Professor Dr. Eng. Şerban VALECA, AOSR member, left us


Professor Dr. Eng. Şerban Valeca, a member of the Academy of Romanian Scientists, has dedicated his entire life to education, science and knowledge, regardless of whether he has worked as a university professor, senator or minister.

A graduate of the Faculty of Energy of the University of Bucharest, he carried out his scientific activity at the Institute for Nuclear Research in Pitesti, whose director was for a long time, then being president of the Scientific Council. He coordinated the annual research and development plans of ICN and of the development program of Generation IV of LFR type nuclear reactors in Romania through international cooperation. He was one of the most efficient ministers of scientific research, being the one who introduced the criterion of scientific competition in funding research and established the National Research Programs.

For his prodigious activity he was rewarded with the National Order “Star of Romania” in the rank of Knight; Merit Diploma in the rank of “Cross Officer”, Brussels for outstanding service to the cause of progress and support of inventions; Honorary citizen of Cernavoda, Mioveni, Vice President of the Romanian Traditional Karate Association; Honorary President of the Romanian Traditional Karate Federation under the high Patronage of the Royal House; Member of the associations: World Energy Council – Romanian National Council; Romanian Association “Nuclear Energy”; ROMATOM; National Defense College Foundation; President of Europe of the United World Karate Federation.
He was an extremely devoted member of our Academy, which he supported through his work and prestige.

God rest him in the Garden of Eden!
Sincere condolences to the grieving family!