Romania does not need scientists, but politicians without culture and common sense!


Prof. dr. doc. Alexandru-Vladimir Ciurea, Member A.O.Ș.R.

I am indignant and sad at the same time!… For the second time in a row, the Academy of Scientists (AOȘR) is left without a budget by the Romanian Parliament. A wave of lies has poured from the pens of the so-called progressives, eager to destroy – without putting anything in place! – any symbol of Romanian society that does not “fit” under their control. Or, even worse, about which they know nothing, but feel that their superficiality and ignorance threaten them. And they are threatened by an attempt at political construction very similar to that of the Marxist regimes, which standardised everything or silenced any voice that did not correspond to the policies of the single party.

Folks, it’s come to the challenge in the US of George Washington, one of the founding fathers of that great state, just because Procust’s new bed won’t fit those who are not like progressives!… Stupid ideas become the punch lines of political demonstrations into which unsuspecting people are skillfully lured by skilled propagandists.

Why destroy when you haven’t built anything?

The most vehement opponents of the AOȘR are parliamentarians from the political combination of the USR party, led by Dan Barna, and the Plus party, led by Dacian Ciolos. There are politicians who have not yet proved anything. You’ll say they’ve just come to power. That’s true, but they have a lot of work to do, other things should be their actions, not destroying what they don’t understand. Or maybe it’s just the other way around: they know that scientists and scholars can’t be fooled by cheap slogans, and to prevent a backlash, these “progressives” want to silence them.

What legitimizes these “new people” to begin a process of purification on all levels to align society according to their rules? The vote? No way, nowhere in their political or government programmes did they write that they will destroy institutions they did not participate in founding. The position of partners in a government team? This argument doesn’t hold up either, power in the modern world builds up, not tears down. Or, when they demolish, they do so to provide space for a new building. So what? The desire to bury what they don’t agree with? This, my dears, is called dictatorship, and we have lived through it, the wounds of dictatorship have not yet healed. Progressives speak with emphasis about “new people”, as if they were unaware that the goal of the society of sad memory was precisely the construction of the “new man”. Which seems to have succeeded. The new man, the man without any God!

The Liberals seem to be led astray by these “new people”.

The Academy of Romanian Scientists was founded on 29 March 1935. It was called the Romanian Academy of Sciences. There was a need for a broader coverage of Romanian research and science values than the one provided by the Romanian Academy. The founder of the Academy of Sciences was, ironically, a liberal minister! Minister of Public Instruction, Dr Constantin Angelescu. A great surgeon, one of the founders of the Romanian school of surgery.

I expected that the PNL representatives would not accept the cut of the AOȘR budget. But today’s PNL is a far cry from what the Brătians built. Of what the founding fathers of this party, which played a full part in the creation of modern Romania, thought and wanted. A number of ministers and MPs who now represent the PNL have represented other parties in the past. These people were never genuine liberals. They migrated from pocket parties, came from the social-democratic political direction or were part of the orange “armada” that merged with PNL, altering, here, in depth, the spirit of that great Romanian party. What do we expect from those who not so long ago were raising hosannas to characters who are now fast approaching prison? Do these cheap politicians know what the NLP was all about? Do they know anything about the triumphs or suffering of the great politicians this party has produced? As you can see, they have no idea! And the fact that today’s liberals have stood shoulder to shoulder with these immature progressives in tearing down an institution built by their liberal forefathers only shows their character! Or rather, lack of character!…

Only the Communists had the courage to abolish the Academy of Sciences.

It happened in 1948, when progressivism was called Stalinism and true liberals were arrested and sent to camps and prisons. Have we really forgotten what we’ve been through? Can no one tell these young wolves in the cloak of dangerous progressivism that they are wrong? How much nerve to have done nothing in life, but to claim that people of value, as many as there are, because there are not many of them, must disappear?

How many surgeries have MPs responsible for health carried out? How many books have those who pretend to be doctors on the culture committee written? What contributions have children made to this new wave of hatred of Romanian science? How do you allow yourself to put in brackets people and institutions that have mattered and still matter for Romanian thought? Do you imagine that we no longer have to think? That our destiny is to be eternal asparagus pickers?!…

You probably don’t know, but you voted, as you are used to, that the Academy of Sciences was re-established under its current title, AOȘR, by another great professor and surgeon, a pioneer of the Romanian school of cardiovascular surgery, General Prof. Dr. Vasile Cândea. The AOȘR is, by law, the “continuator and sole legatee” of the Romanian Academy of Sciences. Do you know who was doctor Vasile Cândea? At least go to Wikipedia to find out…

You know that in the normal countries of the world, and here I am referring to the West, which you constantly claim as a source of inspiration and progress, there are such academies. In Belgium it operates under the auspices of the Royal House. And, yes, there are academies of scientists in New York, London and Paris. Did you know that the one in France was founded in 1666? I’m sure you didn’t know these “details” when you voted to leave the AOȘR without a budget!…

What’s next? Will you do the same with the Academy of Medical Sciences? Will you target other institutions with your progressive rifle? Will you leave anyone who doesn’t think like you without resources? Are you going to start a witch hunt just because you think you know something?

And after you’ve buried them all, what will you do? Will you bring in surgeons from abroad to operate on Romanian patients? Teachers from abroad to contribute to education to which you have given not shamelessly small percentage of GDP just now, when because of the pandemic and online learning there was a greater need for resources?

As I told you, I am outraged and saddened. I didn’t think that any Romanian politician would boast today, in the 3rd millennium and in a European Union country, that he is part of a perfidious thought police. And for those of you who want to comment on this text, I recommend that you read the composition of the AOȘR first, if you find the work of Romanian scientists too heavy!…

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Academia Oamenilor de Știință din România este continuatorul și unicul legatar al Academiei de Știinte din România (1935 – 1948) și al Asociației Oamenilor de Știință din România înființată prin HCM nr. 1012/30 mai 1956, care în 1996 și-a schimbat titulatura în Academia Oamenilor de Știință din România. În anul 2007 a fost adoptată Legea nr. 31-15 ianuarie 2007 privind reorganizarea și funcţionarea AOSR. Printre membrii de onoare ai ASR s-au numărat următorii laureați ai premiului Nobel (conform Buletinului nr 11 din 1943 al ASR): Louis de Broglie, Jean Perrin (fizicieni francezi), Max Born, Werner-Karl Heisenberg (fizicieni germani), Paul Sabatier (chimist francez), Hans Fischer , Friedrich Bergius (chimisti germani), Paul Karrer (chimist elveţian) şi George Emil Palade (medic român ), membru al AOSR. Conform evaluării instituționale Scimago/ ELSEVIER , bazată pe vizibilitatea științifică internațională a membrilor săi, AOSR ocupă locul 22/Romania și 775/lume în clasamentul instituțiilor de cercetare și învățământ superior.