Adrian-Alexandru BADEA
AOSR President, Titular Member
University Professor Dr. Eng., Faculty of Energetics, UPB, Vice-president of National Council for Accreditation of Diplomas and Academic Titles (CNADTCU), President of Doctoral School of Energetics, President of SCIENTICA Foundation
Specialization: Thermoenergetics
Fields of scientific competence: heat transfer, thermal equipment and installations, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, smart buildings with zero energy consumption, the impact of energy production and use on the environment and health, etc.
References: CV,,


Titular Member, President of the section
University professor, Ph.D. Eng. at the Department of Materials Resistance of the “Politehnica” University of Bucharest, Fac. IMST• 2012-present: Vice-president of the Senate of the Politehnica University of Bucharest • 2008: Doctorate supervisor in the field of “Mechanical Engineering”
Fields of scientific competence: • maker of the following prototypes: device for correcting scoliosis and kyphosis, currently used in surgical interventions at Spit. Colentina from Bucharest • hydrocyclone intended for the separation of solid fractions from hydromasses • device for measuring axial loads in the elements of resistance structures • device for measuring masses and weights • impactor and electric impactor mechanism. • expert evaluator of some projects within CERES, RELANSIN, MATNANTECH, CALIST, PARTNERIATE, etc.; • CNCSIS evaluator expert (since 2003); • evaluator of the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS) in the field of “Mechanical Engineering” (since 2006); • scientific reviewer for 14 books in the fields of: strength of materials, numerical analysis, calculation of structures made of composite materials, etc.; • deputy editor-in-chief and scientific referent of the ISI magazine “Plastic Materials”
References: CV

AOSR Scientific Secretary, President of the AOSR TIMIŞOARA Branch
Founding Titular Member
University Professor, Ph.D. Eng., Faculty of Electrotechnics and Electroenergetics of “Politehnica” University Timisoara, Member of Parliament of Romania
Specialization: Electromechanics
Fields of scientific competence: research in the electrotechnical and electroenergetic field; Electrical devices and equipment, Switching processes. Electricity quality, automation and protection of electrical installations and systems.
References: CV,


Titular Member, President of the SCIENTICA Foundation
University Professor, Dr. Eng., Faculty of Energy, Polytechnic University of Bucharest
Specialization: Electroenergetics, Electrotechnics
Fields of scientific competence: Nonlinear electrotechnics, nonlinear oscillations in physical systems, synthesis of non-linear ferromagnetic electrical circuits, protection of critical electrical infrastructures
References: CV,,



Lucian-Ionel CIOCA
Corresponding Member
University professor Dr. Eng., PhD supervisor in the field of Engineering and Management, Faculty of Engineering, “Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu.
Specialization: Machine tools
Areas of competence: ergonomics, production systems engineering, corporate social responsibility, management, human resources management, occupational health and safety management
References: CV ,

Full Member
President of the AOSR BRAŞOV Branch
University professor, Dr. Eng., Transilvania University, Braşov, Deputy [2004-2008]
Specialization: Wood industry
Fields of scientific competence: research in the field of wood processing, manufacturing precision testing in the wood industry, conditioning of solid wood elements and wood-based semi-finished products, art furniture technology; POLICY
References: CV


Radu Mircea DAMIAN
Full Member
University professor, Dr. Eng., Technical University of Constructions Bucharest.
Specialization: Hydraulics, Installation Engineering, Civil Engineering.
Fields of scientific competence: Fluid mechanics, Hydraulics and hydraulic machines, Thermohydraulics of compressible fluids, Heating installations and sanitary installations, Diffusion and dispersion, Hydraulic structures; PhD supervision in the field of Civil Engineering (Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics)
References: CV ,


Full Member
Editor Annals series on Engineering Sciences
University professor, Dr. Eng., Technical University of Constructions Bucharest
Specialization: Hydraulics, installations and fluid mechanics
Fields of scientific competence: Hydraulics of installations and machines, aerodynamics and wind engineering, thermohydraulics of compressible fluids, Hydraulics and Environmental Protection, Hydraulics of hyperbaric systems and equipment [Constanța Diving Center of the Naval Forces]; Supersonic flows with shock and condensation waves; Experimental aerodynamics.
References: CV , http: //


Full Member
University professor, Dr. Eng., Polytechnic University of Bucharest.
Specialization: mechanics [aviation section], aerodynamics and general gas dynamics.
Areas of interest: fluid mechanics, aerodynamics (experimental research, optimal design of traction propellers and wind propellers, wing and airfoil theory) and especially in hydrodynamic lubrication (turbulent lubrication, gas lubrication, inertial flows in lubricating films).
References:  CV, http: //

Teodor LEUCA

Full Member
University professor, Dr. Eng., Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, University of Oradea.
Specialization: Electroenergetics, Electrotechnics.
Fields of scientific competence: Numerical modeling of inductive, radiofrequency and microwave electrothermal systems; Theory of the electromagnetic field, Theory of electric circuits, Innovation and Technology in the master’s education and also, within the Doctoral School, he teaches the courses of Special electrical engineering issues and Management of research projects
References: CV,


