The Academy of Romanian Scientists condemns the war and gets involved in supporting refugees in Ukraine


The Academy of Romanian Scientists rejects war as a way to solve conflicts anywhere in the world and believes that the only way to solve disputes is through diplomacy and negotiation while respecting the rules enshrined in international documents and treaties.

The AOSR advocates peace and dialogue, respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms, starting with the right to life, to ensure a climate conducive to international cooperation and development under the auspices of respect for the dignity of the human being, for the principles and values of contemporary humanism.

The Academy of Romanian Scientists expresses its profound disagreement with the war in Ukraine and strongly condemns the escalation of the conflict, which is causing destruction, suffering and loss of life, in an era when such extreme approaches seemed a thing of the past.

In the situation generated by the war, the Academy of Romanian Scientists affirms its solidarity with the people affected by the armed conflict and its compassion for their suffering. Through the Scientica Foundation, AOSR is donating 10,000 lei for children in Ukraine in need due to the war and continues to show its support for refugee relief.

At the same time, the Academy of Romanian Scientists expresses its hope that the war that is bloodying Europe will end as soon as possible, that reason and wisdom will win, through negotiations and negotiations, which will contribute to the restoration of order, the resumption of normal life and the safety of all citizens.

Communication and Public Relations Office of the Academy of Romanian Scientists
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