Deep sadness at the death of Prof. emeritus dr. eng. Paul E. STERIAN


The members of the Romanian Academy of Scientists express their deep sadness at the death of Professor emeritus Dr. Eng. Paul E. STERIAN (22 November 1946, Com. Râca, Argeș County – 21 October 2021, Bucharest) full member and President of the Section of Information Science and Technology (2008-2021).

Director of the University Centre for Optical and Photonic Engineering “FOCUM” (founder, 1997), President of the Romanian Society of Optoelectronics (founder in 1990), Director of the Department of Physics, “Politehnica” University of Bucharest (2004-2005) and Founder of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of UPB (2005), Initiator and Coordinator of the Master Program of “Photonics” (UPB) since its foundation (1995) and accreditation, Professor STERIAN was the author of the first treatise in Romania on “Optical Transmission of Information” (vol.I and II, 1981, Technical Publishing House) and “Photonics” (2000, Printech Publishing House).

Main author of the treatise “LASERS AND MULTIFOTONIC PROCESSES” (1988, Technical Publishing House); – Founding Director of the University Centre for Optical and Photonic Engineering “FOCUM” (since 1997). PhD supervisor in “Technical Physics” and “Optoelectronics” (since 1991); – Director of the “FOTON MD” Program funded by the World Bank: “Advanced studies of PHOTONICS through Master and PhD in Romania” (1998-2002); Senior Editor of Annals of the Academy of Romanian Scientists – Science and Technology of Information; Romanian Journal of Optoelectronics, Scientific Bulletin, Bucharest Polytehnical University (Series Editor: Mathematics and Physics); Bulletin of the Romanian Society of Optoelectronics, Professor Paul Sterian left a rich scientific legacy in the fields of quantum electronics and optics, lasers, optical information transmission, optoelectronics, open systems, photonics, optical communications, quantum information theory.

We express our deep regret and deep sadness for this loss and send our condolences to the bereaved family! We ask the Good Lord to place him among his Righteous, in eternal light!