Founding Titular Member
Associate Prof. Dr. Eng. EurIng. DHC, president of the General Association of Romanian Engineers (AGIR), president of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences (ASTR).
Specialization: Railway transport technology.
Fields of scientific competence: projects and studies in the railway field, international railway IT systems; informatics in transport; real-time computer system from Romania for managing and supervising the activity of freight wagons on the CFR network.
References: CV,,

Valentin PAU

Founding Titular Member
University professor, Dr. Eng., “Titu Maiorescu” University in Bucharest
Specialization: Fine mechanics
Fields of scientific competence: Tolerances and technical measurements, Computer quality control, Dimensional control and metrology, Applied informatics, new non-metallic materials used in fine mechanics and mechatronics, control microsystems used in flexible manufacturing systems, databases for experimental data processing , biomedical applications, quality management of the educational process.
References: CV


Full Member
University Professor Dr. Eng., City University, UNESCO Chair in Information and Communication Engineering, Northampton Square, London, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Faculty of Automation and Computers.
Specialization: Electronics and Telecommunications.
Fields of scientific competence: PhD supervisor at the “Ferdinand I” Military Technical Academy; Software engineering and reliability; Optimizing system reliability through the allocation technique; Information technologies; Information and communication engineering; IEEE – Senior Member.
References: CV,

Mircea Octavian POPOVICIU
Full Member
University professor, Dr. Eng., Politehnica University of Timisoara
Specialization: mechanics
Fields of scientific competence: Hydraulic machines, cavitation phenomena, Cavitational erosion, Hydrodynamics of turbomachines, Hydraulic drives and controls, Wind turbines
References: CV,

Dumitru–Dorin PRUNARIU

Honorary member of the Romanian Academy
Full Member
Lieutenant General ***(ret.)
Specialization: Aerospace Engineering
Fields of scientific competence: Aerospace sciences; Dynamics of cosmic flight; Geopolitics and military security; Management in the field of civil aviation; Diplomacy. President of the ROMSPACE Association, member of the Board of Directors of the Romanian Space Agency.
References: CV;;; http: //

President of the AOSR IAŞI Branch
Founding Titular Member
University professor Dr. Eng., Deputy in the Romanian Parliament
Specialization: constructions, railways
Fields of scientific competence: Geotechnics and foundations; reinforced soil solutions in the realization of infrastructures for constructions, experimental study on the model of prefabricated foundations, the impact of landslides on land communication routes, new concepts in the analysis of the stability of earth masses, resistance, stability, environmental protection for the construction of tunnels, the generalization of the theory of Coulomb in the calculation of thrusts on retaining walls. Politics; diplomacy etc.

Nicholas PEASANT

Full Member
University professor Dr. Eng., Director of the Doctoral School of Civil Engineering within the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University in Iasi.
Specialization: Construction
Fields of scientific competence: Civil and industrial constructions, Load-bearing elements from plastic materials, Structures from composite and related materials, Metal constructions.
References: CV

Nicolae Napoleon ANTONESCU
Member of Honor
University professor Dr. Eng., former Deputy in the Romanian Parliament
Specialization: Oil, Gas and Geology
Fields of scientific competence: petroleum and petrochemical equipment (construction, manufacturing, exploitation, maintenance); machine tools and mechanical processing; tolerances and technical control; tribology (friction, wear, lubrication); meterials (trial, testing, recovery); the quality and reliability of machinery and machines; environment and pollution. Politics. Diplomacy
References: CV

Member of Honor
Dr. engineer, Honorary President of the Social Democratic Party
Fields of scientific competence:
Research in the field of water management, ecology, hydrotechnics, electrotechnics, hydrotechnics; politics, editorial management, sociology, history.
References: CV,

Nicholas ROBU

Member of Honor
University professor Dr. Eng., the acting mayor of Timisoara
Specialization: automation and computers
Fields of scientific competence: Automatic, Applied Informatics; Computers and information technology. Research directions: Computer architecture; Real-time concurrent programming; Programming applications with databases; Renewable energies. Concurrent Programming, Java Programming, Neural Networks, etc
References: CV , http: //

Iulian Vasile ANTONIAC

Corresponding Member
Skilled university professor. Dr. Eng., Vice Dean of the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest (2016-2020); PhD supervisor in the field of “Materials Engineering” at the Politehnica University of Bucharest (since 2015); Specialization: Materials Science and Engineering, Biomaterials.
Areas of scientific competence: World-renowned expert in the field of biomaterials, microscopy and spectrometry techniques for material characterization, surface engineering, thermal treatments, metallic biomaterials for applications in orthopedic surgery, cardiovascular surgery and dentistry, biocomposites, analysis of prosthetic explants, biocompatibility , tissue-implant interaction phenomena. Outstanding scientific achievements: new biocompatible materials for medical applications; bioresorbable magnesium alloy implants usable in ankle and foot surgery; nanostructured materials for functionalizing the surfaces of joint endoprostheses; femoral component for total hip replacement; cranial implant with osseointegration structures and functional coatings, multi-material rod for external fixator. Important Publications: Books published in publishing houses in the country and abroad – 19; Articles in ISI 77 rated journals; International conferences published in volumes 51; National invention patents 12; International awards: 70.
References: CV,

