Prof. univ. dr. Verginia VEDINAȘ – Diploma of excellence for the scientific activity carried out


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We share with you, our dear readers, the joy of being in the “Holy Land” for a few days and of being among those chosen to be rewarded with diploma of excellence for the scientific activity carried out by Romanian Cultural Center in Israel for what we have achieved in the professional, academic and public environment . I was honored to be with Professor Irinel Popescu, our great specialist in liver disease, the Romanian stage master Horațiu Mălăele, the journalist Sorin Roșca Stănescu, the actress Claudia Motea, who, in the show “Brâncuși, my love”, embodies us female characters, all the great loves of the genius of universal sculpture, and the writer and journalist Aura Christi. But, above all, I was happy to confess to a high and loving public of Romania, even if he left it many years ago, about our profession of faith, the service of Romanian law, the effort to form, from the department , PEOPLE and CHARACTERS. Because we believe that this is the mission of a real teacher: to care about the science, but also the conscience of the future lawyer, how much he knows, but also his spirit and the values he has to serve, regardless of the legal profession he he chose her.

That is why, in the courses we hold in front of the students, we always “sneak in” life lessons from our experience as a teacher, lawyer and as a “citizen of the city”, as our late professor Antonie Iorgovan said for almost two decades on the altar. general interest and the public good.

We have lived, our dear ones, moments that have filled our souls and the joy of seeing that the Romanian proverb “man sanctifies the place” is a landmark in other lands. We would like to find it more often in our realm of heaven, to find that at the helm of state institutions are personalities who dedicate their professional destiny to serving the authentic values in the field in which they practice, eternal and universal. I dedicate this appreciation and the diploma of excellence received to my teachers, to the students who determine me to always be perfect, to my son Ioan Laurențiu Vedinaș, who carries on the ideals I believe in and, last but not least, to Universul Juridic Publishing House, without which it would be difficult to conceive of contemporary Romanian law.