Central Military Hospital – EUGEN PROCA Award at the Gala of the Academy of Romanian Scientists


Article published on scumc.ro

On May 6, 2022, in the Hall of the Carol I Central University Library, he had the Gala of awarding the prizes of the Academy of Romanian Scientists (AOSR) for the year 2020.

During the Gala, for the Medical Sciences Section, the EUGEN PROCA Prize went to the group of authors consisting of: Florentina RADU-IONIȚĂ, Nikolaos PYRSOPOULOS, Mariana JINGA, Ion C. ȚINTOIU, Zhonghua SUN and Ecaterina BONTAȘ for the work Liver Diseases. A Multidisciplinary Textbook, Springer Publishing, 2020. The award was presented to Major General Doctor Conf. univ. dr. Florentina Ioniță-Radu by the president of AOSR, Mr. Prof. univ. Dr. Eng. Adrian Bade.

The following prizes were also awarded in the same section: CAROL DAVILA Award – Acad. Victor VOICU and Irinel POPESCU for coordinating the paper Files from the history of Romanian medicine, Vol. I – II, Romanian Academy Publishing House, 2020; CC ILIESCU Award – Lucia MAZUR-NICORICI and Camelia DIACONU for the work Compendium of Rare Diseases , Impressum Publishing House, Chisinau, 2020.

On this occasion, the Diploma of Excellence of the Academy of Romanian Scientists was awarded to the surgeon Dr. Virgil Răzeșu, a founding member of AOSR, as a “tribute to the rich scientific and academic activity” at the age of 90.

The presentation of the works awarded with prizes in this gala was made by Mr. Major General Doctor Prof. Dr. Dan Mischianu, full member of the Academy of Romanian Scientists.