Corresponding Member
Scientific researcher 1 engineer doctor
Specialization: Electronics and telecommunications
Fields of scientific competence: Radiotechnics and radiocommunications in the field of defense and security; the field of microwaves, antennas, signal processing, information and communication technology, management of scientific research and technological development activities.
References: CV;;;;

Spiridon CREȚU

Corresponding Member
University professor, engineer and vice-rector at the Technical University “Gh. Asachi” from Iasi.
Specialization: Machine construction technology
Fields of scientific competence: fundamental and applied research in the field of machine construction technology, mechanics, machine parts, tribology, mechatronics.
References: CV

George DARIE

Corresponding Member
University professor, doctor of engineering at the “POLITEHNICA” University in Bucharest, Rector of UPB
Specialization: Energy – Thermoelectric Plants
Fields of scientific competence: reducing the impact on the environment produced by the energy production sector; steam turbine installations and gas-steam combined cycles; the modernization and rehabilitation of power plants in Romania with the help of combined gas-steam cycles; the use of electronic computers in the management of thermoelectric plants.
References: CV

Cristian DINCA

Corresponding Member
University Lecturer, Dr. Eng., Vice-Dean, Faculty of Energy, POLITEHNICA University Bucharest
Fields of scientific competence: Energy engineering: increasing the efficiency of power plants; development of CO2 capture processes; Renewable energy sources; Life cycle analysis of energy and industrial processes; Expert in the field of technical-economic and environmental evaluation of energy processes; Expert in the development of CO2 capture processes and their integration into energy and industrial processes
Special achievements: pilot plant for combustion in circulating fluidized bed co-combustion provided with post-combustion separation of co2 using chemical solvents based on amines; – hybrid installation for simulating the solar spectrum using solar thermal and photovoltaic panels; – hybrid installation solar thermal panels – wall-mounted natural gas plant; – co2 adsorption installation using simulated gas mixtures

Corresponding Member
University Professor, Dr. Engineer and Rector of the University “Gh. ASACHI” from Iasi.
Specialization: Hydrotechnics – Land improvements
Doctoral thesis [1981]: “Study of the clogging of some reservoirs in the Bahlui hydrographic basin”. Since 1990, he has become a doctoral supervisor in the “Civil Engineering” specialty.
Fields of scientific competence: Hydrology and hydrogeology, River regulation, Combating soil erosion and Water management, Water resources management, Deterministic and probabilistic models in hydrotechnical systems, Special hydrology, Calamities (floods), Development of torrential formations, Floods and defense measures , Constructive solutions for arranging torrential formations, Disaster management, Integrated management of water resources, Probabilistic methods and models of environmental systems; Constructive solutions for arranging torrential networks and combating soil erosion. Innovative techniques for monitoring climate change.
References: CV

I., Gabriel NĂSTASE

Corresponding Member
University lecturer, doctor of engineering, doctor of economic sciences, doctor of military sciences; Director General, Ministry of Education and Research, Research Department.
Specialization: Construction – technological equipment, Economy, military sciences
Fields of scientific competence: Invention, Fluid mechanics, hydropneumatic drives, thermodynamics, information theory, management, finance, history of science and technology, politics, security, defense and public order, justice, diplomacy, etc.
References: CV


Corresponding Member
University Professor, Doctor of Engineering since 2013, Dean of the Faculty of Energy – POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest (since 2016);
Fields of scientific competence: • Heat and mass transfer; Heat exchangers; Thermal Equipment and Installations; Industrial Thermal Installations; Thermal measurements; Numerical methods; • 20 research contracts with industrial enterprises and design institutes in the fields of: Thermal equipment; Energy balances; Energetic efficiency; central heating system; Modeling of heat exchangers; Modeling of refrigeration installations.
Realization of some experimental stands within the Laboratory of Industrial Thermal Installations of the Faculty of Energy of UPB for plate heat exchangers, for the study of refrigeration installations with compression • Implementation of automatic data acquisition • Technical assistance in the installation of the hot water boiler.
References: CV


Corresponding Member
University Professor, Principal Scientific Researcher degree 1, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Economic Sciences, INCE Romanian Academy.
Specialization: energy, nuclear power plants.
Fields of scientific competence: Research in the field of theoretical physics, nuclear energy, non-linear systems, catastrophe theory, deterministic chaos, decision theory, risk analysis, protection of critical infrastructures, crises and conflicts.
References: CV
http: //


