salzburg, AUSTRIA

Areas of scientific expertise: Neurosurgery.
Professor of Neurosurgery at the Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg, Austria, and Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at the Christian Doppler Medical Center in Salzburg. Dr Richling has been practicing Endovascular Neurosurgery/Interventional Neuroradiology since 1980 and has experienced all the manifold developments of neuroendovascular technologies over the decades. He became president of the World Federation of Interventional Neuroradiology in 2003.
In addition to his interventional work, Dr Richling practices Vascular Neurosurgery; the resulting experience in both techniques and the balanced philosophy for endovascular and/or surgical indications has led to publications on training concepts for neuroendovascular work.
As a member of the UEMS (Union Européenne des Médicins Spécialistes) task force in Brussels, Dr Richling cooperates with delegates of all medical specialties related to neuroendovascular work to develop a European Training Concept.
References: CV ,


Areas of scientific competence: maxillofacial surgery, facial plastic surgery and dentistry
Head of department in 1980, he was head of the Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery and Stomatology Department at the Nancy University Hospital for 22 years.

References: CV

Montreal, CANADA

Professor – University of Montreal Associate Member – Department of Medicine, Division of Experimental Medicine.
Projects for Thesis Supervision:

  1. Study of gene x environment interactions in cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Study of candidate genes of calcium leak in hypertension.
  3. Molecular genetics of hypertension.
    Recent Publications:
    HCaRG increases renal cell migration by an internal TGF-α autocrine loop mechanism.
    Characterization of a cGMP response element in the guanylyl cyclase/natriuretic peptide receptor A gene promoter.
    Rat model of familial combined hyperlipidemia as a result of comparative mapping.
    References: CV


Field of scientific competence: cardio-thoracic surgery
Swiss board specialist in General Surgery and Swiss board specialist in Cardiac and Thoracic Vascular surgery. Cardiac and vascular surgery practice at the Hôpital de la Tour, Meyrin-Geneva, Switzerland. Vice-president (2009) and President (2010) of the Société Médicale de Genève. President of the Foundation Surgical Overseas Services, Geneva, Switzerland. Member of the Board of the Frederic and Jean Maurice Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland. Head of Clinical Services Open Heart Clinic, Tbilisi, Georgia. Primarius Department of Cardio-vascular Surgery, University Hospital, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
References: CV ,

Denver, Colorado, USA

Associate Professor at the University of Colorado, Health Sciences Center Orthopedics [Orthopedics-Traumatology, Orthopedic Oncology]
Areas of interest and achievements: Computerized Tomogram to Assess Bone Healing Following Grafting with PRODENSE Bone Graft, Wright Medical Technology, Participating Physician, 2007-2009. Repiphysis Prosthesis, FDA Compassionate Release Status (for hip and shoulder applications), Co-Investigator, 2003-present. The Genomic Assessment of Clinical Variability in OGS, Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, Principal Investigator, 2003 – present. Use of Autoclaved Autograft for Reconstruction Following Tumor Resection, Principal Investigator, 2003-2008. Use of the Expandable Fixion® Intramedullary Nailing Systems for the Treatment of Skeletal Metastasis in the Lower and/or Upper Limbs, Disc Orthopaedic Technologies, Inc, Co-Investigator, 2004-2005. Allograft Retrieval Study, Colorado State University Biomedical Engineering Program, Principal Investigator, 2001-05. Phenix® “Growing” Prosthesis, Phenix Medical, Paris, Principal Investigator, 1999-2003. AllomatrixTM Injectable Putty Clinical Study, Wright Medical Technology, Participating Physician, 1999-2001. Osteoset T Biodegradable Beads, Small Group Access Treatment Arm, Wright Medical Technology, Co-Investigator 1999-2000. Osteoset Pellets, Product Evaluation Study, Wright Medical Technology, 1998-1999. A Randomized Study of the Stryker Osteogenic Protein (OP-1) Device vs Bone Autograft for the Treatment of Tibial Non-Unions, Stryker Biotech, Principal Investigator 1992-1999. The Use of Autologous Bone Marrow and Allograft Bone Powder in the Treatment of Nonunions, Co-Investigator with Dr. Robert Rifkin, 1991 – 1996.
References: CV


