Specific Objectives

From the general objectives, the specific objectives were deduced, which are to be found in the results of the research carried out within the project:


  1. the theoretical definition of the concept of “universal value” and the establishment, based on the specialized literature, of a set of criteria through which the Romanian values eligible for the status of universality are to be evaluated;


  1. translating the idea of universal value into specific aspects, reflecting Romanian cases of values that can be integrated into the universal heritage;


  1. identification of some myths, elements of culture and heritage, of some personalities that can be considered representative for the Romanian culture and civilization at universal level;
  2. verifying how these values resist in today’s culture and civilization, analyzing their relevance in the current era of universal culture;


  1. establishing connections between Romanian and universal values, from several contemporary perspectives: culture, history, politics, diplomacy, etc .;


  1. studying the need for their recovery and reactivation as emblematic elements of identity, as the case may be, in the contemporary context;


  1. identifying strategies and means of promoting in the contemporary universal culture and civilization the values and elements of Romanian culture and civilization, under the auspices of cultural diplomacy;


  1. the realization, by the researchers involved in the project, of studies and articles to be disseminated in scientific conferences and published in specialized journals.