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Digital automated manufacturing in the perspective of Industry 4.0


In the programme of scientific activities for the year 2024, the Information Science and Technology Section of the Romanian Academy of Scientists invites you to the Conference “Digital automated manufacturing control in the perspective of Industry 4.0”.

The conference takes place online on Tuesday 30 April 2024, starting at 18:00. The conference is supported by a research team from the Faculty of Automatics and Computers, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, coordinated by Professor Dr. Ing. Theodor Borangiu.

The presentation reviews architectures and topologies of digital automated manufacturing control in the perspective of the Industry of the Future (I4.0) defined in the last decade, based on which it proposes a cyber-physical system solution in which physical manufacturing entities virtualized by holons become tightly coupled interacting to meet global goals of efficiency, robustness and agility. Research includes new techniques for: extended digital modelling for deep interoperability (digital twins), service orientation, product intelligence, semi-heterarchical control, streaming of large volumes of data and self-driving cloud services. Contributions in this area are exemplified on an intelligent manufacturing management system platform developed by the research collective.

Morality and Bioethics Today, ed. II


The Romanian Academy of Scientists, the AOSR Centre for Dialogue Science Religion and the Friends of the Church of the Holy Emperors Constantine and Helena organize on Friday, April 19, 2024, at 12:00, the conference Morality and Bioethics Today, 2nd edition, on the occasion of which will be presented the paper “The Way of Healing – Elements of Orthodox Psychotherapy”.

Organometallics for Organic Light Emitting Diodes and Organic Photovoltaics


Wednesday 17.04.2024, 12oo hours

the seminar will take place

“Organometallics for Organic Light Emitting Diodes and Organic Photovoltaics”

Camelia Diaconu in Radio Romania Bucharest studio

We invite you to watch the show made in the Radio Romania Bucharest studio by Ioana Brușten with Camelia Diaconu, AOSR member and head of the internal medicine department at Florească Hospital, to find out what we should do to protect ourselves from spring asthenia and other seasonal diseases.

Expert systems for assessing the quality of online media content

In the framework of the programme Valențele Feminității, on 24 April 2024, CS II Dr. Daniela GÎFU – Scientific Researcher gr. 2 at the Institute of Theoretical Informatics of the Romanian Academy – Iasi branch and Director of the Computational Linguistics Centre of the European Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, gives the conference “Expert systems for assessing the quality of online media content“, bringing into discussion criteria for analysing the degree of trustworthiness of information circulated online.

Unique online news verification and analysis platforms will be presented, built on several advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, useful for media analysts, public communication specialists, policy analysts and the general public. These tools have wide application in industry: e-government, media, financial services, online advertising, etc.

Spring Scientific Conference – AOSR 2024


The Romanian Academy of Scientists organizes in Bucharest, on Friday 24 May and Saturday 25 May 2024, the AOSR Spring Scientific Conference (2024), with 12 sections, moderated by section chairs:

Agricultural sciences and veterinary medicine
Physics and Geodynamics
Engineering sciences
Information science and technology
Philosophy, psychology and theology
Economic, legal and sociological sciences
Military science


Please fill in the form and send it by 10 May 2024 to: sindilems@yahoo.com – Mihai SINDILE

Drum lin, Prof.Univ.Dr. Viorel-Puiu Păun!


Prof. Univ. dr. Viorel-Puiu Păun
Full Member AOSR
26 September 1954, Surdulești, Argeș County – 6 April 2024, Bucharest, Romania

The Presidium of the AOSR sadly announces that Viorel Puiu Păun, full member of the AOSR, passed away on 6 April 2024. Born on September 26, 1954, in Surdulești, Argeș County, he dedicated his life to education, science and knowledge. Professor of Engineering at Politehnica University of Bucharest, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology and Faculty of Applied Sciences, Viorel-Puiu Păun completed his studies at the Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest (1979), Faculty of Mathematics, University of Bucharest (1990), PhD in Physics at the Institute of Atomic Physics in Bucharest and at EPF Lausanne, Switzerland, for Postgraduate Diploma in Biomedical Engineering.

The articles he has published in national and international journals have demonstrated the author’s indisputable value in areas of top scientific expertise, Nuclear Physics, Condensed State Physics, Physical Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Diffusion Theory, Stochastic Differential Equations, Films and Nanotechnologies, Surface Characteristics and Analysis, Nonlinear Dynamics, Fluid Theory, Transport Modeling and Simulation, etc. The most important contributions are the more than 75 papers published in ISI journals, together with 434 citations (without self-citations) in ISI-listed journals. They are joined by 15 articles published in international journals and national magazines. These journals are currently ISI listed.

