AOSR wishes Romania and all Romanians HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


On the occasion of the National Day, AOSR wishes Romania and all Romanians “Happy Birthday!”

The 1st of December is the culmination of a historical process, stretched over centuries, which had as its ideal the union of Romanian territories and Romanians in a single country, under the sign of values and identity aspirations.

1 December 1918, the date of the Great Union and the creation of Greater Romania, is the astral moment of history in which the national ideal of the Romanians was fulfilled through the common efforts of the forefathers, through the visionaryism of the elite, through the sacrifice and sacrifice of the martyrs of the nation.

The celebration of 1 December therefore has a complex meaning, being a framework of common joy, of honouring those who have achieved an ideal of ages, but also of reflecting on the great moral and historical responsibility we have for the present and the future, in the continuity of the work of our forefathers.

We all owe it to ourselves to join forces and creative energy, in a broad national synergy, to build European Romania, a modern, strong, dignified and respected country in Europe and in the world.

For AOSR, an emblematic institution of the Romanian academic movement, with a history of almost nine decades, education, science, research and knowledge are the main vectors of progress and evolution at all levels of Romanian society and of Romania.

AOSR believes that education, science and knowledge must be the active core and driving force of a Country Project whose fundamental and strategic objective is to develop Romania and Romanian civilization to the highest standards of today’s and tomorrow’s world. In this process, young people have a fundamental role because they are the future!

Thinking of the message of the national anthem, of the masterly example of our forefathers, with hopes for a future worthy of the achievements of the past, AOSR wishes Romania “Happy Birthday!” and great achievements!                                         

Communication and Public Relations Office AOSR