AOSR, associate partner in the SafeEngine project


On 03.03.2023, at “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, took place the dissemination event of the results obtained in the project SafeEngine – Blended Learning through Innovative Tools for Sustainable and Safety Engineering and Social Inclusion. The project benefited from the support of specialists from the Institute for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research “Constantin Angelescu” of the Academy of Romanian Scientists, as associate partner.

Central to the project was a commitment to promote safety in engineering education and training, while encouraging social inclusion. Innovative tools and strategies have been developed to enable learners from all backgrounds to develop their professional skills in these areas.

We believe that graduates with the skills obtained in the project, which are in demand on the labour market, contribute to sustainable growth, accelerate innovation and improve the competitiveness of organisations.

The event took place in the presence of the project partners, employers, students, master students, PhD students and representatives of the Transilvania University of Brasov, University of Petroșani, University “1 Decembrie 1918” of Alba Iulia, INSEMEX Petroșani, Institute for Research in Circular Economy and Environment “Ernes Lupan” of Cluj-Napoca, “Nicolae Bălcescu” Land Forces Academy of Sibiu and “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu.