According to art. 12 para. 5 of the Rules of Organization and Functioning of AOSR, at the expiration of the mandate of the AOSR Presidium, the Honorary Council receives the new candidates for the positions of President, Vice President and Scientific Secretary 15 days before the date of the General Assembly, so that by May 11, 2016, the Council Onorific received 4 applications for the positions within the AOSR Presidium.

At the meeting of May 16, 2016, the Honorary Council of AOSR validated the candidates’ files and unanimously decided to propose to the General Assembly for analysis and vote on the following candidates:


In the position of President, Prof. Dr. Eng. Adrian Badea

In the positions of Vice President, Dr. eng. Ion Basgan, CS1 of. Doru-Sabin Delion, Prof. Dr. Margarit Pavelescu

In the position of scientific secretary, CS1 Dr. Dan Tiba

The materials submitted by the candidates are made public for consultation by the following AOSR members:


Prof. Dr. Eng. Adrian Badea


Dr. Ion Basgan


CS1 Dr. Doru-Sabin Delion


Prof. Dr. Mărgărit Pavelescu


CS1 Dr. Dan Tiba