Project Results Stage1 (April – July 2023)

  1. Development of an intelligent fiber optic plasmonic sensor for the detection of SARS-COV-2 coronavirus
  2. Use of machine learning for computer generation of phase thermal equilibrium diagrams from X-ray diffractometry data
  3. Study of the CG18135 gene from Drosophila melanogaster using advanced Genetic, Genomic and Bioinformatics Analysis methods
  4. An integrative methodological approach to monitoring the Dobrogea tortoise (Testudo graeca
  5. Discovering lost civilizations – Livadita Cave in Danube Caves
  6. LiDAR applications for multi-risk mitigation in Transylvanian cities. Best practices for sustainable urban development
  7. Using digitization to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness in manufacturing companies
  8. Digitising the process of assessing human exposure to electric and magnetic fields
  9. Development of advanced control and optimization strategies for processes in the pharmaceutical industry by integrating digital twin and machine learning concepts
  10. Assessing the role of digitisation in the context of organisational sustainability based on an innovative framework of statistical methods and soft-computing techniques
  11. Integrated solution for 3D printing of specific elements of ecclesiastical architecture and monumental buildings
  12. Integration of digital solutions for the control of operating parameters in zero-CO2 electricity and heat production plants
  13. Increasing the digital inclusion of taxpayers through the development of remote digital public services
  14. Precision 3D scanning in agriculture and forestry using UAV platforms and merging photogrammetric and LiDAR deliverables
  15. Organic farming, agri-food certification and digital marketing strategies for small producers
  16. Romanian patients’ perception of telemedicine use
  17. Development of a mathematical model of clonal hematopoiesis
  18. Analysis of laparoscopic cholecystectomy operations using vision and artificial intelligence methods for intra- and post-operative assistance
  19. Using machine learning for sequencing data analysis in investigating epigenetic profiling in rare hematological diseases
  20. IT solutions for analysing the impact of social media networks on high-risk investment instruments: cryptocurrencies and stock exchanges
  21. Facilitating access to education through augmented reality and fostering dynamic learning in business through microlearning
  22. Investigating honest and insincere communication in everyday face-to-face and online contexts using a digital daily diary
  23. Mulieres Moesiae Inferioris. A contrastive approach
  24. Digital techniques for road traffic control and optimisation using artificial intelligence algorithms
  25. Digital transformation tools for eGovernment using .ro domains
  26. Navigation and control system for military missions in GNSS jamming environments