Details of the Academy of Romanian Scientists’ Research Project Competition for Young Researchers “AOSR-TEAMS” EDITION 2022-2023″


The Academy of Romanian Scientists’ research project competition for young researchers “AOSR-TEAMS” EDITION 2022-2023″, launched in February this year, was particularly interesting for young researchers from major universities and research institutions. Thus, 130 project proposals were submitted.

For the evaluation of the projects, a body of 46 evaluators from the country and the Romanian diaspora was used, made up of university professors and scientific researchers, with national and international recognition and experience in evaluation.
Thank you very much to the evaluators for their effort, especially as this work was not remunerated.

The evaluation of the projects was done on the areas published in the information pack and one area was evaluated by the same group of evaluators. Initially, 25 projects could be funded from the state budget for this competition (so that the success rate was 1/5.2 – about 20%).

Taking into account that 22 papers have been submitted in the area 7 Bio and nano materials/technologies for industry and medicine, the AOSR Presidium has decided to fund 3 projects in this area.

Also, in area 27 New Paradigms of Education in the Technological Age, 2 projects with the same score were in the top two places and were funded.

In view of the above and having considered the seven appeals submitted, the Project Proposal Evaluation Committee, the Appeals Committee and the Presidium of the AOSR decided that the list of projects to be funded remains unchanged.

The directors of the winning projects are expected at the AOSR headquarters in Ilfov Street. nr. 3, Bucharest, with a view to contracting, until Friday 01.04.2022, 14:00.
For further information, please contact Mrs Maria Botezatu at tel: 0726.311.407 and email: