Prof. Valentin Ciorbea, PhD, full member AOSR – Grand Prize “Commander Virgil Alexandru Dragalina”, 10th Edition, 2023


The National Association for the Cult of Heroes “Regina Maria” awarded the Grand Prize “Commander Virgil Alexandru Dragalina”, 10th Edition, 2023, to Prof. Valentin Ciorbea, full member of the Romanian Academy of Scientists for the volume Adjutant General Paul Teodorescu (1888-1981). Dimensions of creativity, Publishing House Academy of Romanian Scientists, Bucharest, 2023, 357p.

The committee that evaluated the works selected for the award concluded: “An outstanding book, with a logical structure, a monograph that fits perfectly into this category of works. It presents General Paul Teodorescu in all aspects of his life – family, childhood, training schools, further training, head of class at schools in France, as an officer and general with responsibilities in military commands, education, ministry, government, royal house, etc. including posthumous evocations.

More unpublished information relates to the general’s involvement in the Restoration Act of June 1930. It mentions the reforms that the General has worked hard to implement in the Army, including details of military education and the construction of the modern War College premises.”

The awards gala will take place in the Byzantine Hall of the Palace of the National Military Circle in Bucharest on 27 May 2024, at 11 am.

During the event, the Romanian Academy of Scientists Publishing House will receive a diploma in recognition of the publication of valuable volumes in recent years.