Conference of Professor Dr. Radu Ștefan Vergatti, full member of AOSR – “Monastic Complex Strehaia”


Throughout its centuries-long history, Strehaia Monastery has known the vicissitudes of time, but also the special work of the viceroys, hierarchs, monks and good people who have cherished and protected the monastic settlement. In the summer of 1657, the Syrian chronicler Paul of Aleppo wrote: “The church is very beautiful and is adorned with all kinds of ornaments, being painted both inside and out. In a word, it is a monastery and is highly prized in this country for its beauty and fortifications. We have not, of course, met any other monastery like it,” according to Trinitas TV. The Voieval Monastery was the subject of the conference “The Monastic Complex of Strehaia”, held by Professor Radu Ștefan Vergatti, in the Council Hall of the Romanian Academy.