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The presidency of AOSR sadly announces that on November 5, 2021, Prof. univ. Dr. Dan SCHIOPU, Founding Member, AOSR Vice President, President of the Department of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, member of the Balkan Environmental Association (B.EN.A.), of the Society of Agronomic Engineers, of the Romanian National Society for Soil Science and of the Society of Agrarian History and Retrology.

He was born on October 4, 1930 in Galaţi, graduated from the Faculty of Horticulture at the Iaşi Agronomic Institute (1954) and obtained the scientific title of Doctor of Agronomy, Agrotechnical Specialty, in 1975.
He pursued a prodigious university teaching career, starting as head of laboratory 1955-1966, then becoming assistant professor 1962-1969, head of papers 1969-1991, Associate Professor 1991-1993 and University Professor since 1993, at the Faculty of Agronomy of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest. Its didactic activity has been harmoniously combined with scientific research focused mainly on soil studies, directing vegetation factors, increasing the efficiency of variance analysis in field experiments, integrated weed control and the remaining effect of herbicides, problems of agricultural ecology and environment protection.
Among his many publications are books of great scientific and practical value, such as: Ecology and Environmental Protection , Methodology for studying pollution of agricultural origin. Consequences pour l’environnement, Practical works of agrotechnics and experimental technique, Guide for the correct and efficient operation of agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as scientific articles that have promoted the most valuable results of research, the most important of which are: The influence of temperature, humidity and fertilizers on the mobile forms of nitrogen in a gray forest soil; Gheorghe Ionescu-Şişeşti – the face and work of a Romanian school creator ; Agriculture and pollution; Animal husbandry and agricultural ecosystems; Observations on the influence of alternative technologies with different degrees of chemicalization on the structural hydrostability of reddish-brown soil; Essay on biodiversity functionality; Aspects Regarding Ecological Condition of Pastures of Romanian Mountain Areas; Weeds and agricultural ecosystems; Integrierte Bekämpfung von Unkräutern in Soja und Maïs mit Herbiziden in Verbindung mit Maschienenhäcke; Essay on the application of fundamental biocenotic principles in agricultural ecosystems; Research on weed control in maize cultivation on reddish-brown soil in southern Romania.
His contribution to the development of scientific research has been important, leaving to today’s and tomorrow’s generations an exceptional scientific literature through published books and articles. For his merits he has been honored with numerous distinctions, awards and medals.

Our academy is losing a teacher, a scientist and a wonderful colleague!

He left us, but in our hearts he will always remain as a man of exceptional value, culture, professionalism, honest, friendly, generous and good!

Sincere condolences to the family!

God rest him in Peace!