General (r) Prof. Dr. Vasile Cândea, founder of AOSR, an illustrious personality, has passed away.
of Romanian medical sciences


The Academy of Romanian Scientists (AOSR) announces with deep sorrow the passing away on 14 January 2020 of the late General (r) Prof. univ. Dr. DHC cardiovascular surgeon VASILE CÂNDEA (24 May 1932, Lisa-Vânători, Teleorman – 14 January 2020, Bucharest), founding president of the AOSR, full member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, international secretary general of the Balkan Medical Union, multiple Doctor Honoris Causa, founding member of the “Emil Palade” and “Scientica” foundations, full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, founding member of the Romanian Society of Vascular Surgery and Angiology, member of the European Society of Cardiovascular Surgery, creator of the Army Cardiovascular Diseases Centre of the Central Military Emergency University Hospital “Dr. Carol Davila” Bucharest.

In Romania, Vasile Cândea implanted in 2001 the first mechanical heart assist device (NOVACOR type) in Central and Eastern Europe. He has operated with Iuliu Șuteu, Marius Barnard (brother of the renowned Christian Barnard in South Africa), Marian Ionescu, Philip Noirhomme (St. Luc Hospital Brussels) and other renowned professors from abroad.

Professor Dr. Vasile Cândea is the one who, through sustained efforts, out of the desire to continue the history of an academic institution founded in the interwar period by prestigious intellectuals (1935), determined the rebirth of the Romanian Academy of Sciences in the form of the Academy of Romanian Scientists.

With the passing of Professor VASILE CÂNDEA, today’s scientific community is poorer. The great Professor leaves us all a legacy of exemplary work and the dream of contributing through intelligence, science, love and dedication to the good of people and the world.

Our sincere condolences to the bereaved family! God rest his soul!

The funeral will take place on Thursday, 16 January, at 1 pm, at St. Ilie Tesviteanul, Voluntari.

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