Corresponding Member
University Professor, Doctor of Engineering at “Politehnica” University Bucharest, Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Systems, MSP Dept. (Machines and production systems); Executive Director of the National Research Center for the Performance of Technological Systems CNCPST-Optimum from UPB. PhD supervisor.
Specialization: Machine construction technology – Machine tools
Fields of scientific competence: Integrated design of manufacturing systems, structural optimization, computer-aided manufacturing;
Dynamic behavior research for industrial machinery and equipment with high processing speeds; The study of static and dynamic stiffness. Project management, risk analysis, the design of new projects within the National Research-Development Plan and projects with European funding; CNC programming, Microsoft Project and Primavera, PertMaster, CAD/CAM software, Vibroexpert CM400 specialized software, Vibroreport, Sinutrain ShopMill – ShopTurn (Siemens).
References: CV , http: //

Honorary Member
University Lecturer Dr. Eng. at UTCB, Faculty of Installations Bucharest (courses on: Reliability, Technology of manufacturing and installation of installations, Ecology and environmental protection);
Fields of scientific competence: nuclear energy, ecology and environmental protection, reliability of technical systems. Special achievements: 2008: During the mandate of the President of the Board of Directors of the National Nuclear Electric Company, the nuclear reactor no. II Cernavoda; 2008: He founded the Romania – Morocco Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry; 2001 – 2008: President of the Board of Directors – SIF 4 Muntenia; 2002 – 2005: I was the first General Commissioner of the Environmental Guard in Romania;
References: CV

Constantin OPREAN

Honorary Member
University professor Dr. Eng., Dr. HC
Fields of scientific competence: Quality management, University management, Technological transfer management, Strategic management, business and administration, Sustainable management.

Dumitru Teodor MATEESCU

Honorary Member
Skilled university professor. Dr. Eng., Univ. Polytechnic “Gh. Asachi” Iași, Department of Installation Engineering, scientific director of the PhD in the field of Civil Engineering and Installations.
Fields of scientific competence: water supply and sewerage of local and zonal interest, for urban and rural localities; functional installations for civil and industrial constructions – sanitary, gas, thermal, ventilation, conditioning; thermal energy installations and for the use of non-conventional energies. Efficiency of functional installations for buildings and urban utility systems – water supply, sewerage, heat supply – in order to optimize and reduce resource and energy consumption. Technical consultancy for exploitation activity and development of water supply and sewage systems; Specialized technical consultancy for design, expertise and specialized technical verification, energy audit for constructions and installations, Specialized technical consultancy for investment works. Publications: over 250 articles and reports published in specialized journals and volumes of scientific events from the country and abroad. On the didactic level, 6 university textbooks, 14 monographs, coordinator for 24 doctoral theses.


Associate member
University professor, Dr. Eng., Politehnica University of Timisoara
Fields of scientific competence: cavitation erosion (establishing a mathematical model for describing the characteristic curves of cumulative loss variation, erosion speed and determination of specific parameters, recommended by international standards ASTM G32-2010); Cavitation, Hydraulics and hydraulic machines, Hydraulic and pneumatic actuation equipment, Hydromechanical equipment manufacturing technology, Wind turbines.
Achievements: the design and construction of a vibrating device that complies with ASTM G32-2010 norms, according to the model from the Model Laboratory in Michigan, fully automated and equipped with software that allows the real-time control and display of all the functional parameters that characterize the hydrodynamics of vibrating cavitation. Such a device, with the mentioned equipment, is unique in Romania and probably in the world through the prism of the automated control software.

Diana Mariana CROWS

Associate member
Prof. Dr. Eng. POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest (UPB), Faculty of Energy, Department of Energy Production and Use.
Fields of scientific competence: Measurement techniques, monitoring and analysis of air and soil pollutants; Health risks from non-renewable energy sources; Economic and environmental aspects for energy conversion; The impact of energy production on the environment, Evaluation of the impact on public health of the energy recovery of urban solid waste; Air quality monitoring and control; Health risks in the Energy Industry – Software solutions designed to assess risks for the health of the population; Air and soil quality monitoring techniques; environmental management; risk management. Achievements: Creator and Head of the Soil Analysis, Control and Depollution Laboratory within the Advanced Research Center for Innovative Materials, Products and Processes (CAMPUS) of UPB.

Ovidiu Sorin CUPțA

Associate member
Doctor of Engineering Sciences (Mechanical Engineering, 2010), – Maritime Ambassador of the International Maritime Organization (since 2016) and Vice-President of EDINNA – European Association of Educational and Training Institutions in the Naval Field (2014).
Fields of scientific competence: the study of Romanian navigable channels and of a technical nature in the field of naval management, fluid mechanics, theoretical physics; Integrated transport systems, re-engineering of locks, monitoring of traffic on inland waters in Romania, operation of port systems. Diplomacy, strategies, management.


Associate member
University Lecturer, Dr. Engineer, Polytechnic University “Traian Vuia” Timişoara
Fields of scientific competence: Master in Business Administration; risk management in the sustainable enterprise; knowledge management regarding industry-university collaboration in open innovation; Ergonomics and Management of the working environment; Evaluation of the organizational capacity for sustainable development in the context of the circular economy; flexible manufacturing lines for the simulation of entrepreneurial activities in the productive field; education and entrepreneurship.