Scientific fields of expertise: cardio-thoracic surgery, cardiovascular surgery, thoracic surgery
Head of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the University Hospital of Vienna. He’s developing cardiac assist devices.
Activity: Study of th influence of fibrin sealant on post-operative bleeding in cardiovascular surgery, in particular after re-operations and during heart transplantations. The application of fibrin sealant has also proved very useful in cardiomyoplasties. In thoracic surgery new indications such as percutaneous needle biopsy, treatment of large bullae and bronchus stump insufficiency have been added to the list.
References: CV

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Born in Cluj Napoca.
Clinical Director of Tissue Typing Laboratory that serves the transplant program and I provide consultation for all solid organ and bone marrow transplantation.
Despite improved immunosuppression protocols, most transplant recipients face a variety of complications. Early post-transplant is important to discriminate between infection and rejection. Drug toxicity, chronic rejection and malignancies are long-term complications. Dr. Zeevi’s research interests are focused in the area of immunologic monitoring of solid organ transplant recipients. Physiology – Graft Rejection, Lymphocyte Activation, Graft Survival. Procedures: Lung Transplantation, Heart Transplantation, Liver Transplantation, Transplantation, Homologous, Kidney Transplantation, Bone Marrow Transplantation, Immunosuppression, Lymphocyte Culture Test, Mixed, Biopsy. Chemicals & Drugs: Immunosuppressive Agents, Tacrolimus, HLA Antigens, Cytokines. Anatomy: T-Lymphocytes, Lymphocytes, Cells, Cultured. Concepts & Ideas: Time Factors.
References: CV


Areas of scientific expertise: haematology, organ and tissue transplantation biology. Retrieval and preservation of human tissue grafts for therapeutic purposes. Organisation of Tissue Banks. Haematology and Blood Transfusion. Expertise in European Union Health Programmes. Scientific publications: participation in 2 treatises on internal and transfusion medicine, author of a monograph on “Prevention of post-transfusion graft-versus-host reaction in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation”, co-author of 73 publications in indexed journals, author or co-author of more than 120 communications, papers or posters at international congresses. Inventions and patents: co-author of the French apparatus for irradiating blood products; international patent for a method of anti-viral inactivation of cartilage prostheses; originator in France of original methods of cryopreservation of human tissue grafts (skin, heart valves, arteries, bone, amniotic membrane). Social activity in Romania: Founding President of the “Gerota Foundation for the Support of International Postgraduate Medical Training for Romania”.
References: CV

USA, University of Missouri in Columbia

Areas of scientific expertise: paediatric cardiovascular surgery
Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, and an Associate Professor of Surgery and Child Health, at University Hospital located at the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO, USA. His clinical interests are heart transplants and pediatric cardiovascular surgery, and his research interests are in pediatric cardiovascular surgery. Dr. Russo is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Bologna Medical School, Bologna, Italy. He did his residency at Brompton Hospital at the Harley Street Clinic and Hospital for Children in London. He’s been a Fellow at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, researching fetal physiology and surgery, and at Reading University in Reading, England. He’s a UNOS qualified transplant surgeon, and a European board member in cardiovascular surgery. He was formerly the Chief of Pediatric Cartiothoracic Surgery and Director of the Heart Transplant Program at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, PA. While there, he was also an Associate Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at Thomas Jefferson University, and an Associate Professor of Surgery at Temple University. Dr. Russo is a consultant cardiac surgeon for the Heart Institute at Cluj University in Cluj, Romania, and at the Don David Herrera Pediatric Cardiac Center in Barranquilla, Columbia, South America, and at the King Faisal Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Dr. Russo is a winner of the Paul Harris Fellowship from Rotary International for “tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among people of the world.” He’s a member of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons, a Fellow in the International College of Surgeons, and the Society for Pediatric Research, along with many other professional societies.
References: CV


