Prof. univ. dr., mathematician

Date and place of birth: January 2, 1947, Zegaia, Mehedinti County

Education: University of Timişoara, Faculty of Mathematics-Mechanics (1969); PhD with the thesis Asymptotic behaviors and controllability in linear differential equations , Timişoara (1977).

Professional activity : trainee assistant (1969-1972), university assistant (1972-1977), university lecturer (1977-1990), associate professor (1990-1992), university professor (since 1992). 1981-1990, vice dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Timişoara, 1996-2004, dean of the Faculty of Mathematics at the West University of Timişoara, 2004-2008, vice-rector of the West University of Timişoara, since 2008 director of the Department of Mathematics from the West University of Timişoara, 1992-1996 and 2003-2007. Doctoral supervisor from 1990 until now having completed 18 doctoral theses (two of which are co-supervised), as well as 11 other doctoral students (6 in internships and 5 in the thesis writing phase).

Areas of interest: differential equations in abstract spaces, stability, dichotomy, trichotomy, controllability, hyperstability.

Scientific activity: list of courses taught : mathematical analysis, real analysis, convex analysis, linear control systems, qualitative theory for control systems, structure theory, optimal control, model theory. Participation in research grants: International Grant “RTN Analysis and Operators”, FP6 Program, director: Prof. Dr. Jean Esterle, University of Bordeaux, CNCSIS type four grants as director (1990-2001, 2002-2004, 2005- 2007) and member of a grant funded by MEC (1995-1998). Director of Research Grants with CNCSIS: Asymptotic Behaviors of Linear Systems with Control in Infinite Dimensional Spaces (1999-2001), Qualitative Properties of Evolutionary Processes with Control in Banach Spaces (2002-2004), Asymptotic Behaviors for Deterministic and Stochastic Evolutionary Equations in infinitely dimensional spaces (2005-2007), Advanced research on the asymptotic behaviors of evolution equations (2008-2010).

Publications: author of over 130 scientific papers in the field of qualitative theory of differential equations in infinitely dimensional spaces, of which 47 in foreign journals (24 ISI listed), 48 in national journals (accredited by CNCSIS), 25 in national conference proceedings and international, 26 books published in the country, five of which are scientific monographs.

Affiliation: member of professional associations: Romanian Society of Mathematical Sciences, Academy of Romanian Scientists. Member of the publishing teams of the magazines: Annals of the University of Timişoara , Annals of the University of Craiova , Didactica Mathematica – UBB . Cluj-Napoca, Carpathian Journal of Mathematics (North University, Baia Mare), Seminar on Mathematical Analysis and Applications in Control Theory (UVT), Revista matematică din Timişoara . Organizer and editor of the papers of the National Conferences of the Romanian Mathematical Sciences Society, in 2005, and Mathematical Analysis and Applications, in 2000 and 2006. Member of the editorial board of four specialized journals accredited by CNCSIS. Referring to Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblat without Mathematics . President of the Timiş Branch of SSMR, 1997-2006, member of the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Commission within CNCSIS, 1997-2007, member of the Council of the Timiş Branch of AOŞR, 2006 – present, member of the permanent experts commission of ARACIS. Member of the Center for Research in Analysis and Geometry at the West University of Timisoara, accredited by CNCSIS. Founding member of the Timiş Branch of AOŞR, president of the Exact Science Section of the Timiş Branch of AOŞR, the organization within the Program of activities of the Timiş Branch of AOŞR of three conferences dedicated to important personalities in science.

References : 3rd place in the Ad Astra Register of Romanian Scientists based on ISI indexed articles in the period 2002-2006, with an impact score of 30,287 with 67 citations. Over 80 citations in scientific journals and monographs from abroad (with wide international circulation), of which 25 in ISI classified journals. The results were cited in the monographs of world-renowned specialists such as R. Conti (1982) and J. Klamka (1995) in the field of optimal control theory, SG Krein (1983), C. Chicone and Y. Latushkin (1999). ) in the field of stability theory. Citations in ISI journals such as the International Journal of Control , Journal of Differential Equations , Systems Control Letters , Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications Integral Equations and Operator Theory , belong to world-renowned mathematicians such as AJ Pritchard, R. Curtain, KJ Palmer , J. Zabczyk et al. Also noteworthy is the article by Polish mathematician KM Przyluski entitled On a Theorem of Megan, published in the International Journal of Control in 1988.