Associate member
Prof. univ. dr. eng. ec. at the Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” from Iasi. PhD supervisor
Fields of scientific competence: Aspects of the formation of external grooves by cold plastic deformation using the Taguchi method, Basics of machine construction technology, Injection of reinforced plastic parts, Technologies for obtaining composite materials, Technologies of fine mechanics. Economic-financial management, Maintenance methods, tools and strategies, Manual of procedures for evaluating and ensuring the quality of education, Project management. Publications: 15 books, 4 invention patents, 15 Research Projects as project director. 18 scientific recognition awards.


Associate member
University professor, Ph.D. eng. ec.math., Ph.D supervisor in the field of Engineering and Management, Vice-Dean – Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, POLITEHNICA University Bucharest.
Specializations: Metallurgical equipment, Finance-Management, Mathematics-Informatics
Fields of scientific competence: design and research in the field of metallurgical machinery and equipment, metallic materials, optimization of technological processes, inventions and applications in the biomedical field, scientific referent of the ISI magazine “Revista de Chimie”. Important Publications: ISI Articles: 65, International Conferences published in ISI Proceedings: 116, Books published in publishing houses abroad and in the country: 64, Director of international/national projects 3/65, National invention patents – 58. Special achievements: Scientific officer for Research Fund for Coal and Steel (2007-2008), European Commission; A.C.A.D.E.M.I.A., Romania, Head of the Bucharest branch. Awards: Special Awards obtained at the World Inventica Salons: 152; Medals obtained at the World Invention Salons: Platinum 4, Gold 123, Silver 15, Bronze 2
References: CV,,

Mihail-Aurel TÎŢU

Associate member
University professor Dr. Eng. and Dr. Ec.-Mg., Dr. Habil.; Holder at “Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu, Faculty of Engineering; PhD supervisor in the field of “Engineering and Management” at the Politehnica University of Bucharest; Manager of the OSIM Regional Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property – PATLIB European Center in Sibiu of OSIM-EPO-ORDA;
Fields of scientific competence: Intellectual Property Management, Quality Management, Knowledge and Innovation Management, Industrial Engineering, University Management; Doctorate: 2007 Doctor in Economics, Specialization in Management; 1999 Doctor of Engineering, Specialization in Industrial Engineering; Outstanding achievements: Hirsch Factor – Google 11/ Scopus 4/ Web of Science 3; Scientific advisor in 15 committees supporting doctoral theses; Member of 18 promotion committees for lecturer and professor; Important Publications: Books published in publishing houses in the country and abroad – 76; Papers ISI Magazine 9; ISI Proceedings: 125; National invention patents – 41; Awards: Special Awards obtained at the World Inventica Salons: 198 (78 abroad, 120 in the country); Medals obtained at the World Invention Salons: Gold 126, White Gold 1, Silver 27, Solid Silver 1, Bronze 12.
References: CV,


Pierre BORN

Member of Honor
École Centrale de LILLE, FRANCE
Professor of exceptional class at l’Ecole Centrale de Lille, Pierre Borne has a doctorate in Automatics from the University of Lille since 1970 and a doctorate in Physical Sciences from the same University since 1976. Author or co-author of over 200 journal and magazine articles specialty, 22 monographs on Automatics and Mathematics, a French-English scientific dictionary and the “Concise Encyclopedia of Modeling and Simulation”. In 1993 he created the Research Group in Automation and Human-Machine Systems (GRAISyM), and since 1998 he collaborates with UPB – Faculty of Automation and Computers – having outstanding professional-scientific relations. Annually, he participates as the main animator at the International Summer School of Automation, guides with his recognized competence an important number of doctoral students in the form of doctoral education in co-supervision, participates with great efficiency in Franco-Romanian projects and grants (ARCUS, ECONET ) or European (FP7-ERRIC) and has a remarkable contribution to the organization in collaboration with Romanian researchers and scientists to the organization of international conferences (CIFA 2008, ICSCS 2012, ICSCS 2013) and to the publication of works of great international value (Optimization in Engineering Sciences-Exact Methods, Ed. John Wiley, London, 2012; Optimisation en Sciences d’Ingenieur-Methodes Exactes, Ed. Hermes, Paris, 2013).
In IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Pierre Borne was a member of the Board of Directors (1991-1993 and 1996-1998) and Vice President (1992-1995 and 1998-1999). After serving as President of IEEE/SMC in 2000 and 2001, he was Chairman of the Nominations Committee in 2002 and 2003 and Chairman of the Awards and Fellowships Committee in 2004 and 2005. He served in this company as Associate Editor of “Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics” from 1992 to 2000. In 1993, he created the “Mathematical Modeling” technical committee, which he chaired until 1997. He then took over the management of the “Systems » comprising seven technical committees. Pierre Borne received three “Outstanding Awards” from the IEEE/SMC society in 1994, 1998 and 2002. He was appointed Fellow of the IEEE in 1996 and received the “Norbert Wiener Award” in 1998, the “IEEE Third Millenium Medal” in 2000 and the “Joseph G Wohl. Outstanding Career Award” in 2003. In 2006 he was re-elected to the IEEE/SMC Board of Governors for until the end of 2008 and he was appointed for 2007 and 2008 representing the Division 10 of IEEE which includes: “Computational Intelligence Society; Control Systems Society; Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society; Lasers and Electro-Optics Society; Robotics and Automation Society; Sensors Council; Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society; Systems Council” for IEEE Region 8 comprising Europe Africa and the Middle East. He has been a member of the Advisory Board of the IEEE Systems Journal since its creation in 2007. He was a member of the IEEE Fellows Nominating Committee in 2008, 2009 and 2010. He was Vice President of the French Section of the IEEE from 2002 to 2010 then elected President in 2011 and created in 2002 a French chapter SMC of the IEEE. He is an elected member of the IEEE Region 8 (Europe, Africa and Middle East) Nomination and Appointment Committee for 2013 and 2014.
References: CV

