Personalities and Events

We include here brief presentations of outstanding scientific personalities and scientific events that marked the first century of Romania’s existence. The subject is vast and it is our aim to bring to the public knowledge information that may be also new. We claim no completeness and we invite colleagues, every interested person to contribute to this rubric with more materials.

Alistar Elena

Antipa Grigore

Averescu Alexandru

Berthelot Henri Mathias

Borcea Ion

Drăcea Iulian

Horia Hulubei

Ionescu V. Theodor

Lalescu Traian 

Maior George

Mateevici Alexei

Murafa Simion 

Palade George Emil

Pastea Eugeniu

Perșu Aurel

Pompeiu Dimitrie 

Roegen Nicolas Georgescu

Săndulescu Aureliu

Săvulescu Traian

Teodorescu Paul

Țițeica Șerban

Vladimir Cristi


Marine Sciences

Record stay underwater