n. 20 July 1913, Câmpina, jud. Prahova – d. 16 May 2009, Cluj-Napoca

Professor Univ. Dr. CRIȘAN MIRCIOIU, full member of the AOSR and president of the AOSR Cluj-Napoca branch, was a man of rare nobility of soul, an illustrious surgeon, a versatile personality, having also the privilege of living his youth alongside titans of Romanian culture and medicine, such as Onisifor Ghibu, who was his father-in-law, and Octavian Goga, who was his godfather, Iuliu Hațieganu and Victor Papilian, founders of Transylvanian medical education, Professor Crișan Mircioiu dedicated himself passionately to science and university education, to the consolidation of the Transylvanian medical school and beyond. He has collaborated on the most important general surgery treatises in the country and is the author of the total gastrectomy method. His disappearance leaves a huge gap in Romanian science and medicine, which he brought to a high level of performance. Biography

n. 1 May 1935, Suceava – d. 17 May 2009, Iasi

He graduated from the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy in Iasi in 1959, and in 1963 he became an assistant at the Department of Human Anatomy and Embryology at the Faculty of Medicine, later specializing in Electron Microscopy and Cell and Molecular Biology. He obtained the title of Doctor of Medicine in 1972 with the thesis “Contributions to the morphological and histochemical study of human kidney development”. The scientific activity of Prof. Univ. Dr. CONSTANTIN-EREMIA COTRUTZ, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa” of Iasi covered the areas of basic and applied research, education and innovation. In 1958 he obtains innovator’s certificates for the development of a “Closed-circuit anaesthesia apparatus for animals”, carries out research contracts with “Antibiotice” Iasi, with the Centre for the Industry of Medicines and Cosmetics Bucharest, with the Romanian Academy (in the field of DNA sequencing). Author and co-author of 30 textbooks, a monograph, more than 430 scientific papers, Professor COTRUTZ has the great merit of establishing the discipline of Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa” of Iasi as well as the Central Laboratory of Electron Microscopy which he directed until now. He was a full member of the AOSR. Biography

Academician D. IOAN HĂULICĂ
n. 29 October 1924, com. Ipatele, Jud. Iasi – d. 15 May 2010, Iasi

Academician (since 1994), University Professor, PhD, UMF Iasi, Honorary Member of AOSR; Specialty: pharmacology.
Areas of activity: Physiology and pharmacology of the vegetative nervous system, study of the renin-angiotensin system of extrarenal origin (brain, pituitary, epiphysis, heart, vessels and eyeball of mammals); identification and role of purinergic nerve fibres in the medulla; brainstem and hypothalamus; modulatory role of endothelium and nitric oxide in vascular reactivity; role of tracheo-bronchial epithelium in bronchomotor regulation; role of pineal in neuro-endocrine-metabolic responses to stress of different causes (physical, chemical, psychological, biological, etc.).). Biography

Honorary Member (Hungary), 1941 – 2010

In Memoriam

n. 6 Dec. 1931, Rociu, county. Argeș – 29 Sept. 2014, Bucharest

PhD Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest. Former Head of the Surgery Clinic of Colțea Hospital (General, laparoscopic and oncological surgery) (now retired). Honorary Member of the AOSR
Areas of scientific competence: laparoscopic and oncological surgery; emergency surgery; experimental surgery and renal transplantation; laparoscopic surgery; surgical semiology; surgical pathology, with a view to discovering new operating procedures and techniques; postoperative peritonitis; philosophy and medicine; Romanian medical encyclopaedia; history of Romanian surgery.
References: Biography

n. 17 August 1925, Bechet, Dolj – 9 Dec. 2014, Bucharest

PhD Professor – Infectious and tropical diseases, bacteriology and immunology – at the “Dr.Victor Babes” Hospital – Bucharest (Retired-collaborator). Honorary Member of the AOSR

Expertise: infectious diseases, virology, intensive care in infectious diseases; epidemiology, microbiology, virology and public health. He applied for the first time nationally exanguinotransfusion in the therapy of acute liver failure. Organised the first HIV-AIDS diagnostic and treatment service, developed the first HIV-AIDS Surveillance and Control Programme; coordinated the National Programme to Combat HIV-AIDS. Since 2005 she has been teaching in the field of Bioterrorism. He is the initiator of the Scientific Reflection and Opinion Group on Acute Communicable Infectious Diseases and Bioterrorism, which operates under the auspices of the AOSR.