Alessandro BIROLINI
Membru de onoare al AOSR
Emeritus at the ETH Zurich, Swiss –
Alessandro Birolini (born 1940 in Lugano, Switzerland) is Professor Emeritus of Reliability Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH). After his Dipl. Ing. HTL, Dipl. El.-Ing. ETH, Ph.D. (ETH), and 15 years industrial experience (of which 4 years he was in charge of setting up the Swiss Test Lab. for VLSI ICs in Neuchâtel), he was from 1986 to 1998 Professor and head of the Reliability Laboratory at the ETH (Full Professor since 1992, Lecturer since 1975). His research fields include fault tolerant systems with hardware and software, stochastic processes for reliability theory, test & screening strategies, and failure mechanisms. He has also been involved in an effective cooperation with 30 large and medium industries for over 10 years [Quality Eng. 8(1996)4 pp. 659-674]. He is author of more than 40 research & tutorial papers as well as of several monographs and books, among which the habilitation thesis On the Use of Stochastic Processes in Modeling Reliability Problems (Springer 1985) and the book Reliability Engineering: Theory and Practice (Springer, 6th Ed. 2010, 1st Ed. 1994, 1st German Ed. 1985, 4th German Ed. 1997). Achievements include a new approach to compute the transition probabilities for Markov, semi-Markov & semi-regenerative processes and the development of approximate expressions for the reliability and availability of complex fault tolerant systems. Alessandro Birolini is Life Member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences, Honorary Member of the Romania Academy of Sciences, Life Senior Member of the IEEE, Recipient of the IEEE Third Millennium Medal, and was President of the Swiss Information Technology Society and Chairman of the IEEE Switzerland Section as well as Founder and Chairman of the IEEE Switzerland Reliability Chapter.
References: CV

Alexandru ION HERLEA
Member of Honor




Member of Honor
École Polytechnique de MONTRÉAL, CANADA
University professor, Doctor, Engineer. President of the Romanian-American Academy (ARA).
Fields of scientific competence: automotive, aeronautical and aerospace engineering; Alternative energy sources. In the academician Elie Carafoli’s team, through his theoretical and experimental research in the doctoral thesis, he contributed to the study of a new form of airplane wing with variable geometry (Butterfly wing), patented in Romania (1973). In 1976, he settled in Canada, in Montreal. He was a researcher in aerodynamics at École Polytechnique de Montréal (1976-1979); principal researcher at the lnstitute de Recherche d’Hydro-Québec, where he developed the “Paraschivoiu Method” for aerodynamic calculation of Darrieus-type wind turbines (1979-1984). Consultant for Sandia National Laboratories (New Mexico) since 1980. In 1984, he obtained the position of professeur agrégé and then full professor at the École Polytechnique de Montréal. Since 1990, he is the head of the J.-A. Aeronautics Department. Bombardier from École Polytechnique de Montréal, consultant for FloWind, San Francisco (California, since 1995). He leads a research group, dealing with the study of the icing phenomenon, the optimization of wing profiles and the aerodynamics of wind turbines. The results of his research are applied by “Bombardier Aerospace” to the design of the “Regional Jet” and “Global Express” airplanes. He is recognized as an international expert in the field of aerodynamics of Darrieus type wind turbines.
Publications: Author of the books: Aérodynamique subsonique, Montréal 1998, which obtained the Prize of the Ministry of Education (1999), Wind Turbine Performance (2000); over 130 articles published in specialized magazines. Associate editor at the International Journal of Rotating Machinery.
References: CV

