Safe journey into eternity to our colleague, Prof. Univ. Dr. IOAN BOGDAN


The Romanian Academy of Scientists announces with deep sadness the passing away of our great professor, our dear and eternally missed colleague Ioan Bogdan.

Born almost nine decades ago, on 11 August 1933, he chose the 11th of February 2022 to shake hands with eternity, as if to give us one last demonstration of how much harmony and consistency he has shown in all the stages of his life, rich in achievements, in noble and great deeds, in success in all aspects of his professional and academic personality. And the name of the place where he was born, the commune of Deal in Alba county, predestined him a destiny in which he has always climbed, without tiring, without getting drunk of victories, with the dignity and honesty of the Romanian confident in his strengths, loving the nation that gave birth to him, eager to rise, but to help others to do the same.

Professor Ioan Bogdan, an economist by profession, had a professional destiny in which he did not “burn” any step, climbing them, one by one, occupying leading positions and high dignities in the state after 1990. He was a member of the Romanian Parliament from 1990 to 1992, Chairman of the Budget-Finance Committee, after which he took over the helm of the Court of Accounts, established by Law no. 92/1994, being the first President of this prestigious institution, as well as a member of the Governing Board of INTOSAI, which is the World Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions.

He began his academic career in 1971, being until 1990 associate professor at the Institute of Higher Education Sibiu, and in February 1990 he became professor at the University of ,, Lucian Blaga ” in Sibiu, the city where he lived most of his life. At the same time he was a professor at the Romanian-American University of Bucharest.

The professional value of Professor Ioan Bogdan has been recognized by the conferment of high positions and responsibilities in prestigious institutions in the country and abroad. He was Vice President of the General Association of Economists of Romania (AGER) from its foundation until the 2006 Congress, when he was elected Head of Department. Internationally, he has been a member of the European Union’s Chamber of European Experts since September 2001, and in June 2002 he was awarded the diploma of European Management Expert. He was a full member of the New York Academy of Sciences and the American Association for Advanced Science.

He became a full member of the Romanian Academy of Scientists on 18 February 1997, when he presented the paper “FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT – Perspective Approaches”. In a speech delivered in the Virgil Madgearu Hall of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Professor Ioan Bogdan stated that “time – tends to become the main crisis facing man and organization nowadays and in the future. (…) The tyranny of urgency, puts its mark on our lives, and from the passage of time we are left with too little in relation to the time we have lost forever.”

The young researcher Ioan Bogdan left behind a remarkable scientific work: more than 40 papers published as sole author and co-author, hundreds of studies and scientific communications published or presented in journals and scientific events of high standing in the country or abroad.

As a doctoral supervisor, he has supervised dozens of specialists who have become, also through the devotion and pedagogical and scientific grace of Professor Ioan Bogdan, a reference name in the field.

For his outstanding achievements in public and academic life, he was awarded the Order “Merit for Education in the rank of Commander”, as well as the Doctor Honoris Causa of the University “Lucian Blaga” in Sibiu.

It is the hardest and saddest thing to put into words a life so fruitful in scientific, human and professional richness as that of our colleague, Professor Dr. Ioan Bogdan. May God shine his light on the path to eternity and may he enable us to recognize and honor, now and forever, his memory.

Eternal remembrance to Professor Ioan Bogdan!