References: Biography

COSTACHE AND ONE – Founding Full Member of AOSR
n. September 29, 1919, Filipeni, county. Bacau – d. 26 April 2016, Piatra Neamt

Doctor primary care physician, Neamt County Hospital; Honorary President of AOSR Piatra Neamt Branch, Founding Member of AOSR
Areas of scientific competence: clinical and research activity: trauma related to the production process with impact on ENT organs; tumours with a particular character encountered in ENT; complex immunostimulatory treatments of the airways and the human body with immunostimulatory products of domestic production; publishing and managerial activity.
References: CV

DAN DERMENGIU – Corresponding Member
n. 07 April 1957, Constanta – d. 8 July 2016, Bucharest

PhD Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest, Director General of INML “Mina Minovici”.
Forensic medicine and thanatopraxy; Injuries and death caused by biological agents; Forensic Thanatochemistry; Current biochemical investigations in Thanatology; Forensic Pathology and Forensic Toxicology.

References: CV,,

CONSTANTIN BĂLĂEȚ – Associate Member of AOSR
18 March 1954, Săcelu (Gorj) – 26 November 2018, Bucharest, Romania

Doctor of Medical Sciences; Primary Physician in Laboratory Medicine; Director of the Transfusion Haematology Centre of the Ministry of National Defence (1995-1998) – Organization and Modernization of the Military Transfusion System; Medical Director, Laboratory Director of the LIL MED Clinic (1998-); Scientific Researcher at the Medical-Military Research Centre (1987-1990); Founding President and Honorary President of the “Romanian Medical Association for Plasmapheresis” 2011,
Areas of scientific expertise: laboratory medicine; biochemistry; immunology; microbiology; virology; haematology; transfusion haematology; plasmapheresis for plasma collection; therapeutic plasmapheresis; plasma exchange studies; viscosity studies and blood haemorology; clinical studies. Special achievements: the first scientific researcher in Romania on therapeutic plasmapheresis and plasma exchange (1995-1998);
References: CV ,; Hubners Who is Who (2007); Romanian personalities and their deeds 1950-2000, vol XL, pp. 114-161, Pamfilius Publishing House, ISBN978-973-1949-1, (2010), Iasi.

GEORGE LITARCZEK – Honorary Member of the AOSR, honorary member Acad. Ro
25 December 1925, Boston, US – d. 14 March 2019, Bucharest

He is considered the “father” of the specialty of Anesthesia and Intensive Care in Romania, and he also founded the Romanian Society of Anesthesia and Intensive Care (SRATI).
Areas of scientific expertise: ATI, neurosciences, surgery; anaesthesia in pulmonary surgery, closed heart surgery, open heart surgery under hypothermia; open heart surgery under extracorporeal circulation in normothermia and hypothermia. Provides original solutions to the problems of deep hypothermia (1960-65); volemic repletion; hemodilution in extracorporeal circulation, experimentally and clinically; use of acupuncture in anesthesia. Introduces new anaesthetics such as Halothane and Methoxyflurane; other muscle relaxants; developed the technique of anaesthesia with electrostimulation analgesia (1980); basic experimental research: cellular action of some anaesthetics on metabolism [PhD thesis, 1973]
References: CV

DAN RIGA – Full Member, President of the Medical Sciences Section since 2016
19 September 1947, Bucharest – 29 May 2019, Bucharest