Michael GHIL
Member of Honor
École Normale Supérieur [ENS], Paris, FRANCE
Professeur des Sciences de la Planète; Professor of Geosciences
Studies: B.Sc. (Mech. Eng.) cum laude, August l966; M.Sc. (Mech. Eng.), June 1971 – Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa); THX. (Math.), February l973, and Ph.D. (Math.), June 1975, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, New York. Associate Resident Researcher – NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York (1975-1976), Professor-Researcher at CIMS (1975-1987), Professor-Researcher Emeritus of St. Atmospheric and Geophysical – Univ. from California, Los Angeles (UCLA), full professor -1985, Head of the Department of Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences (1988-1992), Director of the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (1992-2003). 2002 – Teacher at Department. Earth-Atmosphere-Ocean (TAO) of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), Paris and Head of this Department (2003). Foreign member of the European Academy (1998); Honorary Member – Royal Astronomical Society (London, 2002), Member: Geophysic Union. American (AGU, 1995), American Meteorological Society (AMS, 1988).
Research interests: Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Dynamics, Coupled Climate-Ecology and Climate-Economics Modeling, Dynamical and Complex Systems Theory, Estimation Theory, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Methods, Physical Oceanography, Statistical Methods, Remote Sensing and Applications.
References: CV

Ruxandra VIDU
Membru de Onoare
Dr. Ruxandra Vidu is a published research scientist and university Adjunct Professor with 30 years experience in advanced materials and processing. Her research emphasizes the use of nanoscience and nanotechnology in the development and integration of advanced materials with unique properties into device fabrication. She has published over 80 papers and co-authored four books. Dr. Vidu founded in 2004 a small business to commercialize the nanocables technology that was developed with Prof. Stroeve’s group at UC Davis. She is the co-author of over 15 patents licensed, pending, or in process regarding various technologies including the Solar Brush™ technology, IR filters based on magnetically responsive photonic crystals, and a solenoid module to remove heavy metal from wastewaters. The first product, the Bloo’s Solar Brush™ product, is presently in an advanced development stage, and raised over $40 million from investors.

Honorary Member, GERMANY
Born on September 8, 1932, in Craiova, he completed his studies at the Carol I National College and obtained his baccalaureate at the Gheorghe Lazăr High School in Bucharest in 1951. After graduating from the Construction Institute, as an engineer, he established himself in the specialty of bridges and tunnels. In 1983, in Aachen (Germany), he obtained the title of doctor of engineering, by defending the thesis Hydrothermally treated concrete and its non-destructive test. In the country, he was site manager for the construction of the bridge over Argeş at Căteasca (total length 250 m) and implemented his innovative ideas at the Hotare bridge, also over Argeş (150 m). The accumulated experience allowed him to enrich his scientific and technical achievements in the design and construction of prestressed concrete bridges in Germany. At the same time, he carried out a fruitful teaching activity at the Institute of Constructions in Bucharest, continued activity in Germany, at the Institute of Tropical Technology. He was consulted for the realization of numerous works and, through the prestige he gained, he was elected the president of the Engineering Society Cologne. He also participated in numerous international congresses in his specialized field, being the author of over 120 reports/expertises, as well as high-value studies.

Christian Vasseur

Member of Onoare, Lille, FRANŢA
Research topics: Observation and Learning of Dynamical Systems: Iterative classification and real-time implementation for signals and temporal sequences, Merging and splitting of classes and analysis of highly perturbed populations, Piecewise Systems and Referenced Control Vision: On-line identification, observation and control of systems from their sampled and delayed outputs, Application to visual servoing, for which the information is sampled (camera cycle) and delayed (processing time of several images): example of the pendulum 3D inverted balanced from a vision system. Engineering for Health (Image Assisted Therapy): Optimization of 3D object models, from a limited number of projections: application to the identification and modeling of organs and/or tumor pathological elements, Interaction between organs and surgical instruments, in the human body, and assistance in the preparation and implementation of operating protocols, from multimodality images.
Scientific production: 75 articles, 135 communications.

– Pious homage to those who are no longer among us –

Nicolae BOțI
Member of Honor
born on December 1, 1931, Brăila – died on December 30, 2013, Iasi

Consulting university professor, Dr. engineer in Geotechnics and Foundations specialty, with the thesis Contributions to the study of the contractile soils of the foundation layer in the area of ​​the city of Iaşi. There are specialization courses organized by INCERC Bucharest and METROU Bucharest. Ph.D supervisor in the field of Civil Engineering, specialty Geotechnics and foundations (since 1995).
Specialization: Construction
Fields of scientific competence: Geotechnics and Foundations, Roads and foundations, Civil Engineering. Foundations and foundation methods, New foundation systems with low consumption of steel and cement. Tunnels and Metropolitans; Special problems of Geotechnics and Foundations.
He carried out a rich design activity as an engineer within the Iaşi City Hall and as a principal design engineer at the Directorate of Systematization, Architecture and Construction Design, Iaşi, as well as at the Experimental Platform in order to optimize foundation solutions in the case of macroporous soils and contractile soils and for the study of soil-lining interaction in tunnels.


