Specific objectives

  1. Establishing the conditions for storing radioactive waste in containers and containers in the intermediate landfill.
  2. Determination of pressures, temperature, humidity and hydrogen content released inside containers containing radioactive waste;
  3. Elaboration of risk scenarios in the present and future evolution of the landfill in case of intermediate and long-term storage (25-50 years) of radioactive waste of aluminum and graphite for a sufficiently long period until the construction of the geological landfill for radioactive waste for 2055.
  4. Numerical evaluation using the AMBER software package equivalent to the dose rates in mSv, at the wall and at 1 m of the container and comparison with measurements made “in situ”;
  5. Defining the basic elements of storage technologies, identifying patentable elements, news that can be published in the field of radioactive waste management such as aluminum and graphite;