KreativEU – Heritage, Science, and Technologies for Sustainable Preservation


The First Annual International KreativEU Conference, under the theme “Heritage, Science, and Technologies for Sustainable Preservation”, marks a significant milestone in the realm of cultural heritage preservation. Our enthusiasm and commitment to fostering collaborative efforts in this domain are evident in the comprehensive approach we have adopted. We extend a warm invitation to scholars, researchers, practitioners, and emerging academics to join us in this groundbreaking event, where we delve into the complex and evolving interplay between Heritage, Science, and Technologies to ensure the sustainable preservation of our shared cultural legacy.

Our conference embraces a multidisciplinary perspective, acknowledging that the preservation of cultural patrimony cannot be accomplished through isolated efforts. It calls for the convergence of expertise from diverse fields, from archaeology and conservation to law, technology and new technologies, management, marketing, and social sciences. By doing so, we reflect the spirit of our consortium, which is firmly rooted in the belief that innovative and sustainable practices are essential for the effective safeguarding of our rich cultural heritage.