AOSR at the JDIE 2023 International Invention Exhibition TOKYO, JAPAN


On 6-10 July 2023, in Japan, the Japan Design, Idea and Invention Expo (JDIE 2023) International Invention Exhibition, which was physically held at the Tokyo Ariake Garden Convention Center, Japan, organized by World Inventions Intellectual Property Association – WIIPA (one of the 16 UN agencies).

Professor Augustin SEMENESCU has been nominated as PRESIDENT of the International Jury JDIE 2023 (following the experience gained at the International Invention Salons where he has been present since the 90s, but also his outstanding track record, consisting of more than 700 gold and silver medals, trophies and diplomas of appreciation), according to the invitation received from Mrs MANLI HSIEH, President of WIIPA and MUNETAKE HAMAGUCHI, President of Chizai Corporation, which was attached to the travel order. He was also invited to present “Opening speech” by CEO – MUNETAKE HAMAGUCHI- Executive Director of Nippon Intellectual Property Translation Association – CHINZAI CORPORATION and Dr. RI TOI Director of Japan Translation Federation CHINZAI CORPORATION.
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Trophies, medals and diplomas obtained at JDIE 2023

More than 300 inventions from the following countries were presented and judged by Professor Semenescu: Canada, Cambodia, Croatia, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Malaysia, Macau, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam.
The Romanian delegation was present with 4 inventions:
Talipes Calcaneus / Talipes Calcaneovalgus Defect – RO 133750, authors: Costoiu Mihnea Cosmin, Semenescu Augustin, Doicin Vasile Cristian, Ulmeanu Mihaela Elena, Cîrstoiu Cătălin, Doicin Ioana Cristina, Mateș Ileana Mariana
Surface acoustic wave biosensor based on graphene functionalized with anti-alpha-fetoprotein monoclonal antibody for the diagnosis of liver cancer – I. S. Voicu, A. Palla-Papavlu, V. I. Antoniac, F. Miculescu, A. Semenescu, M. C. Costoiu, I.-M. Mates, D.A. Prisecaru
Method and system for anonymously collecting position and mobility information in public passenger transport, based on Bluetooth and Artificial Intelligence, authors: Minea Marius, Dumitrescu Cătălin, Chiva Ionuț-Cosmin, Minea Viviana – Laetitia, Semenescu Augustin
Procedure for obtaining a composite coating with increased durability on a metal surface – Vili Pasare, Dan Florin Nitoi, Augustin Semenescu, Mihnea Cosmin Costoiu, Oana Roxana Chivu, Dragos-Florin Marcu, Radu Claudiu Fierascu, Irina Fierascu, Raluca Somoghi

All 4 inventions received the Diploma of Excellence and the GOLD Medal, the inventions were also awarded the Grand Trophy of Thailand, Trophy from MACAU and Mr. Rector Mihnea Costoiu received from the organizers the Diploma of Excellence and the Trophy for “PROMOTING ROMANIAN INVENTIONS WORLDWIDE”.

Professor Augustin Semenescu together with WIIPA President MANLI HSIEH, WIIPA Director EDDIE HSIEH and Dr. Ing. Ileana Mariana Mateș
Professor Augustin Semenescu together with Dr. Ing. Ileana Mariana Mateș, presenting Romanian inventions