Culture, a means of access to the Space of Universal Values


On the occasion of 15 January – a date with a special symbolic significance in the Romanian spirituality calendar: the Day of Mihai Eminescu and the Day of National Culture, the Academy of Romanian Scientists organizes the scientific symposium Culture, means of access to the Space of Universal Values. The event will take place on 12 January 2023, starting at 11 am, in the Constantin Angelescu Conference Hall of AOSR (Ilfov Street, no. 3, sector 5, Bucharest).

The symposium aims to bring back to the present awareness the importance of the National Poet’s work for the Romanian existence and the evolution of our culture, to underline its universal value and the need for new generations to know it. At the same time, the event will highlight the role of national culture, through its perennial works, beyond conjuncture and ideology, in promoting Romanian civilization and spirituality in the universal space of values.

The event is structured in two parts: the Scientific Section and the Artistic Section. In the first part, lectures on Eminescu and national culture will be given by personalities from the Romanian academic and cultural world. The second part of the symposium will be a poetic and musical recital.