Diploma of excellence – 30th anniversary of the establishment of the specialization Managerial and Administrative Assistance – Faculty of Letters


The Department of Administrative Sciences (Faculty of Letters) celebrated the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Management and Administrative Assistance specialization in the presence of Mr. conf. univ. dr Sorin Costreie – prorector of the University of Bucharest and Mrs. conf. Dr. Cristina Bogdan – Dean of the Faculty of Letters, as well as other professors from the faculty management. The book published on this occasion, “Bureautica – AMS – AMA – 30 years of academic history”, edited by Mrs. Prof. Dr. Oana Iucu, director of the department, as well as the interventions of the guests (former directors of the department and alumni) demonstrated the topicality and modernity of the specialization.

On this occasion, the university management awarded three diplomas of excellence to Prof. Dr. Ing. Doina Banciu, vice-president of AOSR, received this distinction in the magnificent hall of the Faculty of Letters Library, which was overcrowded for the large audience.