Research Scientist gr. 1, university professor, Doctor Honoris Causa in medical sciences (1976), primary neurologist (1990). Member of 3 American Academies and 12 International Scientific Societies.
Areas of scientific competence: National priorities in neuroscience and bio-medicine: organisation of 2 Research Laboratories, 2 unique treaties: Anti-aging medicine and longevity sciences, 2007 and Stressology, Adaptability and Mental Health, 2008, 3 orthomolecular inventions/therapies and 25 advanced innovations/methodologies and modern apparatus; international firsts: strategy-therapeutics-class of Anti-stress, anti-impairment and anti-aging drugs (Dr. Dan Riga & Dr. Sorin Riga, Romania) – achieving the highest Romanian standards of excellence in world inventiveness – 27 patents (WIPO, PCT, EPO, all G8 states, 25 countries, 5 continents).
References: CV Romanian Medical Encyclopedia (under the aegis of the Romanian Academy), Ch. 27, 28, 29, 30, Ed. Universitară “Carol Davila”, București, RO, 2009; G. M. Fahy (ed.), The Future of Aging, pp. 189, 190, 217, Springer Science, 2010,; Who’s Who in the World, 26-29th eds., Marquis Who’ Who, USA, 2009-2012,

VASILE CÂNDEA – Honorary President of AOSR, Founder Member

24 May 1932, Lisa Vânători (Viișoara) Teleorman – d. 14 January 2020 Bucharest

General****(r) Professor, multiple Doctor Honoris Causa, PhD supervisor, primary cardiovascular surgeon.
Areas of scientific competence: Clinical activity: cardiovascular surgery and heart transplantation; Shock – clinical pathophysiology, treatment; Lymphatic system in traumatic shock; Vascular surgery – Diseases of the arteries; Diseases of the veins and lymphatics; Surgical pathology; Cardiology; Surgical treatment of valvulopathies; Perioperative echocardiography. He is the creator of the first successful artificial heart implant in South-East Europe – NOVACOR. Academic, research, publishing, military, political and managerial activity.
References: CV

MIRCEA IFRIM – Honorary Member, Secretary General of the Academy of Medical Sciences
4 May 1939, Bucharest – d. 22 March 2020, Bucharest

University Professor PhD, Scientific Researcher grade. I, Vasile Goldiș West University of Arad. Romanian Parliament. Speciality: anatomy and anthropology, morphopathology.
Areas of scientific expertise: founder of the medical school of Oradea, anatomist and anthropologist, prodigious activity in academia, research, publishing, politics and management. Preferred field of activity – study of human anatomy and physiology – “Atlas of human anatomy”; “Morphology and pathology of connective tissue”; “Anatomy and biomechanics of physical education and sport”; Malformative risk in human reproduction.
References: CV

OCTAVIAN-VASILE UNC – Associate Member of AOSR
Professor univ. Dr. “Ovidius” University of Constanta
15 March 1957, Zărnești, BV – D. 24 October 2020

Areas of scientific competence: General surgery, Surgical pathology of the abdomen, thorax, surgical emergencies; laparoscopic cholecystectomies – laparoscopic appendectomies – mechanical digestive sutures (1992 – first technique of uncomplicated hepatic hydatid cyst filling), pancreatic islet transplant surgery; use of SonoSurg in breast cancer surgery – technique of lipolysis and axillary lipoabsorption in breast cancer – first breast reconstructions with muscle flaps after mastectomies for breast cancer. – the first immediate breast reconstructions with silicone implants after mastectomies for breast cancer. More than 5000 surgeries

VIOREL TODE – Honorary Member of AOSR
d. 30 September 2021

Doctor of Medicine (1979), graduate of the Faculty of General Medicine in Bucharest (1960), primary physician, urologist, head of department, head of urology clinic (1960-1992), university lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine. “Ovidius” University of Constanta.
Areas of scientific expertise: urology, prostate adenoma
References: CV

5 July 1936 Chernivtsi (Ukraine) – 1 August 2021, Bucharest

University Professor Doctor – Orthopaedic-traumatology Surgery – Colentina Clinical Hospital – Bucharest (Retired – collaboration).
Areas of scientific expertise: the anatomical and clinical study of total joint homografts; has contributed to the improvement of operative work in the specialty through numerous devices, methods and techniques that have become established in current practice. Established the first clinical unit authorised by the Ministry of Public Health for the use of STEM research results in treatment. Patent for a device for correcting and maintaining scoliotic curves of the spine.
References: CV