Academician Paul-Dan CRISTEA
Honorary Member of AOSR
February 13, 1941, Bucharest – April 17, 2013, Bucharest
Electronic Engineer, Physicist (Theoretical Physics), University Professor, Faculty of Automation and Computers, Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages, “Politehnica” University of Bucharest, Director of the Biomedical Engineering Center of UPB.
Areas of Scientific Competence: Genomic Signals, Bioinformatics, Numerical Signal and Image Processing, Neural Networks, Theory and Design of Electrical and Electronic Circuits, Evolutionary Intelligent Agents, Adaptive E-Learning Systems, Dynamic Discrete Event Systems, Computerized Medical and Industrial Hardware , Advanced electric batteries, Physics of thin semiconductor layers.


Full Member of AOSR
March 2 1937, Campulung-Muscel, Argeş -12 Dec. 2012 Bucharest
Dr. Eng., scientific researcher 1, specialization: Hydrotechnics
Fields of scientific competence: hydrotechnics, dimensioning and execution of cellular cofferdams for hydropower and navigation systems, reinforced concrete constructions of turbines 1 and 2 and the assembly block of the hydropower plant on the Romanian shore from Portile de Fier I; hydrotechnical and hydropower constructions and installations for the transportation and storage of petroleum products; history; dacology.

Academician Radu VOINEA

Founding Titular Member of AOSR
born on May 24, 1923, Craiova – died on May 10, 2010, Bucharest
President of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences, full member of the Romanian Academy.
Specialization: engineer, docent doctor in technical sciences, university professor, academician.
Activity: Research in the fields of: mechanics, strength of materials, elasticity and plasticity, dynamic systems. He made original contributions, among which we mention: the sufficiency of the principle of virtual mechanical work, the notion of a critical system, the distribution of accelerations in the relative motion of the rigid and in the field of mechanism theory.

Corresponding member of the Romanian Academy
Full Member of AOSR
born Oct. 18 1940, Unirea, Călăraşi county – Jan. 20. 2010, Brasov
Engineer, doctor of technical sciences, university professor, Rector of “Transylvania” University in Braşov (1990-2004), founder of several faculties with a polytechnic profile in Braşov, as well as of the University Hall. Teacher, researcher, expert in the field of machine dynamics and the analysis of dynamic systems, former member of the Romanian Senate, developed 9 scientific treatises, over 120 scientific articles published in prestigious magazines from the country and abroad, such as Utilitas Mathematica (Canada), Mechanism and Machine Theory, Mechanics Research Communications (Great Britain), Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas (Spain), Werkstatstechnik, Werkzeugmaschine International (Germany), Expres Informatiia (ex-USSR), 12 patents.

Academician Toma DORDEA
Member of Honor
January 1, 1921, Bungard [SB] – April 11, 2015, Timisoara
Titular member of the Romanian Academy, consulting university professor Dr. Eng., expert.
The prodigious teaching activity of Professor Toma Dordea was supported by his high competence and passion for knowledge, by the care, love, but also the demand shown to the long series of students, or younger collaborators. Starting from 1965, when he was appointed PhD supervisor, he raised to a higher level the activity of training and training engineers in the “Electrical machines” specialty. During this period he designed, built and endowed the Electric Machines Laboratory in the new premises of the faculty so that the research activity could be carried out in the best conditions. As PhD supervisor, he guided more than 50 researchers, who today constitute an elite body of the School of Machines, Devices and Electric Drives, created by Professor Toma Dordea at the Polytechnic of Timisoara. He directed his scientific research activity almost entirely to the vast field of electric machines, with reference to the theory and equations of electric machines, as well as to the design, calculation and optimization of these machines.

Şerban-Constantin VALECA
Corresponding Member
June 23, 1956, Bucharest – May 15, 2022, Pitesti
Professor Dr. Eng. Şerban Valeca, a member of the Romanian Academy of Scientists, dedicated his whole life to education, science and knowledge, regardless of whether he worked as a university professor, senator or minister. A graduate of the Faculty of Energy of the University of Bucharest, he carried out his scientific activity at the Nuclear Research Institute in Pitesti, whose director he was for a long time, then being president of the Scientific Council. He coordinated the annual and perspective research-development plans of ICN and of the development program of Generation IV nuclear reactors of the LFR type in Romania through international cooperation. He was one of the most effective ministers of scientific research, being the one who introduced the criterion of scientific competition in funding research and established the National Research Programs.
For his prodigious activity he was rewarded with the National Order “Star of Romania” in the rank of Knight; Diploma of merit in the rank of “Officer with the Cross”, Brussels for special services brought to the cause of progress and the support of inventions; Honorary citizen of the city of Cernavodă, City of Mioveni, Vice-President of the Romanian Traditional Karate Association; Honorary President of the Romanian Traditional Karate Federation under the high Patronage of the Royal House; Member of associations: World Energy Council – Romanian National Council; Romanian Association “Nuclear Energy”; RHEUMATO; National Defense College Foundation; European President of the United World Karate Federation.
He was an extremely devoted member of our Academy, which he supported through his activity and prestige.
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