THE TREATY OF TRIANON – The Fundamental Legal Instrument that Underlies the Great Union


Under the coordination of Ambassador Ion M. Anghel, Honorary Member of the Academy of Romanian Scientists, President of the Association of Career Ambassadors and Diplomats of Romania, the book THE TREATY OF TRIANON – The Fundamental Legal Instrument that Underlies the Great Union has been published by ProUniversitaria.

Along with the other four international treaties signed at the Paris Peace Conference (1918-1920), Treaty of Trianon lies at the heart of the great achievement – Greater Romania; unfortunately, it is also the only treaty that remained in force throughout the entire secular journey (following the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact of 1939 and the 3 dictates of 1940, Romania was torn apart by its neighbours). Without the Treaty of Trianon, Romania would be less than what it was in 1916 when it entered the war.

However, Treaty of Trianon, became odious appointment for some, disappeared from the vocabulary of the Romanian-Hungarian dialogue, so that in Treaty of Understanding, Cooperation and Good Neighbourliness between Romania and the Republic of Hungary (1996), Treaty of Trianon is simply ignored – which raises questions about it; moreover, Hungary is exercising its jurisdiction in Transylvania, while the process of Hungarianisation is worryingly accelerating.

Being the most important treaty in our history, the Treaty of Trianon remains the foundation of Romania’s existence in its territorial configuration and of its work of unification of the Romanians into a single state. As a result, the vital importance of the Treaty of Trianon for Romania’s destiny is self-evident, and ensuring the durability of this precious document is a fundamental duty for all of us and especially for our decision-makers. As a result, at the basis of the whole set of Romanian-Hungarian relations, the Treaty of Trianon must continue to be the benchmark, a document that must be applied to the letter – secundum lege, in a responsible and uncompromising manner, as any error or hesitation could be fatal for the fate of Romanians.

The publication of this study, also in a foreign language, was unquestionably necessary – it was even necessary, in order to make the point of view of Romanians known to the world – audiatur et alter parswhen for a century Hungary, using all means at its disposal, has sought to remove or block the application of Treaty of Trianon.

Earlier in 2018, on the occasion of the celebration of the Centenary of the Great Union, Ambassador Ion M. Anghel published at Academy of Romanian Scientists Publishing House the work THE TREATIES OF TRIANON AND PARIS OF 1920 THE DOCUMENTS WHICH CONFIRMED THE ESTABLISHMENT OF GREATER ROMANIAwhich you can read in full by following the link attached to the paper.