Applications of mathematical analysis in number theory, optimization, differential equations, other fields of mathematical or multidisciplinary research

Asymptotic behaviors for dynamical systems in Banach spaces

Approximations and other applications of mathematics in physics and engineering

Magnetic media for intelligent release of biologically active substances

Carbonaceous materials in environmental applications

Assessment of the risk of bioaccumulation of toxic compounds in plants

Recovery of winemaking residues as food additives and antioxidants in industry

Pharmaceutical product design based on camelina oil-multipotent oil plant

Support solutions for assessing the exposure of the population to fine particulate air pollution in large urban agglomerations

Advanced protection, measurement and control systems for the power sector

Evaluating organizational sustainability using Fuzzy logic

Modeling, simulation and validation of the mechanical behavior, in static and dynamic regime, of some composite materials

The participation of the Romanian army in the War for National Unity

Strategies for the development of the knowledge economy in Romania

Digital Library for Romanians Everywhere

Philosophy of law – national and international guidelines, classical, modern and contemporary

Communication and knowledge. Interdisciplinary philosophical-psychological research

Study on the operational and technical interconnection of the army’s telecommunications and IT systems with those of the Special Telecommunications Service and those of private operators, in order to increase the viability and continuity of operation in the event of natural disasters and other dangerous situations

Rationality and intuition in military decision

Treatment of erectile dysfunction in prostate cancer patients

New multifunctional composites based on nanohydroxipatitis (PAH) and innovative orthopedic implants for the treatment of osteoporotic bone fractures

Modeling the effects on the environment and the population of potential radiological incidents at the intermediate storage depot