World Environment Day, celebrated by AOSR, at the County Library “GT Kirileanu” Neamt


“Kirileanu” Neamț County Library organizes, in partnership with the Romanian Academy of Scientists, Piatra-Neamț branch, the symposium ” World Environment Day: Greenhouse and global warming “, Monday, June 6, 2022, in the Exhibition Space from ground floor of Corps A.

Prof. Univ. Dr. Gheorghe Surpățeanu: “Global warming and its consequences”; prof. univ. Dr. Gogu Ghiorghiță: “Global warming – ecosystems, life and human health”; Dr. chem. Vasile Avădănei: “The contribution of the agricultural sector to the greenhouse effect”.

Also, Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Surpățeanu will present the book “Global warming. Where to land? ”, Published by the Academy of Scientists in 2021, with Gh. Surpățeanu and G. Ghiorghiță as authors.

The moderator of the meeting will be Prof. Mihaela Mereuță, the manager of the County Library “GT Kirileanu” Neamț.

“We are bombarded almost daily with climate change on our planet. Homo sapiens has lived on Earth for about 200,000 years, and until recently human activities did not visibly influence factors such as warming and cooling of the planet, the desertification of parts of it, so that nature rebalanced itself. In the 19th century, however, the industrial revolution appeared and the face of the Earth and the world changed, as people began to demand more from nature for an ever better life, forgetting that nature also has the requirements. They. Man thus came into conflict with nature, abusing its resources, exploiting them irrationally.

The information we currently have about the state of the planet shows that its future is not a reassuring one, but on the contrary. Opinions have already been made that little by little, the Earth will behave like a real furnace. The “fight” against global warming requires specific actions and measures, from the individual level to the international level. In the paper we also referred to the activity. Based on studies conducted by specialists in various fields, some international bodies involved in the issue of climate on Earth make recommendations, and sometimes impose some constraints and regulations at the interstate level. Measures are planned to rationalize the consumption of raw materials, control and neutralize pollutants (from source to after use), recovery of recyclable materials, storage of carbon dioxide, etc. We need to understand that even if we manage to limit global warming below 20C, as was agreed at international intergovernmental meetings, some of the processes caused by rising global temperatures will be irreversible.

The scientific meeting organized by the World Environment Day, on June 6, 2022, at the County Library «GT Kirileanu» Neamț by this institution in collaboration with the Piatra-Neamț Branch of the Romanian Academy of Scientists aims to reveal some aspects regarding the factors that contributes to the greenhouse effect and global warming, some of the consequences of this phenomenon on ecosystems, life and health and some of the measures that can contribute to limiting and reducing this process, “said Prof. Univ. Dr. Gogu Ghiorghiță.


• Graduate (class of 1967) of the Faculty of Biology, “Al. I. Cuza “Iași;

• Scientific researcher gr. I and university professor;

• Doctor of Biology, specializing in Genetics, since 1976;

• Professor Emeritus of the University „V. Alecsandri “Bacău;

• PhD supervisor at the University „Al. I. Cuza Iași (1999-2015; 20 coordinated doctors of biological sciences);

• Author of over 330 specialized scientific articles, 30 articles on the history of biology, 18 books and monographs and 5 university textbooks;

• Organizer of numerous symposia and scientific conferences at national and international level and editor of 12 volumes with papers presented at some of these meetings;

• Holder of the „Emanoil Teodorescu“ award (1981) of the Romanian Academy and of the „Emil Pop“ awards (2009) and „Mircea Banciu“ (2019) of the Romanian Academy of Scientists – for three of the published books;

• Two gold and one silver medal of “EUROINVENT” Romania obtained for three of the published books;

• Positions held: head of laboratory, director of the research unit, head of department, chancellor and rector of the University „V. Alecsandri “Bacău;

• Since 2012 president of the Piatra-Neamț Branch of the Academy of Scientists.


• Graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry, class of 1967;

• Doctor of Chemistry of the University „Al. I. Cuza “Iași, since 1972;

• University professor from 1993 to 2010 at the Universities „Al. I Cuza ”and“ Gh. Asachi Iasi and Littoral University, Dunkirk, France;

• Published over 250 scientific articles, 10 books, patented 31 inventions;

• He is the holder of the scientific awards „Nicolae Teclu“ of the Romanian Academy (1990), „POLLUTEC“ – France (2004) and „Mircea Banciu“ of the Academy of Scientists (2019) for some of the published works;

• He received the Gold Medal of “EUROINVENT” Romania for one of the published books;

• He was honored with the Order “Palmes Academiques” (France, 2002) and is Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Bucharest (2005) and “V. Alecsandri Bacău (2008);

• He is Professor Emeritus of the University „Al. I. Cuza ”, Iași.


He is a third degree scientific researcher at the National Institute for Economic Research “Costin C. Kiritescu” of the Romanian Academy, Center for Mountain Economics (CE-MONT), Vatra Dornei. He is the President of the Roznov Creative-Innovative Business Incubation Center and the secretary of the Romanian Mountain Forum.