Viorel Puiu Păun has been PhD supervisor since 2010 and has also been Lead Guest Editors of “Special Issue” of prestigious journals, such as Advances in Laser Produced Plasmas Research, 2019, Journal: Symmetry; Applications of Fractal Analysis in Brain Images Interpretation, 2020, Journal: Brain Sciences; Applications of Photonics, Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, 2021, Journal: Entropy; New Perspectives in Nonlinear Dynamics of Complex Systems, 2021, Journal: Complexity; Gels, their synthesis, characterization and applications in high performance chemistry, 2022, Journal: Gels.

Mr. Păun has written and published books and problem books, university courses, which are generally addressed to students of the Faculty of Automation and Computers, the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology and the Faculty of Applied Sciences, where he teaches the course of General Physics. Thus, 17 books, monographs and collections of problems, published by established publishers, can be cited, 5 of which he is sole author. Among them, the book in English, published by Athens University Press, Greece, “The Fractal and its Implications in the Material Science”, ISBN: 978-960-92410-1-4, Athens University Press, Greece, 2008, (214 pages), with the authors M.Agop, P.D. Ioannou, P.E. Nica, V.-P. Păun.

He continued his scientific, theoretical and experimental research, succeeding in producing valuable scientific papers. Participating in various international conferences in the country and abroad, he has maintained a high level that has been well appreciated. The most important contributions of this kind are 33 (papers) articles in proceedings of International Conferences and 11 (papers) articles in proceedings of National Conferences. Several of these papers were considered representative of their field and confirmed by being selected as Invited Speakers, Key-Note Lectures and Lectures.

Viorel Puiu Păun was awarded the CORNELIU PENESCU Prize for 2020 by the Romanian Academy of Scientists (AOSR) for his paper Radiomica. Fundamente și aplicações, Romanian Academy Publishing House, 2022, the International Award of the ISI listed Chemistry Magazine, Rev. Chim. (Bucharest), for the year 2007, for obtaining the highest score (ISI citations, etc.) for the paper “Behavior Simulation of the Lipoid Systems Composed of Some Fatty Acids”, M. Honciuc, V.-P. Păun, Rev. Chim. (Bucharest), 54, Nr.2, pp.117-119, 2003.

Our Academy loses a valuable member and a colleague we will miss. My sincere condolences to the family! God rest his soul!

Prof.dr. Horațiu Moldovan on the artificial heart

We invite you to watch the interview conducted by Florentina Fântânaru with Prof. Dr. Horațiu Moldovan, AOSR member, in the show De-a vida ascunselea.


Message of the Romanian Academy of Scientists on Romanian Academy Day


On the occasion of the 4th of April, the Romanian Academy of Scientists wishes the Romanian Academy, a forum of consecration of Romanian culture and science, happy birthday and new successes in its activity and institutional development!

On 4 April, the Romanian Academy signed a scientific partnership with three branch academies: Academy of Medical Sciences, Academy of Technical Sciences and Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences “Gheorghe Ionescu-Șișești”. The objective of the partnership is “to create an institutional framework for interdisciplinary scientific collaboration in the field of theoretical and applied research, with the aim of expanding the pole of academic research carried out within the more than 70 research institutes of the Romanian Academy”.

The Romanian Academy of Scientists welcomes this initiative, given that the idea of expanding the academic movement in Romania and creating an academic pole of scientific research was launched in the public space by the Romanian Academy of Scientists several years ago and constantly promoted by it. in the institutional dialogue with the Romanian Academy and the branch academies. About a week ago, in an open letter addressed to the Presidium of the Romanian Academy, in which I presented the history and results of our Academy and in which I assessed as unproductive the evasive attitude constantly shown in recent years by the leadership of the Romanian Academy, I reiterated the idea of an Academic Consortium, stressing that, together, the academic structures established by laws will be stronger. We believe that it would have been and remains appropriate for the institution that generated this idea to be informed and involved in its implementation.

The Romanian Academy of Scientists has been and remains consistent with the idea of expansion and friendly collaboration within the academic movement, an undeniable necessity of education and research, of Romanian science, culture and civilization in the Age of Knowledge and Digital Technology. By its institutional data, by its members, by the volume and quality of its scientific activity, by its international recognition and number of citations, by its position in the Scimago Ranking, the Romanian Academy of Scientists is an important academic institution in Romania today, which participates through its resources of intelligence and creativity to the development of Romania through science and knowledge.

We hope that The Romanian Academy will consider, in the process of developing the academic research pole, the involvement of other academies with outstanding scientific results in its structure. for the realization a complex and comprehensive academic framework, environment of a scientific synergies dedicated the country’s progress through science, creativity and innovation.

Presidium Romanian Academy of Scientists

Bucharest, 05.04.2024