AOSR Vice President, Prof. dr. eng. Doina Banciu, presented two awards at the Digital Transformation (DX) 2022 GALA, focusing on Smart Libraries in Romania and Digital Community Transformation


DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Council, in collaboration with the magazine COMUNICAȚII Mobile and TelecomTV, organized GALA DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION (DX) 2022, 19th editionon 9 December at the Grand Hotel Continental in Bucharest with the motto Business-Industrial-Digital Transformation. GALA DX brought together the elite of ICT-connected industries from over 20 market verticals – Government, Automotive, Agriculture, Defence, Insurance, Aviation, Research, Construction, Culture, Education, Innovation, E-Commerce, Energy, Finance-Banking, Infrastructure, Internet, IT, Real Estate, Retail, Telecom, Security, Healthcare, Business Services, Utilities – producing over 75% of Romania’s GDP.

GALA DX 2022 started with a retrospective analysis of the current year and with forecasts for 2023 in the direction of digital transformation in Romania and internationally, the moderators of the event, Ion Vaciu – President of the Digital Transformation Council and Roxana Onea – Editor-in-Chief of COMUNICAȚII Mobile and TelecomTV Magazine, underlining the importance of a holistic and integrative approach to digital transformation from the horizontal IT and Telecom to other connected industries. In the new paradigm, the focus is on Transformation, but not necessarily on Digital, as Digital Transformation is predominantly a performance management process focused on People, not Technology. Of the 10 essential dimensions of a successful digital transformation plan, only one is allocated to digital and technology, the other nine are responsible for the act of performance management.

The DX GALA continued with the DX Excellence Awards, with the procedures for their deliberation being presented beforehand by the three juries: online jury of business users (over 1800 votes), Mobile Communication Magazine jury (and finally) and the aggregate decision of DX Council specialists .

Two of the GALEI awards were introduced by a Laudatio to the winners of the Romanian librarians’ community and those representing Smart Village from the Vice President of the Academy of Romanian Scientists (AOSR), Prof. Dr. Eng. Doina Banciu. The AOSR official presented the Digital Transformation Programme of the academic organisation and the scientific work that its members carry out in this strategic direction for our society.

She stressed the importance of Connected Communities, the emergence of a concept and a concrete reality of Smart Village in Romania, in Ciugud, a commune in Alba County, which has already produced a success story that should be multiplied in more areas of the country. Here the independent mayor Gheorghe Damian has managed to digitize almost all administrative processes at the town hall level and the interaction of citizens with the local administration, managing to virtualize even rural financial processes.

In addition, the AOSR vice-president mentioned the critical role of the Digital Library in a Knowledge-Based Economy, especially in the post-pandemic era that the whole planet has gone through and even more so in Romania, whose population is going through a pronounced process of functional, digital, social and economic illiteracy. New types of valuable content, accessible from anywhere, anytime, through Internet networks, are already bringing added value at societal level, helping to reduce the disparities between rural and urban segments, to reduce the Digital Divide. Therefore, the award granted by the organizers to the best known association in the country, ANBPR, comes as a recognition of the efforts of this professional category to the recovery efforts in the field of Education, mass culturalization, knowledge at societal level.

The list of the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION (DX) 2022 Gala Award winners included:

Mayor Gheorghe DAMIAN

– Dragoș NEAGU
, President | ANBPRNational Association of Librarians and Public Libraries in Romania