“Local public administration under the impact of the Administrative Code”


The Academy of Romanian Scientists is launching a series of conferences on public administration, the first event will take place on Friday 28 April 2023, at 10.00 a.m., in Arad, where Prof. Dr. h.c. Verginia Vedinaș, corresponding member of the AOSR, will give the lecture “Local public administration under the impact of the Administrative Code.”

The event takes place in the Great Union Hall, 78 Revolution Boulevard, in the presence of the county leadership, represented by the Prefect’s Institution of Arad County, Arad County Council, local and county public administration authorities, dignitaries, local elected officials, civil servants and their contractual staff.

The event is organized by the “Vasile Goldiș” Western University of Arad, Faculty of Legal Sciences, Arad County Prefect’s Institution, Arad County Council, Arad County Cultural Centre, in partnership with the Academy of Romanian Scientists.

The meeting will be moderated by Mr. Radu Nicolae Stoian, PhD lecturer.