National Conference “Economic and Legal Implications of the Fiscal Code”

Information on the Conference “Economic and Legal Implications of the Fiscal Code”
The conference “Economic and legal implications of the Fiscal Code” organized by the Romanian Academy of Scientists and the “Andrei Șaguna” University of Constanța, on May 7, 2015 , at 12.00, at the University headquarters.
The conference will offer a complex, multidisciplinary approach, with the participation of illustrious personalities, economists, lawyers, representatives of the business environment and central and local public administration, who will discuss issues related to the draft of the new Fiscal Code and the new Fiscal Procedure Code.
The topics covered will help to deepen the understanding of the new changes and their implications in tax matters, in the judicial tax expertise, as well as the direct implications on the business environment.
During the conference, there will also be speeches by prof.univ.dr. Dan Drosu Șaguna, with the topic “Taxation of the modern state”, prof.univ.dr. Verginia Vedinaș, “Peculiarities of the legal implications of the Fiscal Code for the activity of the Court of Accounts”, Prof. Ion Danut Juganaru, PhD, “Perceptions of the business environment regarding the changes expected to be brought by the new Fiscal Code”.
On this occasion, the work “National identity and love of country” will be launched, author Verginia Vedinaș.