MIRCEA LUPUCorresponding member

Prof. univ. dr., mathematician

Date and place of birth: October 30, 1942, Chernivtsi, Bukovina

Education: Faculty of Mathematics-Mechanics, University of Bucharest (1962-1967), Department of Fluid Mechanics, Doctor of Mathematics (1982), with the thesis Mathematical contributions in the study of the movement of fluids with free surface .

Professional activity: professor of mathematics at the National College Ştirbei Vodă and the college Mihai Eminescu from Călăraşi (1967-1974), assistant professor at the Faculty of Mathematics, Transylvania University (1974-1978), university lecturer at the Faculty of Mathematics, Transylvania University (1978-1990), associate professor at the Faculty of Mathematics, Transylvania University 1990-1997), professor at the Faculty of Mathematics, Department of Algebra, Geometry and Differential Equations, Transylvania University (since 1996). Scientific Secretary of the Faculty of Mathematics 1990-1993, Head of the Equations Department 2003-2007.

Areas of interest: differential or integral equations, direct or inverse boundary problems in the complex, analytical and (p, q) analytical functions, optimizations; mathematical modeling in fluid mechanics, jet theory, hydroaerodynamics and heat; solids mechanics, elasticity and thermoelasticity, dynamic systems and bifurcations.

Scientific activity: list of courses taught: differential and integral equations, special chapters of boundary value problems and complex fractions, theoretical mechanics – mechanics of continuous media, dynamic systems and special mathematics for engineers. He leads over 100 bachelor’s theses, 50 first-grade papers, 30 baccalaureate commissions, finalized, second grade. He won 8 national awards with students at the “Traian Lalescu” student competitions and scientific sessions of student circles. He holds the position of scientific secretary of the faculty (1990-1994), head of the Department of Equations and Theoretical Mechanics (2004-2008). Participates as a leader or collaborator in over 20 scientific research contracts with the Ministry of Education and Research, enterprises, research institutions. Participates in over 100 conferences as an organizer, guest, speaker, chairman at national or international conferences: Romania, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Moldova, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Italy. He participates in 30 doctoral commissions, as an examiner or referent.

Publications: produces and publishes 130 scientific papers, of which 50 in the journals of the Romanian Academy “AOST”, 25 in foreign academies, the rest being books, courses, publications in the journals of other universities or proceedings of national / international conferences (many with impact ISI), of which: M. Lupu: Analytical Methods for Airfoils Optimization, Proceeding Nat. Congress Theoretical Mechanic, Acad Bulgary, 2001, vol. 1; M. Lupu, F. Isaiah: The Solution of the Thermoelastic Problem , Carpathian J. of Math, 12 (2005); M. Lupu, E. Scheiber: Criteria and conditions of validity for fluid flow regimes (Bull. St. Mat. Univ. Transilvania, 2006).

Awards: 1982 University Lecturer – Ministry of Education and Research, diploma of excellence – Henry Coanda Air Force Academy from Brasov, diploma of excellence – Naval Academy – Mircea cel Batran from Constanta, jubilee diplomas from the University of Wallachia – Targoviste, University of Brasov and Călăraşi County School Inspectorate, etc.

Affiliations: member of AMS (USA), GAMM (Germany), EUROMECH, SEFI (European Society for Teaching Mathematics to Engineers), member of the Romanian Association or Academy of Scientists, member of SSMR and the Romanian Mechanics Society. Reviewer of Mathematical Reviews (USA), Journal of Numerical Methods in Fluid Mechanics , England, Journal of Euristika Didactics , Donetsk, Ukraine.

International recognition: the author’s works are reviewed in over 70 positive papers and impact in Journal Mathematical Reviews , Zentralblatt, Referativnii, Engineering Village – Elsevie r . Many of the published works have been quoted or fully specified in 12 books or monographs by other authors, or bibliographic references, noting new original methods in mathematical modeling or methods of solving, generalizing, extending the author.

References: Mathematicians Everywhere – Adelina Georgescu and collaborators, 2006 Publishing House – University of Pitesti; Professor Mircea Lupu at His 65th Birthday ; Bulletin of the Transilvania University, vol. 1 (50) 2008, Mat. pp. 455-458; http://www.engineeringvillage.org – Engineering Village