IXARU LIVIUFull member

Prof. univ. dr., physicist, CS 1

Date and place of birth: April 30, 1942, Răşcani-Bălţi, Republic of Moldova

Education: Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest (1959-1964), theoretical physical specialization. Doctor of Science, theoretical physics (1973), with the thesis Approximate methods for solving the Schrödinger equation.

Professional activity: I scientific researcher at the Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering Bucharest (IFIN-HH), in the Department of Theoretical Physics; PhD supervisor at Univ. Bucharest; director of two international research projects (under bilateral inter-country agreements) and two national ones.

Internships abroad: at least 3 months / year: International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste-Italy; Max Planck Institute in Kernphysik, Heidelberg – RFG (1969–1970); Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Frankfurt / Main – RFG (1982); Manne Siegbahn Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm – Sweden (1994, 1995); Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Gent-Belgium (three months / year in 1994-1999, one year in 2000 and 6 months in 2001); University of Leuven-Belgium (6 months in 2001). Short visits: (2-4 weeks / year): Dubna Unified Nuclear Research Institute (former USSR) (1970-1990), Debrecen Nuclear Research Institute (Hungary) (1992-1995). Seminars, lessons: Berlin, Munich, Kaiserslautern, Siegen (Germany), Dubna, Kiev (former USSR), St. Andrews, Daresbury, Durham, Belfast (UK), Trieste, Pisa, Naples (Italy) etc.

Teaching activity: in the country: Faculty of Physics, Univ. Bucharest, IFIN-HH Bucharest; abroad: visiting professor at Univ. Frankfurt / Main, Fac. Physics, 1990-1991; Univ. Ghent (Belgium), Department of Applied Mathematics (Sept.-Dec. 1994; Oct.-Dec. 1995, Sept.-Dec. 1996); Univ. Salerno (Italy), Department of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics (Apr.-July 1998; March-Apr.2003, May-June 2004, Oct. 2008-Apr. 2009); Univ. Belfast (UK), Department of Informatics (Jan.-June 2005); member of doctoral commissions in the country and abroad , about 20 theses.

Scientific results: new numerical methods for complex problems in physics, chemistry and technical sciences; formulation of the fractional perturbation method for solving the Schrödinger equation; new formulas for numerical operations (differentiation, integration, solving differential equations, interpolation) on oscillatory functions; new computing codes included in major international scientific software libraries; new set of special functions for processing oscillator functions; the unitary theory of the formalism of exponential fitting; the expression of the error in the exponential fit; efficient calculation of Slater integrals in quantum mechanics.

Publications: 3 books: Numerical methods for differential equations, with applications , Academy Publishing House, Bucharest (1979), Numerical Methods for Differential Equations , Reidel, Dordrecht-Boston-Lancaster (1984) and Exponential Fitting (with G. Vanden Berghe), Kluwer Academic, Dordrecht-Boston-London (2004)); about 100 scientific articles, of which about 70 in ISI-listed journals; communications at at least 40 conferences in the country and abroad.

Assessment of the activity: 1400 citations in the ISI database; foreign member of WOG; member of the Scientific Committee of some international scientific events: Special Functions and Differential Equations , Madras (India) 1993, Highly Efficient Software for Numerical Operations on Oscillatory Functions , Gent (Belgium) 2001, Numerical Approach of Oscillatory Functions , Gent (Belgium) 2008 etc .; member of the editorial board of international journals: associate editor at Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics – impact factor 1.7, specialist editor at Computer Physics Communications – impact factor 3.2; referent for: IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, BIT, Numerical Algorithms, International Journal of Computer Mathematics, Numerische Mathematik, Journal of Computational Physics etc .; over 200 papers; evaluator for projects at the Fulbright Foundation (USA) and EPSRC (UK).

National Awards: Dragomir Hurmuzescu Award of the Romanian Academy (1980); International: UK High End Computing Strategy Committee HPC Award (2006), UK, London, with Prof. NS Scott and MP Scott (Belfast University) and Prof. C. Denis ( Pierre and Marie Curie University , Paris) .

Tributes : Tribute article : B. Paternoster, Present state-of-the-art in Exponential Fitting. A Contribution Dedicated to Liviu Ixaru on his 70th Birthday, Comput. Phys. Common. 183, 2499-2512 ( 2012 ); Tribute Symposium : Numerical Methods and Computational Procedures for Special Problems in Physics and Chemistry, Dedicated to Prof. Liviu Ixaru to Celebrate His 70th Birthday, Kos (Greece) September 19-25, 2012.

References: http://www.nipne.ro/research/awards/ , http://www.theory.nipne.ro/~ixaru/