Association of Romanian Scientists (1956 – 1996)


Starting from the reality created by the integration of the Academy of Sciences of Romania into the Academy of the People’s Republic of Romania and considering that in scientifically and industrially developed countries the existence of several academies or scientific societies is regarded as natural and normal, on March 23, 1956, the President of the Romanian Academy at that time, Traian Săvulescu, organised the constituting meeting of the Association of Romanian Scientists (AORS), as reparatory measure for the dissolution of ASR in 1948.
The Association of Romanian Scientists was established, as a legal entity, by the Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 1012 / May 30, 1956 with a view to supporting the scientific coordination at national level and aiming to represent research at international level. AORS was composed of collective members – scientific organisations – and individual members, prestigious scientists, who abode by the association’s statute.

Management of AORS
The supreme governing body of AORS was the general assembly of the delegates with voting rights and the governing body in the interval between general assemblies was a steering committee. Subsequent to the constituting meeting, the steering committee of AORS was elected and had the following structure: President: academician Traian Săvulescu, who was also President of the Romanian Academy, academicians Ştefan Bălan and Mihail Ralea, Vice Presidents, and Gheorghe Macovei, Grigore Moisil, Gheorghe Murgeanu and Constantin Budeanu, members.

In 1968, Athanasie Joja, member of the Academy, was elected President (1968-1973), and from 1973 to December 1994 Nicolaie Teodorescu was President of the AORS.
During the general assembly of December 9, 1994, Nicolaie Teodorescu became honorary President and General Professor Doctor Vasile Cândea, member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, was elected President of AORS. Subsequently AORS continued its activity in tune with the new values adopted by the Romanian society after 1989.


Activity of AORS
The main goal of the Association of Romanian Scientists (since 1956) was to represent scientists, all Romanian scientific researchers in international non-governmental organisations (UNESCO, Pugwash Movement, World Federation of Scientists, etc).
The Association of Romanian Scientists organised conferences, debates, exhibitions, study tours in the country and abroad and attended individually or collectively through its members domestic and international scientific events. Due to the way AORS fulfilled this objective (participation in scientific life and events, the relationships with the contemporary scientific society developed within these international organisations), Romania was highly appreciated for her outstanding delegations and their contributions.
After 1989, the Association of Romanian Scientists re-organised its activity thoroughly, and after the general assembly of October 1990, the management of AORS started a painstaking and consistent reconstruction work, reshaping its scientific objectives of general interest that stood before it.