16 October 1939 (Moreni, DB) – 22 April 2022, Bucharest

Primary Endocrinology Physician, Doctor of Medical Sciences, University Professor, Head of the Adrenal, Gonadal and Bone Pathology Department, National Institute of Endocrinology “C.I. Parhon”; GRAL Medical Clinic.
Areas of scientific expertise: primary care physician diabetes/nutritional diseases-1998. Certificate in nuclear activities (RDG speciality RTG)-1996. endocrinology-gynaecology – 1998, endocrine ultrasound – 1999, health services management – 2002, sexology – 2000 and hormone-dependent bone pathology in 2001. Prof. Dr. Constantin Dumitrache was a member of the Faculty Council, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, member of the Senate of the University of Medicine “Carol Davila” and pro-rector, head of department and head of the Department of Endocrinology “Diabetes and Nutritional Diseases”. He has been scientific supervisor for his PhD in endocrinology since 1991 and a Senior Research Scientist 1st degree since February 1993. From 1989 to 2007, he was Director of the C.I. Parhon Institute of Endocrinology. Publications: 480 scientific papers in Romania and 80 abroad; author of textbooks, treatises and monographs in the field of endocrinology.
References: CV

24 July 1948, Rm. Vâlcea – 01 August 2022, Bucharest

PhD Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” in Bucharest. Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases “Prof. C.C. Iliescu” Bucharest.
Areas of scientific expertise: cardiology, vascular Doppler echocardiography. Congenital heart disease; Diabetic cord; Diagnosis and treatment in acute myocardial infarction; Pericardiology; Pulmonary hypertension; Imaging in cardiac patients; Use of radionuclide techniques for the evaluation of patients with ischemic heart disease and congenital heart disease; Clinical and paraclinical research on myocardial infarction with permeable coronary arteries. Prodigious academic activity (Head of Cardiology Department), research, publishing and management.
References: CV,


  • 8 October 2016

Areas of scientific expertise: cardiovascular surgery
Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, and the Cardio-Vascular Surgical Department and INSERM U-127, Hôpital Lariboisière, Paris, France.
Adult Cardiac Surgery, mechanical heart valve development; health care policy; cardiac valvular surgery; stentless heart valve technology.
References: CV

Jerusalem, ISRAEL
29 March 2018

PhD University Professor, Oral Medicine, Dentistry and researcher. Professor Adi A. Garfunkel was born in Bucharest. He started medical school in Romania, completing his studies at the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Israel in 1963. He climbed the professional ladder to become an assistant professor of oral medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and dean of the Jerusalem School of Dental Medicine.
Areas of scientific competence: The aim of research in oral medicine or oral biology is to deepen the interrelationship between systemic health and oral health. Then: regeneration and healing of oral tissues, mechanism and physiology of pain control and neural transmission, antibacterial properties of dental materials, biocompatibility of implant materials; salivary biomarkers to diagnose systemic and oral diseases. New genes, proteins, growth factors and enzymes have been identified in the dental faculty research laboratories. His research interests focus on oral-systemic interrelationships, chemotherapy side effects, chronic anemia in beta thalassemia, and, in particular, salivary immunoglobulins in bone marrow transplant patients and AIDS patients. Through this research, an attempt was made to highlight the reconstitution of the immune system. References: CV

1927 – 2019

PhD University Professor, Oral Medicine, Dentistry; researcher and innovator in the field of oral implantology; native of Chernivtsi. Director of the Sévelin Forum, Honorary President and Founder of the International Society for Oral Rehabilitation.
Areas of scientific expertise: His work is based on the creation of implants that do not allow the release of oxides into bone tissue, such as those from metal implants. His first ceramic implant, created in 1960, is the CBS (Crystalline Bone Screw) alumina oxide implant. Author of numerous publications in different languages: New Aspects of Implantology – The CBS Implant (French, 1963), Neue Aspekte der Implantologie (Medica Verlag – 1975), Oral Rehabilitation – Premises for Success – Step by Step Operative Technique (1974), Oral Rehabilitation – Voraussetzungen für einen Erfolg – Technik Schritt für Schritt (1977), Occlusion – The NOR System (1990). He is currently working on a prosthetic and case atlas. It has recently perfected a new material, TZP zirconia, which is five times stronger than previous materials. His recent work has resulted in the development of the Zirconium Milenium implant and robotics-based equipment, which allows a precision approach and intervention during implantation by computerising the surgical procedure. Author of numerous lectures given all over the world, always accompanied by practical and surgical demonstrations of bioceramic implants. The professor has dedicated 13 years of his life to teaching at the Fortbildung Institute in Karlsruhe, Germany, and since 1985 has been a full professor at the University Pierre and Marie Curie Paris VI, Institute of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery.
References: CV

29 Nov 1936 – 22 July 2021

General surgery, anatomy, military surgeon Lieutenant General [rez .]. Ph.D. (Edin.), MAcad. (S.A.).
Career: Chief of Medical Stall 1988; SADF Rep. & Co-Chair. National Joint Management System 1986-88; Deputy Chief of Stall Operations SADF 1986-88; Chief of Medical Staff Operations SAMS 1983; Dir, of Ops. SAMS HQ 1981; Founder Dept. Anatomy. Medunsa 1979-80; Lect. & Internal Examiner Dept. of Education &Training 1971-77; Prof. & Head of Anatomy. University Pretoria 1971-80. Assoc. Prof. 1970. Senior Led. & Head 1969. Senior Lect. 1968; Senior Lect. Department of Anatomy. University Wits. 1966-67: Led. Anatomy & Physiology, Royal Soc. of Chiropodists, Lon. & Edin. 1964-66; Lect. Dept. of Anatomy. tJniv. 1963-66; Royal InFirmary. Edun. 1961-63;
Awards: Knight of Grace of St. John 1995. Hon. Award from FAK 1971. Hon. Medal from S.A. Aerospace Medical Soc. 1991 & others. also numerous SADF awards including Star of South Africa (silver) 1992; Author: 31 scientific papers. 6 military scientific & 6 academic; Life Mem. FAK; Mem.: S.A. Academy of Arts & Sciences 1977, S.A. Aerospace Medical Soc. 1976 (Pres. 1988-90. Soc. of Anatomists of Great Britain & N. Ireland 1965 & others; Retired Lieutenant General Surgeon General South African National Defence Force 1988- 98; Project Manager S.A. Security Forces Project Curamus 1990.
References: CV

RODICA GHIURU – Honorary Member of the AOSR
9 February 1949, Medgidia, jud. Constanta – 20 June 2023, Iasi
University professor, PhD, primary cardiology, internal medicine and geriatrics-gerontology specialist. President of the University Society of Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and Gerontology Iasi, Vice-President of the National Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics “Ana Aslan” Bucharest, Honorary Member of the Internist Physicians Society Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. Professor Emeritus UMF “Gr. T. Popa” Iasi. Associate Professor “Dimitrie Cantemir” University of Targu Mures. Head of the Fifth Medical Clinic of Geriatrics and Gerontology, Iasi Railway Clinical Hospital. Rector of “Apollonia” University Iasi. PhD supervisor since 2005.
Areas of scientific expertise: cardiology, internal medicine and geriatrics with more than 400 scientific papers and 23 medical books published. The clinical activity at the patient’s bedside is complemented by the university teaching activity (45 years as a teacher at UMF “Gr.T. Popa” Iasi and scientific activity. His managerial activity as head of department and rector of the IAU is complemented by his work in advertising and the media (producer of programmes for TV Apollonia Iasi) and his study of the piano since childhood.
References: CV,

CONSTANTIN BĂLĂCEANU-STOLNICI – Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy, AOSR Honorary Council, Founder Member
6.07.1923 – 20.08.2023
University professor, PhD in neuropsychiatry and geriatrics; prominent member of Romanian culture; currently retired.
Areas of scientific competence: general cybernetics; neuropsychology and anatomy of the nervous system; history of culture and science; elements of anatomy and physiology of the nervous system; neurocybernetics, human personality – a cybernetic interpretation; neurogeriatrics; practical geriatrics; postmodernist neuropsychology; central structures of the nervous system; anthropogenesis and genesis of culture; general and behavioural genetics, etc.
References: CV , %C4%