Excellence in scientific research awarded by the Academy of Romanian Scientists


On 24 September 2020, the Academy of Romanian Scientists awarded the annual prizes for the most important achievements in the fields of scientific research. In this edition, following a rigorous selection, the awards for 2018 were presented. The award ceremony took place in the hall of the “Carol I” Central University Library, in the presence of a small audience, made up of award winners and representatives of the AOSR, in compliance with the safety and protection conditions imposed by the state of alert. As in previous editions, the awards were of strictly honorary value, without involving a monetary component, representing an act of recognition and highlighting the value in science and research.

At the beginning of the event, the DIPLOMA OF EXCELLENCE was awarded to Prof. dr. eng. DAN ȘCHIOPU, Full Member of the Academy of Romanian Scientists, as a tribute to his rich scientific and academic activity, on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

In the MILITARY SCIENCES SECTION, two prizes were awarded: the MAREȘAL CONSTANTIN PREZAN Prize to Florian TUCĂ, Cristache GHEORGHE, Eugen SITEANU for the book Monuments and memorial insignia dedicated to the Romanian heroes of the Great War of National Reintegration, Publishing House of the Academy of Romanian Scientists, Bucharest, 2018 and the VALENTIN ARSENIE Award to Gheorghe BOARU, Iulian Marius IORGA for the book Security of military information systems, Carol I National Defence University Publishing House, Bucharest, 2018.
The MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES section awarded the DIMITRIE POMPEIU Prize to Constantin P. NICULESCU and Lars-Erik PERSSON for the book Convex Functions and Their Applications, CMS Books in Mathematics vol. 23, xvii + 415 pp, Springer International Publishing AG, 2018.
In the PHYSICAL SCIENCES SECTION, the ȘERBAN ȚIȚEICA Prize was awarded to Dumitru MIHALACHE, Virgil BĂRAN, Bogdan CONSTANTINESCU, Onuc COZAR, Dan DASCĂLU, Alexandru I. NICOLIN, Aureliu SĂNDULESCU for the paper The Founders of Modern Physics in Romania as Seen from the Archive of Revue Roumaine de Physique, published in Romanian Journal of Physics, vol. 63, 113 (2018), Romanian Academy Publishing House, Bucharest, 2018.
The Technical Sciences Section awarded three prizes: the HERMANN OBERTH Prize to Tudor DEACONESCU for the book Pneumatics Applied, Lux Libris Publishing House, Brasov, 2018, the MARTIN BERCOVICI Prize to Mircea IGNAT for the book Initiation into the Scientific Research, Electra Publishing House, Bucharest, 2018 and the GOGU CONSTANTINESCU Prize to Radu CORNESCU for the book Arh. Victor Ștephănescu between national style and modernism, “Andrei Saguna” Publishing House, Bucharest, 2018.
INFORMATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SECTION: the ȘTEFAN ODOBLEJA Award to Ruby SRIVASTAVA (editor) for the book Recent Development in Optoelectronic Devices and to Andreea Rodica STERIAN for the chapter “Nonlinear Dynamics in Optoelectronic Structures with Quantum Well”, IntechOpen Publishing House, 2018.
Two prizes were awarded by the HISTORICAL AND ARCHEOLOGICAL SCIENCES SECTION: the ANDREI OȚETEA Prize to Ioan CRISTESCU, Mireille RĂDOI, Adina BERCIU DRĂGHICESCU for the book Heroines of Great Romania. Destinies from the front line, Publishing House of the National Museum of Romanian Literature, 2018 and the AURELIAN SACERDOȚEANU Prize to Laurențiu-Ștefan SZEMKOVICS for the book Documents from Constantin Brâncoveanu concerning the Brâncoveni Monastery and localities in Olt and Romanați counties (1688-1713), Publishing House of the Diocese of Slatina and Romanaților, Slatina, 2018.
Two prizes were also awarded in the ECONOMIC, LEGAL, SOCIOLOGICAL SCIENCES SECTION: the ANGHEL RUGINĂ, Alina Mihaela DIMA (editor) prize for the book Doing Business in Europe: Economic Integration Processes, Policies, and the Business Environment, Springer International Publishing AG, 2018 and the TUDOR POPESCU Award to Verginia VEDINAȘ for Theoretical and Practical Treatise on Administrative Law, Vol.I-II, Universul Juridic Publishing House, Bucharest, 2018. The CONSTANTIN NOICA Prize of the Philosophy, Theology and Psychology Section was awarded to Adrian GORUN for the book Pedagogy and Pedagogical Doctrines, Universitaria Publishing House, Craiova, 2018.
Three prizes were awarded in the HISTORICAL AND ARCHEOLOGICAL SCIENCES SECTION: the GHEORGHE BUZATU Prize to Valeriu AVRAM, Marius-Adrian NICOARĂ for the book In flight, towards the Great Union, Alpha MDN Publishing House, Buzău, 2018; the GRIGORE GAFENCU Prize to Iulian RUSANOVSCHI for the book The war of monuments. The fate of monuments in Bessarabia, Northern Bukovina and Transnistria from 1918-1944, Cu Drag Publishing House, Chisinau, 2018; DIMITRIE CANTEMIR Prize to Ioan VLAD for the work Brasov and the Great Union, Vol.I-III, Pastel Publishing House, Brasov, 2018.

At the 2020 Awards Gala, Prof. Dr. Eng. Adrian BADEA, AOSR President, said: “The Academy of Romanian Scientists remains consistent with its belief that education, science and culture are the factors of modernization and development of the country, the pillars of its European destiny. This is the fundamental principle of our Academy, which has been the basis of its work since its foundation in 1935 until today. Once again this year, following a selection process based on demanding and objective criteria, the AOSR wanted to reward outstanding results in the fields of scientific research as a way of appreciating the efforts and achievements of researchers. We are convinced that by recognising value, by promoting meritocracy at a broad level in Romanian society, especially by encouraging talented young people in science and research, we will succeed in contributing to the European progress of the country.”

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