Piatra Neamț Spring Scientific Session March 25, 2015


9 30 ÷ 10 00Receiving guests.

10 00 ÷ 10 15Opening of the Scientific Session.

10 15 ÷ 12 00Presentation of papers

1._150 years from the elaboration and presentation of the laws of heredity.

Author: prof. Univ. Dr. Gogu Ghiorghiță

2._Transmission of characters obtained from local populations to inbred lines and hybrids of corn.

Authors: drd. eng. Carmen Daniela Vană, dr. eng. Ana Copândean, dr. eng. Voichiţa Haş, drd. eng. Roxana Şut Gherman, drd. Eng. Andrei Varga, Prof. Dr. Ioan Has.

3._Study of a set of spring barley genotypes in the “honeycomb” system.

Authors: drd. Eng. Florin Russu, Prof. Dr. Ioan Has, Dr. Eng. Vasile Moldovan, Dr. Rozalia Kadar.

4._Results of the research carried out at SCDP Iaşi regarding the creation of varieties with ripening periods at the extremities of the cherry ripening season.

Authors: Elena Iurea, Sorina Sîrbu, Gelu Corneanu.

5._Evaluation of cherry and sour cherry varieties useful in genetic improvement.

Authors: Sorina Sîrbu, Elena Iurea, Margareta Corneanu.

6._Vegetable extracts with potential for use in organic farming

Authors: Dr. Eng. Carmen Tebrencu, Dr. Eng. Elena Ionescu, Dr. Ruxandra Cretu.

12 00 ÷ 12 30PauseView posters

12 30 ÷ 14 00Presentation of papers

7._Economic efficiency of the application of chemical fertilizers to the cultivation of corn for grain.

Author: Dr. Eng. Cornelia Lupu.

8._The influence of the sowing density on some production elements, for different soybean varieties created at SCDA Turda and foreign varieties.

Authors: Dr. Eng. Raluca Rezi, Prof. Dr. Ioan Haş, Dr. Eng. Eugen Mureşanu.

9._The influence of the nutrition space on the production of monoecious hemp for fiber.

Author: drd. Eng. Alexandra Leonte.

10._General aspects regarding the influence of some meteorological factors on the development of the Colorado potato beetle, in the Suceava conditions.

Authors: Cătălin Ioan Enea, Dumitru Bodea.

11._ Efficacy of plant metabolites, extracted from plants, on the larvae of the early ages in the Colorado potato beetle.

Authors: Cătălin Ioan Enea, Dumitru Bodea.

12._Guarantee scheme for the integration on the labor market of young people from the institutionalized system.

Author: Dr. Suzana Geangalău.

14 00 ÷ 14 15 – Book launch:

“Mr. President” – Author: Dr. Virgil Răzeșu


“Testimonies” – Author: Dr. Virgil Răzeșu

14 15 ÷ 15 00 Discussions, conclusions.

15 00Lunch