I was amazed at the proposals in the framework plan for lower secondary education, which the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research submitted to public debate.

In essence, the aim is to eliminate the Latin language and reduce the hours of Romanian history, geography, language and literature. That is, of those subjects that have an essential role in the formation and education of the youth in Romania.

These proposals seem to be copied from another “framework program” of sad memory, adopted on the basis of the law of August 3, 1948. Then they eliminated the Latin language so that the students would not know that the Romanians were descended from the Romans, the builders of a flourishing civilization, and to be inoculated with the idea that the Romanian countries (Romania) evolved in the sphere of Slavic (Russian) influence.

They replaced the history of the Romanians with the history of the RPR, which they emptied of their content, emphasizing the aid received from Russia – “the liberator of the peoples of the Balkans”.

They read Romanian literature, presenting only works that suited the regime established by the Soviets (Eminescu was present in textbooks only with the poem Emperor and Proletarian , and Mihail Sadoveanu with the novel Mitrea Cocor) .

The geography of Romania was completely removed, being replaced by the geography of the USSR.

After 26 years of democracy, Romania – a member country of NATO and the European Union – is trying to return to the borders when our country was occupied by Soviet troops.

In recent days, many institutions and personalities have taken a stand against this aberration, demonstrating the harmfulness of the proposals in the draft framework program, so we will not repeat the many arguments sent to the Ministry called (however!) Of National Education.

We wanted to sound the alarm, drawing the attention of the initiators that we are not in 1948, but in 2016!

President of the Department of Historical Sciences and Archeology,

prof. univ. Dr. Ioan Scurtu